Throughout the many years you'd known Mituna Captor, you'd gathered many things about him. There were simple things, such as how he had a love for numbers (particularly the number two), games, and unrequited feelings towards a certain Knight of Mind. And there were vivid, rather important things such as the fact that he'd claimed to be prophet, and how no one seemed to listen to him despite all the evidence behind his words. How he could had been their trump card... And single handedly lead them to victory during his and the other eleven's game. When looking back, you realize that you had, subconsciously noted all these to be true statements. Mituna was genuine in every single way, from his statements to his actions. But now, as you stand here... Stuck in your doomed session... You are unsure if what you are hearing from the Gemini is truth. He is screaming at you, shaking you, and he keeps saying your name, telling you to pay attention, and to look at him. It's annoying you, and you just want to watch the motherfucking destruction unfold already... But his words and actions won't let you. Finally, you give in and listen, shifting your gaze towards his shaded one. It's then you realize he's repeating the same sentence over and over...


You frown, and he immediately he notes the change in expression. It's then he does the... Oddest thing. He smiles, albeit extremely sadly, and begins to finally say something different...

"... I-... I don't think I'm going to live through this. I really don't. I had a vithion, and... Everything just went black. I'm going to die here... But I'm going to save her, and everyone else first. That, I can promise you."

He's gone silent now, and the pause is unbearably uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because he looks like he may cry, and you'd never seen the confident, all-knowing Heir of Doom cry before. But he doesn't, he simply takes a moment to swallow his fear and then continues, more determined than ever. You wondered how the motherfuck he'd managed such a miracle.

"... Tho... Thince I'm not going to be alive to tell her, I want you to. Tell her I fucking love her, Kurloz. Tell... Tell Latula. Please?"

Without even thinking about it, you nod to him, hypnotized by his words. He offers you another weak smile, and then turns in the opposite direction.

"... Thanks. Your a... Good friend, Kurl."

And just like that, suddenly he was gone. At some point you had lost sight of him when he ran into the chaos that was ultimately forcing your session to be temporarily doomed. Blank faced and stunned, your knee's gave way. You sat like that for hours on end, unchanging, even as the chaos had withered down to nothing and Latula appeared on the horizon, hurriedly limping towards you.

All you could think about... Was how you'd never gotten to say goodbye.