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1. Forks is a kingdom. I also took liberty in using different cities in the US as cities of Forks.

2. Political views/situations are all made up. The King and Queen are the government.

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People said I was lucky. They also said I was reckless, impulsive and wild. Although I tried to stay within the boundaries my parents had set up for me, some of my actions were still considered scandalous and I ended up on the front page of the newspapers a couple of times. The reprimands I got were not enough to hold me back. I love life too much not to enjoy it the way I wanted to.

With someone like me, my responsibilities should be more important than anything else – a priority that must not be forgotten in any way or in any place. I had grown up with a set of rules and guidelines to be followed, but it didn't mean I had to like it. In fact, more times than not, I showed how unconventional I was, much to the dismay of my parents. It would be amazing if I could give a dirty finger as a response to anyone who cared about any of my affairs, but that would only elicit an outcry, something I didn't need right now. My father would have had a fit if I did something like that, but my brother surely wouldn't have. He would have cocked an eyebrow and then laughed with me.


The tightness in my chest increased. I knocked back the scotch in my hand, hissing at the burn in my throat, aware the alcohol didn't dispel the pain. Not that I expected it to. I just wanted to forget, but at the moment, it was the last thing I could do.

My life … his life … flashed back through me, and I felt my entire body shiver. Because now, all I could see was my future. The future I had never imagined I would be in.

All the scrutiny would intensify, especially now, and there was nothing I could do.

At an early age, I had a more carefree life than my brother did. The rigidity my parents had set up for him didn't apply to me, and it was something I was grateful for. My responsibilities were a mountain less than his, and I was all too happy to allow it to remain that way. My life was fabulous, and I didn't even dream it would change.

I was mistaken.

Life had proven me wrong. Everything I was comfortable with was taken away, and now he was gone … his job was mine.

My jaw clenched. However bitter I was at the situation, there was no other choice.

I was supposed to be the second in the line of succession to the throne, but not anymore. Recent events had changed my status to the crown prince. That meant I would be king someday.

Isn't that fucking peachy?

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