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So without further dely, I present to you and thank you for reading, Kitty Fever…

Real name: Dena Rose Feline

Code name: Kitty

Job: Psychologist

Power: half cat half human; can take any cat form big or small and can change size of that cat.

Appearance; blonde hair, ice blue eyes, tan, 5,9 height,

Title; Kitty Fever


The day started like any other, she woke up, stretched, turned back over and fell asleep again. But then the phone rang.

Dr Dena Rose Feline, codename: Kitty thought she had managed to stay under S.H.E.I.L.D's radar up until the day they placed a phone call to her. Bruce Banner/OC

"Normal talking"



Chapter 1:

All was quiet in the small town of Maryland, Queensland as the early morning sun crept slowly above the horizon. Birds sat happily in trees, wiggling their tails before spreading their wings and leaping into the sky. Early morning workers rose from their beds at the sound of the alarm clock, heaved a sigh and got ready for the day. But in one house, found nestled on the edge of the town, surrounded by tall trees and scattered bushes, it was a different story in its self.

"Now every time I go for the mailbox

Gotta hold myself down

'Cause I just can't wait

'till you write me your comin' around

I'm walking on sunshine, who-oh

I'm walking on sun-"


A soft groan echoed out in the sudden quiet of the house. Lifting her head slightly, she glared at the offending alarm clock, which now lay scattered in many pieces upon the floor. Huffing in satisfaction she grabbed the sheet and hauled it over her head before promptly passing out again.

Soft snores shifted the fabric; a soft rustling noise a peaceful lullaby in the background, the shrill ring of a phone tore her from the comforting darkness of sleep, shattering any illusion of rest.

Growling like a wild animal, she slipped gracefully from the bed and stormed out into the lounge room.

Long, tan fingers wrapped around the annoying piece of technology and threw it across the room, the satisfying sound of a shattered phone hitting the ground welcomed peacefulness back into the home.

Sighing in relief her knees buckled, landing face first into the coffee coloured couch cushions.

"Nice to see you take care of your property, Dr Feline." A deep, stern voice broke the silence.

"I have a tendency to dispose of annoying things, wanna be next?" The threat hung loudly between them before she puffed a giant sigh and lifted her head from the cushions. "I hate being woken up, sorry."

Director Fury stood poised across from her tense form, clothed in black and sporting his eye patch he defiantly defined the definition of trained, deadly assassin.

"So Fury, what brings your unpleasant company to my humble abode?" she wondered aloud slowly rising to her feet.

Fury's mouth twisted into a smirk, before pulling a tablet from seemingly nowhere. She giggled as an image of a cartoon Fury, dressed in a wizards robe danced around, casting spells and pulling things out from nowhere popped into her head.

"Dr Feline, I would like to offer you a position with SHIELD-"

"Correction Director, what you're trying to say is," she cleared her throat before lowering her voice to sound like Fury's "'Dr Feline collect your things you have no choice on whether or not you're coming with me, because you are, oh and don't try anything we have your house surrounded' did I get it right?" a smirk twisted her features as she stretched her back.

"Well director, save your breath, I'll go pack." Slipping silently from the room, she wandered slowly into her bedroom and threw a bunch of things into a bag.

Stripping of her clothes she levelled a glare at the women staring back at her from the confines of a mirror. Long blonde hair fell past her waist and ended half way down her butt, pale blue eyes glared back at her as she snarled her sharpened teeth and clamped them onto the edge of plump pink lips. Her size DD chest jutted out before slimming down into a small waist, long legs stretched down to size 8 feet.

Grabbing some undies and clothes she emerged from the bathroom dressed in black skinny jeans, an 'I heart Geeks' t-shirt and neon green converse.

The door slammed shut behind her as she donned an overnight bag and set the alarm on the house. Levelling a glare at Fury who stood with a phone pressed to his ear she strutted off the veranda and breathed in the scent of leather and gun power.

"Wow Fury, forty armed guards with tranquilizer rounds and a few more for shits and gigs, I'm almost insulted." The soft click of the safety being turned off was the only answer she received.

"The helicraft is this way." Fury spoke before walking away.

Pausing at the edge of her property she turned to look at her home, a promise formed in her heart as she memorised the vintage arcs and pale paint, 'I will come home, sooner rather than later, hopefully'.

"Dr Feline, hurry you ass up!" Fury bellowed from the open door to the helicraft.

Jogging up into the machine, the sudden consuming feeling of a locked cage seized her 'this is gonna be a long ride'.

Sure enough, three hours later she found herself jumping at every rattle and bump that the stupid machine made.

Grumbling about stupid flying crafts and death traps a scream tore from her chest when a tablet landed on her lap.

"You'll be working with the Avengers, not for psychology. We need you and your abilities on the team Dena, the world needs you." Fury spoke as he flicked through files on the tablet.

"Here's the files of the people you'll be working with. Read them, now." Fury demanded, plopping the tablet back on her lap.

The screen showed multiple pictures, 'Tony Stark or Ironman, I know who that is so don't have to read up on him, Steve Rogers or Captain America heard of him yea major historical man, Clint Barton modern robin hood, Natasha Romanoff or black widow, note to self, do not piss off. Thor, god of Thunder, nothing new really ow and Bruce Banner the Hulk. Wait, WHAT!'

Turning to face Fury she let a huge smile stretch across her lips, "I'm going to be working with Bruce Banner, the Bruce Banner, as in Jolly green giant, I turn green watch me roar Banner! OW EM GEE I'M WORKING WITH BRUCE BANNER! Do you know how long I studied his work on gamma radiation! He is my idol! Fury, can I jump him?"

Fury's lip quirked up a bit before he shook his head "No Dr Feline you may not jump Dr Banner, you are to keep your hands to yourself when working with the man, am I understand?"

"Sorry, me no speak English." Jumping up, she dashed to the front of the Helicraft. "On ward sailors, take me to my man!" raising a finger to point out the windshield and donning a random bowl that was lying around her, urging them to fly faster. "Come on soldiers, my granny could have got her knickers off by now and banged you papa's so faster we go!"

"Dr Feline, Sit down." Fury grabbed her shoulder and slammed her into a seat.

A small thought on her behaviour stemmed in the back of her mind before she simply brushed it off as hormones. Levelling Fury's back with a glare she sat waiting in suspense, 'revenge will be sweet muhahaha! Huh I have really evil thoughts. Ow well'

The shutter of the Helicraft announced their arrival two hours later, 'Good thing too because I think Fury is plotting my slow and painful death.'.

Edging away from the glaring director she turned and smacked right into a glass wall.

"Damn that hurt!" muttering about see through objects and the world plotting against her, she exited the raft to the smug face of Fury. "Dr Feline, it would be wise to open your eyes when you walk." Fury commented before disappearing through a door.

Glancing around I noticed a bar on the far wall, a large flat screen adorning the wall next to me, a large couch and a coffee table taking up the space between them.

"Aw look everyone we have unwelcome compony, ow and he bought a guest!" glancing over to the voice she spotted Tony Stark leaning against a wall.

"I'm not really a guest more like forced companionship." She commented before diving onto the couch.

"Stark meet your new team mate Dr Dena Rose Feline, Codename: Kitty, she'll be assisting the team on missions from now on." Fury stated before turning and leaving out the way we came in.

"What not even a kiss goodbye!" a middle finger and a 'fuck you' echoed the directors exit.

"I resent the fact that you would want to kiss that." Tony said before wandering closer. "So what's your deal Aussie, why'd you get hired."

A sigh left her before she sat up, "I'm part feline, meaning I can change into any cat I like, big or small and alter their size. I can also grow a tail and cat ears while still looking human."

"So your practically cat women minus the leather, which by the way I can arrange." Tony smirked before walking over to the bar. "Kitty wanna play a game with Tony?"

One of her eye brows shot up as curiosity seized her, with a shrug she agreed to play along, 'curiosity does kill the cat.'

"Awesome can you change into a house cat, I wanna see how long it takes for people to notice that you're different." Tony said before raising his glass to his lips.

"You know I thought it was going to be a lot worse than that, ok I'll do it but you're going to have to hide my clothes." she waited for Tony to nod before beginning her transformation.

She felt herself shrinking until finally all that was seen to be remaining in her place was a pile of clothing. Clawing her way out she meowed at Tony before wandering over to a mirror.

Looking at her white furr she purred in containment before running over to the bar. Springing onto the bench before stretching and eyeing Tony.

"Wow, your adorable!" replying with a toothy smirk, she meowed in surprise as Tony swept her into his arms.

"Tony put me down!" she growled as his hands scratched her head, fighting the purr that rose in her throat.

"You can talk in this form to?" he wondered aloud as the elevator dinged open before us.

"I can, yes, because I'm half human I retain some of my human features, such as when I'm in my human form I retain some cat features such as ears and a tail."

Tony nodded in understanding as the elevator descended to a lower floor.

"Well no talking unless it's just you and me, or else you'll ruin my plan!" she nodded at his words but chose to remain silent.

The elevator dinged and swept open.

What looked to be a lab stretched out from the elevator, minus the large array of cars.

A single guy stood hunched over a lab bench staring into a microscope.

"Banner, we have a guest." Tony called out.

She sat frozen in Tony's arms as Bruce Banner slowly turned to face us, a look of confusion adorning his face.

'I'm in love' Leaping from Tony's arms she dashed over and up onto a lab bench in front of the doctor and purred in greeting.

Bruce looked at Tony before stretching out his hand to scratch under her neck.

She purred and leaned into his touch as Tony wandered closer.

"Her names Kitty, no smashing my new toy!" Tony laughed as she hissed at him in offense.

Banner ducked his shoulders and sat back into a chair rubbing his forehead.

Jumping onto his lap she purred in contentment.

"Wow Bruce wooing the ladies!" Tony laughed before leaving the lab.

Bruce glanced down at me and a small smile crossed his face "Well it's a good thing you're pretty then."

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