Real name: Dena Rose Feline

Code name: Kitty

Job: Psychologist

Power: half cat half human; can take any cat form big or small and can change size of that cat.

Appearance; blonde hair, ice blue eyes, tan, 5,9 height,

Title; Kitty Fever


The day started like any other, she woke up, stretched, turned back over and fell asleep again. But then the phone rang.

Dr Dena Rose Feline, codename: Kitty thought she had managed to stay under S.H.E.I.L.D's radar up until the day they placed a phone call to her. Bruce Banner/OC

"Normal talking"



"Who's a pretty kitty, you are, yes you are."

Growling in annoyance at the constant appraisal I ducked under the approaching hand and hissed at the annoying human being.

"For god's sake Tony, I'm part human, treat me like one!" I growled before changing back into my human form.

Cool air slithered through the open windows and brushed against my naked form, the morning air leaving a fresh smell in the tower.

Turning I wandered down a hall and ducked into my room slamming the door behind me.

Hissing in annoyance I stepped into a steaming shower and sighed in happiness.

The soft water poured lazily down my curved back as the morning sun rose beyond the horizon.

A sharp stab in my lower region had me stumbling from the bathroom, dripping wet with the water still streaming down the plug hole in the shower.

Diving for my journal I stared in horror at the little note scribbled under the date.

Panicking silently I glanced in the mirror at my soaked form, the small beads of water running softly over my creamy skin. 'Ow shit, I'm in heat.'

Grabbing some clothes I threw them over my wet form, the fabric sticking to my skin almost like another layer.

Slipping from the room I silently snuck from the room only to slam into a solid chest.

"Ow um, I'm sorry." Twisting my head slightly I gazed up at Bruce Banner as he rubbed his neck and stepped back. "Um, you must be Dr Feline, it's nice to meet you, and I'm Bruce Banner."

Purring in pleasure at the pleasant burn that raced over my skin from where he had touched me, I leapt forward and wrapped my legs around his frozen form.

Slipping my lips teasingly over his, soft pink skin brushing together, I slowly rubbed up against his pants.

"Banner! Hurry up lets go already!" Tony called out shattering the moment.

Slipping off of his stunned form I slowly slipped around him, my fingers dragging teasingly across his chest.

Leaning up I brushed my lips tauntingly against his ear lobe before whispering heavily, "I'll find you later."

Giving his backside a firm squeeze I slipped down the hall, my hips swaying teasingly from side to side.

Sliding around the corner a crimson smile painted itself upon my lips as two words echoed in my mind. 'Let's play'.


Tony found Bruce 5 minutes later, standing in the exact same place, green tinting his skin, his eyes a midnight green.

"Chill man, what's got you all wound up." Tony asked swinging his arm over his friends shoulder.

Bruce sighed before glancing down the hallway where the women had disappeared, "I don't know."

"You know what you need, a long, strenuous tumble between the sheets."

Bruce shook his head and headed for the elevator, "Let's get this stupid function over with Tony."




Short I know but next chapter up soon. Hope you enjoyed. :)