Real name: Dena Rose Feline

Code name: Kitty

Job: Psychologist

Power: half cat half human; can take any cat form big or small and can change size of that cat.

Appearance; blonde hair, ice blue eyes, tan, 5,9 height,

Title; Kitty Fever


The day started like any other, she woke up, stretched, turned back over and fell asleep again. But then the phone rang.

Dr Dena Rose Feline, codename: Kitty thought she had managed to stay under S.H.E.I.L.D's radar up until the day they placed a phone call to her. Bruce Banner/OC

"Normal talking"



Storming into his darkened bedroom, Bruce flung me across the room to fall upon velvety soft sheets.

"Dr Banner, playing rough." I purred in a lust thickened voice.

My only response was a deep growl as he pushed me back onto the bed.

His hands ran slowly, so softly they felt almost bruising hard against my pail flushed skin, his fingers slipping slowly beneath my shirt, the cool touch searing against heated skin as the wandering digits circled teasing, slowly upwards.

A rough growl echoed from deep with in his chest, the rumbling note shaking through me to my core as his teeth bite softly down on my neck and trailed down and along my shoulder.

Wrapping my thighs around his taunt waste I flipped us over and ripped open his shirt, buttons flew past as I lent down to lick a trail up his chest to the base of his throat. My tongue glided over tightened muscles and rippling skin, a soft green tinge tainted the tanned white flesh.

Grinning up at the panting doctor I slipped slowly down his body as his hands clenched onto the bed post, his knuckles white from his grip.

A button popped from its hole as I slid the zipper slowly over the bulge in his pants, he gave a grunt as I froze with the zipper half way undone.

Smirking I turned and climbed off the bed, glancing at his confused face I gave a satisfied smile before slipping out of my bra.

My nipples tightened as the cool air brushed against my exposed flesh.

Dropping the garment I shimmed out of my pants and beckoned to the flushed man.

"Let's play." I growled before I was slammed roughly against the wall.

Bruce's dick brushed against my saturated core as a primal noise ripped from my throat.

Rubbing my pelvis against his I struggled to create more friction as Bruce pushed me harder against the wall, his tongue licking up and down my chest as he cradled both my breasts, his roughed hands circling over the sensitive skin.

Moaning I reached between us and urged his pants down, his large erection springing free from its confines.

Sucking in a shuttering breath I waited as Bruce slipped on a condom and pushed into my heat.

"Ow god! Bruce!" I cried as he thrust into me, his dick slipping in and out at a constant pace, hitting that bundle of nerves inside me each time he thrust.

Slipping down the wall as he thrust into me I shoved him back so I was seated on top of his pulsing dick, the new angle hitting even more nerves.

Hands placed firmly against his abs I wildly slammed up and down as growls and moans sounded around the room.

Bruce seemed to swell inside me and grow bigger as his skin became green, his thick hard dick growing in size as I lifted up and down.

It was almost as if he was stuck halfway through the transformation, with one eye yellow and the other brown.

His penis tensed before a feral roar ripped from his chest as he grasp my waist and flipped us over.

Bracing his hands against the floor he slammed into me, growls echoing from my throat in answer to his primal sounds.

My hands found purchase against the wall above my head as his teeth clamped heavily over my neck leaving a dull throb of pain.

I could feel myself getting higher, a part in my lower stomach twisting and tightening as I reached my height, a resonating scream of Bruce tore from my lunges as he to reached his climax, raising his head, teeth covered in crimson blood he roared to the ceiling as I roared along with him, riding out our orgasms as we lay upon the comfortable carpet.

His chest rose and fell steadily as I struggled to catch my breath.

Slipping limply out of me Bruce flipped to the floor beside me, all traces of green vanished from his skin.

No words were spoken as he drew my back against his chest, the silent invitation excepted as I drifted off the sleep wrapped in the arms of my primal lover.



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