The high pitched ring is getting louder it's so loud, I'm trying to run the ground is going beneath me, the ringing is louder there's no ground now just air and grass rushing up to meet me, no not grass it's THUD carpet

"Mother fucker!" I yell in pain as I fall off the couch, there was that fuckin' ringing again… and again I can't work out what it is. It's not ringing anymore it's banging and shouting it's a latch clicking. I can't move I don't know why, I'm just on the floor staring up at the ceiling arms flopped at my sides. More shouting not long now I think, I try to shout but all that comes out is a sigh.

"Fuck! Tre are you Ok?" Billie comes running over to me and shakes me by the shoulders

"Me? Who? What? Hang on, what? Wait? What?" I stare into his wild green eyes


"Are you OK?" He asks again slower this time like he's talking to a five year old who has fallen off the swing

"Your eyes are really pretty from this angle" I blurt out. Billie grins at me then helps me back up onto the couch.

"We tried calling and ringing the bell and knocking but you didn't answer" He explained

"Tre?" I hear Mike shout from upstairs

"I'm in the living room!" I shout to him, the poor guy would be looking for years if we didn't point it out to him, all that weed must have frazzled his brain some. Billie nods and laughs, he knows exactly what I'm thinking. Mike comes into the room and smiles I smile back as he perches on the chair across from the couch. We sit in silence for a moment before I say

"Shall we go?" Billie and Mike nod at me and follow me out of the front door

"So you had a call from the broom lady yet?" Billie asks grinning at the conversation we had yesterday.

"No… or I wouldn't have been crashed out on my couch would I?" I roll my eyes at the older guy he just grins again and climbs into Mike's car before reaching out his hand and demanding the keys from Mike. Mike just roles his eyes and hands them over, there is no point in fighting with Billie he always wins with his big I'm-inoccent-my-eyes-are-large-and-puppy-like-and-green-as-the-leaves-on-the-trees-don't-make-me-cry act, it's really annoying.

Once back at Billie's I set my mobile down on the table and stare at it.

"You know you can't scare a phone into ringing by giving it the evil eye" Mike jeers at me as he gets a can of beer from Billie's fridge.

"Haha, whatever, I just wanna be ready" I explain laughing humourlessly at Mike's sorry attempt at comedy

"Ready for what? The alien invasion?" Billie smirks as he also enters the room and gets a can of beer from the fridge. I just roll my eyes and fixate on my phone once more. RING…RING…RING oh shit it's ringing. I should really pick that up, but I don't to why? You chicken? No I just…

"Hello Tre Cool's phone speaking?" Billie picks up the call "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh… Tre its for you"

"No shit Sherlock" I say as I take the phone from his hand "Uh hello? Yes this is Tr- No I'm- Well I believe we discu- Really? You're serious? That's great thank you OK yep, yep, uh huh, yep, see you then… thank you, yes, Good b… The bitch hung up on me, I can't believe it oh and I get the kid" The guys grin at me and throw a can of beer at me… an open can I might add, the bastards!

P.O.V ?

I stare at the now empty screen of my mobile I'm getting adopted. This is crazy I've been in care since I was like six. I pulled my laptop out from under my bed and turn it on. As I'm waiting for it to warm up I hear an all to familiar sound…. "NEEOOOOWWWWWN" just stay quiet and he will forget you're here and leave you alone

"Hi Xander!" FUCK! The little shite could see me, but this worked so well at school. I frowened.

"What do you want twerp?" I hissed at the little boy stood in my bed room door way

"To play!" He yelled jumping up and down with the toy plane in his hand

"No, go away" I rolled my eyes at the little rat

"PLAY" He yelled throwing the toy plane at me, it hit my thigh...

"You wanna play Jack... Huh?"

"Yeah Yeah Yeah-" BOOM HEADSHOT! I threw the toy and it hit him right on the forhead knocking him to the floor I grinned and walked over shuting the door on him. My laptop had finaly loaded and I went straight on twitter to talk to my personal therapist 'TheFinalEpisode' they were great. I loggod on and started typing out my DM all I got in reply was "YAYAYAYAYAYAY :D" so I just grinned at the screen like an idiot until Anna walked in, she was the woman who ran my foster home.

"Xander, what on earth were you thinking throwing that toy at his head, you could have cracked his skull!" She yelled at me, I just sat there blankly staring at her " and you never walk the dog, go do it now!" she finished her rant

"No" I relied in a deadpan voice

"What? why"

"because I'm EMO, EMO's don't walk we sulk, I will sulk the dog, I won't walk it" 'that is so going on Twitter'

"You're not an EMO now get over yourself and walk the goddamn dog, apologize to Jack and tidy your before Mr. Whathisface gets sees it tommorow." She stalked out of the room slamming the door

"It's Cool, you douche" I mummur under my breath. I say goodbye to 'TheFinalChapter' before uncerimoniously pulling the power chord out of my fucked up laptop and killing it. I grin as the screen dies.