What would happen if the roles were reversed?

The setting is May 2012.

Kit was lost in memories, thinking of days spent with other Ventaran riders. Rogue woke up, shifted on couch, and yawned. Then his dark eyes narrowed in anger. "You´re kidding? Stop it right now!" He jumped from his sleeping place and shook Kit, returning him to present.
Dragon Knight looked on the older rider with unhidden annoyance. "What is it again?" "I told you not to lose yourself in past. You live in present, so behave like it."
Kit silently stood up and disappeared in mirror. He still haven´t gotten used to presence of his new colleagues. Not Rogue, not Swan. They too resembled his friends – his second family. But could it be different when they were mirror twins?
He sat down in Grace´s Books in Ventara and returned to his previous thoughts. Several images flashed through his mind. For a while Kit hoped to hear a battle alarm calling him. By now he could get rid of his anger and sorrow just fighting. ''Why? Why did you leave me? '' he whispered. Alone as the only surviving rider. Why it had to happen...
A portal opening sound echoed through place, and he looked up just to see Swan´s blonde hair and knee-length boots disappearing back in dusk same as Maya walking to him.
"Kit... I don´t want to repeat Rogue, but you shouldn´t ran away like this." "And what should I do?"
"I don´t know. What would be Len doing in your place?" A ghost of smile appeared on Kit´s face, although he didn´t know why he should smile ever again. "Going for pizza?" Maya smiled encouragingly. "I think so. Let´s go.''
He helped her through the mirror back on Earth. Others were waiting there in the main room of old Grace´s Books. Maya looked around, not pleased. "We really should clean up this mess."
"Meh, why? It's good as it is." Rogue and Chris smiled a bit, while Swan sighed. Kit cracked a little smile too. Maybe, just maybe this situation is a bit better than a catastrophe the size of two worlds how he thought.