Kit was lost in memories, thinking of days spent with other Ventaran riders. Rogue woke up, shifted on couch, and yawned. Then his dark eyes narrowed in anger. "Awww, you're kidding? Stop it right now!" He jumped up and shook Kit, returning him to present.
Dragon Knight looked up on the older rider with unconcealed annoyance. "What is it again?"
"I told you not to lose yourself in past. It's not where you live."
Kit stood up silently and disappeared in window. He still haven't gotten used to presence of his new colleagues. Not Rogue, not Swan. They resembled his friends too much. The second family he gained and lost. But could it be different when they were mirror twins?
He sat down in Grace's Books in Ventara and returned to his previous thoughts.
Several images flashed through his mind. They were happy memories, but recalling them now was just painful. For a while Kit hoped to hear a battle sound calling him. Fighting could release the anger and sorrow out.
"Why? Why did you leave me?"
Sound of portal opening echoed through place, and he looked up to see Swan's blonde hair and knee-length boots disappear back in dusk, leaving Maya behind. "Kit... I don't want to repeat what Rogue said, but this is simply wrong." "And what should I do? " "I don't know. What would Len do in your place?"
A ghost of smile appeared on Kit's face, distracting him. How could it be? He didn't have any reason to smile. But memories of training scenes and calm moments of rest back when things were not so much better than now were not as painful as the genuinly happy ones torturing him day and night. No matter how hard he tried to fight the tiny smile it would persist. Kit looked up on Maya and saw light for the first time in a while. Perhaps she could put the flashlight down. It was not that dark yet.
"I guess it would involve pizza and talk or a training session. Or perhaps both in whatever order." Maya smiled encouragingly. "I think so. Let's go.''
He helped her back to Earth. Others were waiting there in the main room of old Grace's Books. Maya looked around, displeased. "We should really clean this mess." "Meh, why? It's OK." Swan awarded Rogue with a disapproving look. Kit's smile widened. Maybe, Earth Wing Knight and Siren wouldn't be so bad if he gave them another chance.