The setting is Christmas 2011.

The Dissmis

Kit was riding towards his dad´s apartment. „Oh geez. I´m late." he thought with sigh and shook off some snow that adhered on his jacket.
There was something he needed to resolve with other riders before going to Earth. Well, it wasn´t anything for sake of both worlds, only a Christmas present for Len. A metal bat-shaped key chain.
It looked like Ventaran riders haven´t been any celebrating anything such as someone´s birthday. Probably because only Kit himself wasn´t eighty years old looking like he was still in his twenties.
He parked in front of the bulding and ran in, almost breaking the doors instead of opening them. „Sorry dad, I got somehow tangled in the city. " Frank looked at his son and sighed. „You´re late for at least thousand time. And again with that same excuse. You´re very bad liar Kit." The man in question shrugged his shoulders. „I heard that if someone is a bad liar he can´t be bad person." His dad smiled. „That can be truth, but doesn´t mean you can´t tell me the right reason." Kit remained silent. He didn´t know how to explain why he frequently disappears without trace for days and then returns with several bruises like he fighting. Even though he was really fighting. Other riders weren´t much nicer than mirror monsters when it came here.
They sat up to ceremonial dinner in awkward silence and begun eating.
Time was passing and late afternoon changed to evening, which turned to night. They cleaned up and prepared to sleep.
Or rather Frank did so. Kit waited until he was sure his dad is fast asleep and went through mirror on Ventara. He had some uneasy feeling since evening. Something happened and he was sure it means troubles. He speeded towards Rider´s Base awaiting much things, but not this.
The whole place was turned upside down with bulding itself utterly destroyed.
A chill ran down his spine and Kit completely speechles went into the ruins looking for anyone or anything that could tell him what happened.
Noone was there. Only four decks laid in the debris. Incisor, Sting, Siren and Wrath. That could mean only one thing. Ian, Quin, Kase and Nolan were vented.
Some pill of that was once part of wall moved. Kit turned around and saw Len slowly forcing his way out. He ran to his friend, helping him.
Wing Knight detransformed with painful sigh. He was really bad beaten and Kit was wondering what could take out probably all their best fighters.
„Len! What happened?" „I don´t know. It was so fast that we barely could transform."
His scratched appearance begun dissolving away. Len looked on himself, puzzled for a second. „So this is being vented."
Kit tried to hold him, but Len was already gone. Vented for the first time.
„No." Dragon Knight picked up the Wing Knight´s deck. He was about to leave when his deck begun acting up. It shone the more he moved to the center of ruins. There he dug into ground and saw a metal case untouched by surrounding mess.
Kit opened it. Inside was Advent Key and letter seemingly writed in hurry, but the manuscript of Master Eubulon was still clearly recognizable.
"Kit, if you find this letter take the Advent Key and protect it as much as you can. If I won´t be able to return from Advent Void you must become strong enough to use it. Be careful."
He took the Key and letter with decks and finally left the place through window of silent shop. Everything was silent as most Ventarans in near city were sleeping. The place that was once the Riders base stood apart of it, so probably noone noticed the battle. Until next day morning noone will notice what happened. And then?
Who knows.