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Allen, Daniels and Malloy were in the mess hall on Sunday morning eating some breakfast. Allen and Daniels were eating scrambled eggs and sausages while Malloy was sipping her usual tea and eating some buttered toast. Ozone, Archer, Toad and Roach joined them at their table with their plates bulging with food.

"Damn boys, you sure are hungry this morning," said Allen staring at their plates.

"This is a normal meal for us," replied Toad indifferently.

"We need energy, we're growing men," smirked Ozone.

"Hey Malloy, do you ever drink coffee?" asked Archer watching her drinking tea from her mug.

Malloy shook her head. "I don't like coffee Archer."

"How do you even wake up in the morning?!" gasped Ozone.

Malloy looked at him and said sarcastically, "I open my eyes."

They all laughed and started digging into their plates.

"Where are the others?" asked Daniels. "We are supposed to start training in 15 minutes."

"You train on a Sunday?!" asked Roach surprised.

"Yes, we do," replied Allen. "The terrorists do not take a break and neither should we."

"How do you know? Have you asked them?" teased Archer.

"Have you?" sneered Allen and Archer mimicked her jokingly resulting in Allen slapping him on his back.

"There they are!" said Malloy to Williams and Collins. "Good morning sleepyheads. Williams, we start training in ten."

"Good morning everybody! It's a beautiful day!" cheered Williams as she went to fill her mug with coffee.

"Someone looks happy today," commented Collins sitting near Malloy. Her arm was still in a sling so she could not train but she still joined them at meals.

"You had sex didn't you?" asked Allen squinting her eyes. The men chocked on their food and Malloy burst out laughing.

"Whoa! That escalated quickly!" said Williams defensively. "No, I did not and even if I did it's none of your business."

"Mhmm," said Daniels and Allen together pursing her lips and raising their eyebrow. Williams just rolled her eyes.

MacTavish and Ghost walked in, went to grab some food and sat next to them. Ghost looked at Williams and smiled at her and she blushed and smiled shyly back. Everyone was talking loudly and concentrating on their food only Malloy and MacTavish noticed this. Maybe because they both knew what was going on between them. Their eyes met for a brief moment but Malloy looked away immediately settling her eyes on her empty plate. The door of the mess hall opened roughly and Red stood in the doorway looking angry still wearing her PJs consisting of a black jumper with Russian Cyrillic writing on the front and dark green pants. Her red flaming curly hair was collected in a messy bun and her deep blue eyes looked like they were going to kill you with just one stare.

"Red, is everything ok?" asked Williams cautiously.

"Net! (No) Some idiot hid my training clothes!" she replied angrily with the usual heavy Russian accent. "Who did it?"

Everyone was staring at her apart from her squad who were smiling and eating. Malloy was sipping her remaining tea and Collins was drinking some orange juice. Price entered the mess hall looking confused pointing at his back.

"Why are there-?" he started asking but stopped immediately as he looked at Red in her PJs and said, "Oh."

Red looked puzzled and then gasped as she ran outside. Malloy snorted with laughter.

"I gotta see this!" she said as she stood up and ran outside and the others followed suit. Outside, they saw the flagpole with the British flag and dangling from the ropes were Red's training clothes. The women burst out laughing and the others looked amused.

"Who was the genius who thought of this idea?" laughed Daniels holding her stomach.

Williams just looked at Malloy and asked her, "How the hell did you even manage to get up there?!"

"Lots of push-ups and a strong upper body my friend," she replied patting Williams' back then walked closer to the pole and saw Red's failing attempts to get to the top.

"Come on Red, put your back into it!" shouted Allen with tears in her eyes.

"Payback's a bitch isn't it Petrov?" shouted Malloy smirking.

Red managed to get to the top and untangled her clothes holding on for dear life. Everybody cheered as she slid back down panting and sweaty, massaging her arms.

"You'll pay for this," snarled Red at Malloy.

"You'd better get changed. We start training in 5," smirked Malloy.

Back in his room, MacTavish slammed on his bed and groaned. He stared at the top bunk with his arm under his head thinking how he was going to spend the day.

'Maybe I'll go find Malloy and talk to her,' he thought.

He did not know how he was going to apologise. He wasn't even sure if he wanted to take it further; their jobs make it impossible to even have a life. They sacrifice their own lives to save others. How is Ghost going to manage?

'Women are bloody complicated,' he thought angrily.

The door opened and Ghost entered and watched MacTavish lying down on his bed.

"Hey mate," said Ghost, "How are you?"

"Let me ask you that question," smirked MacTavish sitting up. "I guess yesterday went well the way you pinned her against the wall."

Ghost blushed and scratched his head. "You saw that huh?" and MacTavish nodded. "Thanks for not interrupting," he continued.

"I'm not that daft don't worry," laughed MacTavish. "You thought of a clever way to ask her out the first time. What are you going to do for the second time?"

"I don't think it will be much of a problem. She told me she had a great time. You know, I thought she was a bit rough but in reality she's a very sweet lass."

"I'm glad it's working out for you mate. I really am."

"Thanks. So," said Ghost, "did you talk to her yet?"

MacTavish shook his head. "She's avoiding me and we haven't talked since. I think that I'm just going to let it go. She'll be better off without me. Besides I have too much work to do to concentrate on a relationship."

"Whatever you think is best mate. Let me tell you one thing though; having a woman in your life makes everything else so worthwhile."

"Bollocks mate; she really made an impact on you. You're getting soft," joked MacTavish. There was a knock on the door. "Come in."

Roach opened the door and went in. "Captain, Lieutenant. Shepherd wants to see you in your office."

"What does he want, bug?" asked Ghost.

Roach shrugged. "He did not say sir. He just said it was kind of important."

"Thanks, Roach. You wanna go for a drink tonight with the others?"

"Yeah definitely. I need some relax time."

MacTavish turned to Ghost and told him, "Let's go and see what he wants."

They walked into MacTavish's office and saw Shepherd sitting at the desk looking at some files and photographs.

"Gentlemen," he said in his usual gruff voice.

"What do you need sir?" asked Ghost.

"I need you to arrest Lisa Malloy and bring her to the brig," he replied standing up.

MacTavish and Ghost stared at him, shocked and unsure if they heard him right.

"Sir?" asked MacTavish confused.

"You heard me Captain. Arrest her and bring her to the brig. It's simple. I will be waiting for you there."

"Yes sir," said Ghost still uncertain of what he had heard.

"Price, you're cheating!" exclaimed Malloy.

"I'm not cheating lass, you're the one who doesn't know how to play cards," replied Price.

Malloy looked at her cards perplexed. They were playing Poker in her room and she had no idea how she should play; she never managed to learn it.

"What about this?" she asked laying the cards on her desk. Price looked at them.

"You lost again," he chuckled laying down his cards on the table as well.

"God dammit!" she said under her breath. The door opened and MacTavish and Ghost entered the room.

"Come in," said Malloy sarcastically looking at the cards on the desk trying to understand why Price had won.

"Lisa Malloy," said MacTavish in a serious voice and she looked up at him. "You are under arrest by orders of General Shepherd. Please stand up."

Malloy and Price looked at them both stumped at what MacTavish had just said.

"On what grounds?" she asked.

"He did not say," replied Ghost with a low voice.

"Is this a joke?" asked Price disgruntled.

"I wish it was," replied MacTavish grimly. "Captain Malloy, get on the ground and-"

"I know the procedure MacTavish," she said irritably as she kneeled on the floor and put her hands behind her head. He kept looking at her and Malloy raised her eyebrows.

"I am not going to lie on the floor, crossing my ankles and shit."

MacTavish nodded at Ghost who approached her, grabbed her arms one by one and put them down behind her back securing them with plastic handcuffs. He then grabbed her by the arm and she got up and they escorted her to the brig. Malloy was thankful that it was a peaceful day and there weren't soldiers around to see them parade to the brig with her hands cuffed behind her back. Her team decided to spend the day out after training and she had decided to hang out with Price. She was still confused about what's going on; she'll have to wait and see what Shepherd's accusing her of.

Ghost and MacTavish accompanied her to the interrogation room which consisted of white walls, a one-way mirror, a table in the middle and two chairs opposite each other. Shepherd was sitting in one of the chairs smoking a cigar and stood up as he saw them come in. Ghost led Malloy to the chair where she sat down and looked at Shepherd who exhaled a puff of smoke. MacTavish and Ghost went into the next room to observe the questioning; Price was already there leaning against the wall with his arms and legs crossed.

"What's all this about?" asked Malloy annoyed.

Shepherd threw a file on the table and some of the photographs got out but with her hands tied behind her back, she couldn't see them properly.

"Umm, it's a bit difficult to see the file," she said turning to the side showing him her tied wrists.

The General held his cigar with his teeth, got out his knife, approached her and held her wrists tight to cut off the cuffs. Malloy rubbed her wrists.

"'Cause someone put them on a bit tight," she said looking at the mirror. In the other room, Price and MacTavish looked at Ghost who shrugged.

Malloy opened the file and analysed the photographs. They showed her, her hair tied up in the usual ponytail; wearing a black t-shirt under a vest with ammo, grenades and flash bangs; jeans with a Beretta 92 strapped on her right leg and her gloved hands holding an M4 Carbine. She was standing next to a woman wearing similar to her with black hair tied in a low messy bun and dark brown eyes. She was a bit taller than Malloy and had a toned slim body just like her. Some photos showed them talking to each other, others, just standing next to each other. Malloy threw the photographs back on the table.

"I have never seen these photos," she said.

"Yet, they show you next to the second most wanted terrorist in the world," said Shepherd. MacTavish shifted uneasily, letting what Shepherd had said sink in. Ghost's and Price's gaze remained fixed on Malloy.

"What do you want from me Shepherd?"

"I want the truth Malloy. These photos are showing you working with Teresa Espinosa; who is involved in drug and illegal arms trafficking, has numerous drug cartels in South America and several dangerous men working for her. Can you explain that to me?"

"Espinosa has been off the grid for years. Why bring this up now?"

"Respond to my question," said Shepherd harshly putting out his cigar. "These photos are telling us two things. Either you were on a mission, which is not listed anywhere because I tried searching it; or you are a traitor, a betrayer to your country."

Price walked up to the glass grinding his teeth, his eyes wide and his hands clenched into fists. How dare he talk to her like that?

"I can tell you one thing. I am not a traitor," replied Malloy firmly, slouching on the chair.

Shepherd sat down in front of her resting his arms on the table. "It was a mission then. Were you working with the CIA?"

Price was baffled and turned to the others. "CIA?"

"Aye, she worked with them as an agent for a number of years," replied MacTavish. "Didn't you read her file?"

"Her file's inaccessible," replied Price thinking, 'Espionage huh? That explains a lot.'

"I cannot remember," she lied. "I don't work with them anymore."

Shepherd stood up and rested on his hands on the table as he drew near to Malloy, inches away from her face. She could smell the cigar he just smoked on his breath; it was not pleasant but she kept staring into his eyes.

"You and I both know there is no such thing as an ex-CIA agent," he said with a smirk on his face.

Malloy got closer to him still staring in his eyes and whispered, "You watch too many movies, General."

Shepherd moved away from her and sat down again still grinning at her. How she wished she could remove that irritating smile off his face.

"I have your full file here. You have several decorations for bravery and for your service to your country. So does your Lieutenant. I am not surprised seeing that you had rescued the President's son when he was kidnapped both being just a Corporal back then. Impressive," grinned Shepherd.

Ghost lowered his eyes; how much did he know about Charlene?

"They saved the President's son?!" exclaimed MacTavish in disbelief. "Who the bloody hell are these women?" He felt angry; he did not feel guilty about what he had said to her before. For all he knew, she might have wanted to get close to him to get information out of him; to use him.

"And yet, you are accusing me of being a traitor. It's a bit ironic, isn't it?" asked Malloy staring into his eyes. "The rest of the team have several decorations as well, there's nothing special about that."

"Between your service in the Army and the Elite Task Force, there is a big gap in your file. It's like you dropped off the radar," continued Shepherd. "How can I be certain that you did not work with the enemy during that period of time? Maybe you snapped because of your brother, Thomas. He died serving the country he loved at the tender age of nineteen; he was not appreciated; just another soldier, gone like the rest."

Malloy slammed her fist hard on the table and stood up. She looked furious, and glared at the General. The men in the other room were startled by this action and were alert in case things got out of hand.

"Leave Tommy out of this conversation!" she shouted heatedly.

"After you have lost your friend Taylor in the terrorist attack and your brother in Iraq, you joined the Army hoping to do something about it," shouted Shepherd standing up as well. "But that wasn't good enough was it?! Your country did nothing about it so you decided to let everyone pay for it by working for Espinosa!"

"I have never betrayed my country! How dare you even suggest it?!" shouted Malloy. "I was working with the CIA during that time; you can confirm it with the agency."

"What was your objective in that mission? Why were you infiltrated in Espinosa's army?!" asked Shepherd his voice getting louder again.

"I cannot tell you!" replied Malloy furiously sitting down.

"Fine! Who authorised the mission?"

"The President of the United States," she replied indifferently.

Shepherd stared at her his mouth slightly open. After being silent for some time he asked her, "Is there someone more reachable?"

Malloy sighed and rubbed her eyes. "Agent Nielson."

"First name?" he asked.

"It's just Nielson. He was my handler," she replied.

"You'll stay in the brig until he arrives," said Shepherd tapping twice on the mirror.

"Wait!" she said standing up angrily as MacTavish walked in. "He could be anywhere! It could take days until he replies and arrives here. Am I supposed to stay in the brig until then?! And how in the hell am I going to explain this to my squad?!"

"That's not my problem," he said as he walked out.

"Asshole," Malloy said under her breath. MacTavish approached her with plastic handcuffs and she sighed. "Are those necessary?"

"It's the procedure Malloy," said MacTavish coldly. As he was tying her hands in the front, he held them for a moment and both looked into each other's eyes. They both showed pain, sadness and anger; both of them needing some comfort. He grabbed her by the arm and escorted her to a cell. As they walked out, Malloy looked in the observation room and saw Ghost and Price looking intently at her.

"Enjoyed the show?" she asked sarcastically and MacTavish nudged her to walk. They entered a corridor, a number of cells on their right and the Captain put her in one of them and closed the cell door behind her and looked at her for a few moments.

"You don't trust me, do you?" she asked in a broken voice. MacTavish looked down and walked away leaving her alone in the cold building. Malloy sighed and grabbed the icy bars with her cuffed hands, leaned her head against them and closed her eyes. Footsteps were getting closer to her and stopped. Malloy opened her eyes and saw two pair of feet and looked up to see Price and Ghost looking back at her.

"Gentlemen..." she said in a tired voice.

"What's going on?" asked Ghost.

"Guys, I am not a traitor."

"We know that; we don't need confirmation from some agent to tell us that," said Price. "You never told me you were a spy."

"You never asked, Price," she said moving away from the bars and sitting on the bunk. "And I prefer to be called a field agent rather than a spy."

"But that's what you were told to do, no? Spy on Espinosa?" asked Ghost.

Malloy did not respond; she simply looked at her feet resting her head on her hands.

"Why were you sent in there?" insisted Price.

"I cannot tell you," she replied.

"Very well," said Price and turned to Ghost, "let's go have a smoke."

"That's it? We're just going to leave?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

"If she says she cannot tell, she won't tell. Trust me, I know something about agents. She's trained not to talk even if we hang her upside down by her ankles." Price turned around and walked away with Ghost following him.

What Price said was unfortunately true. The CIA had squeezed out so emotions out of her, that she doubts if she really feels happy or an imitation of happiness.

"Never show emotions, Shadow. Feelings are your downfall," her mentor had said.

Malloy sighed and grabbed a safety-pin from her trousers. Her mentor had told her to always carry some in case of an emergency and this was the perfect moment to use it. She inserted it in the lock if her plastic cuffs so that the roller lock would not be blocked. She grabbed the plastic with her teeth and pulled and released one arm. She repeated the same process on her other hand and put the cuffs in her trousers. At least she'll wait relaxed rather than all tied up.

'I hope he's not on the other side of the fuckin' world,' she thought lying down on the bunk.

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