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The past...


A file was open on the desk. No one dared to touch it like it was some sort of bomb which was going to explode if they did something as simple as touch it. Gibbs was standing next to the table where the file was dropped, he was the closest from them all but still he kept his distance from it, Ducky was sitting on the couch his eyes were turned to the other side, he couldn't face the intruding file on the table, McGee was standing next to Abby letting her use his shoulder to hide her tears, Tony was standing by the window he was trying to process everything he learned over the last hours, Palmer was sitting by the empty fireplace his head was spinning and he could feel his temples trembling...

Ziva and Vance were sitting next to each other as far away from the file they could. The file which destroyed them... and their families...

What was this file doing there?

"What does this mean?" Gibbs asked them. Ziva took a deep breath and looked at Leon. He took her left hand into his bigger one and gave her a squeeze.

"We have to tell you a story..."



Lindsay was sitting in the break room with Jo's hand on her shoulder the tears were flowing down her face freely, she was feeling helpless. Only yesterday her life was good. Now she had to lie to everyone once again...

The file was secure into her bag; it was there from the moment she found it on her desk in today's mail. She felt like the lizard tattoo she had on the front of her shoulder was burning her, she needed a way out but things weren't easy. Things were never easy for her. She saw Aidan or Kendall as she was known to many people these days walk past by, her eyes wandered bored into the room thanks to the glass walls, and she saw her sitting there with the tears flowing through her closed eyes. She left a tingle on the left side of her lower abdominal and felt her stomach was tied. She stepped into the room and saw Jo and Lindsay looking up to her. She realized it was time...

The end of the line, they had to stop lying and start telling the truth... soon.

"I'll go find Mac, Sheldon, Danny, Adam, Sid and Don" she said and walked out of the room. She first went to the lab where she knew that Adam was working "Break room in ten" she said. She didn't wait to hear her husband's answer she wasn't in mood and she wasn't ready to deal with the reasons alone.

She walked to Mac's office next in there was sitting Sheldon, Danny and Mac, they were laughing over something. She opened the door and told them the same thing she said to Adam. Last one was Don she knew that he will probably be together with Sid, the last time he was spending a lot of time with the older doctor. She passed the doors of the morgue and found them sitting together again, just like every other Friday afternoon. "Break room in ten" she said and turned around.

The ride in the elevator seemed to last a century, she was back into the break room and saw Lindsay to have regained her self control. Jo was standing frozen next to the window; her eyes seemed to be traveling. Her mind was traveling.

"I told them to come here" Aiden said.

"What... what we will tell them" Lindsay said sniffing. Jo turned her head to them

"The whole story…"



Horatio was looking to the file in front of him; cold sweat was rolling on his face. The case he fought so hard to forget was coming back to haunt him. Calleigh was standing next to him, her hand was touching softly his shoulder, it wasn't long since she and Eric broke up, she was thankful they managed to do so in good terms, he was her friend for so long that only the idea of losing him from her life was killing her. They realized that their relationship was more like they were siblings than a couple. The moment after they broke up she saw clear, she knew what she wanted and more specifically whom she wanted: Horatio.

They had difficult time, mainly because of Horatio's difficulty to understand that she really loved him, still after two months since they got together he had difficult time believing that she loved him, every morning he was waking up waiting to find her gone. It was usual for her to find him lost into a perfect little world, into a world that he was born into a perfect family, where he didn't need to kill his father, into a world where he wasn't hurt each and every time he fall in love, into a world where he was able to raise his son himself, into the perfect world where no one was after him.

Today was different though, she stepped into his office and saw him starring at the sea which was visible from his office, his eyes weren't shinning like they did when he was in his perfect little world, his perfect blue eyes were dull, he was shutting her out, something that he never did before. He really did have difficult time believing that a woman like her loved a man like him but at least he never, ever shut her out. She worked with him for 12 years now, she knew that when you push him he will push back harder, but if you actually wait he will melt and tell you everything. That's why she stayed there with her hand touching softly his shoulder for the last hour. She was waiting for him to melt.

"Sweetheart" he said. His voice was barely above a whisper but it was more than enough for her to listen.

"Tell me" she said.

"Call the team and Alexx here; I have to tell you a story."



Catherine was sitting in her chair looking at the file in front of her. It arrived today but she too scared to even touch it. She was fighting with her inner voice whether or not to call Sara and ask her if she had received the file too. Secretly she wished she did. Grissom was standing by the door watching her she looked upset.

"Gil." She said. Grissom turned his head to her eyes, they were cloudy. She was having troubles. Something was troubling her…

"Tell me Cath" he said

"Can you find the rest of the team? Sara and I need to tell you something."



Meredith and Derek were sitting in the front porch looking at the sun in front of them slowly being hidden by the trees. The soft orange on the sky and the cold breeze which was hitting their faces was usually the sign for them to get inside the house, it was the sign to take Zola and baby Chris and get inside, normally… not today.

"What we will do?" Derek asked her, this was the first time they spoke to each other here and almost five hours since they received the file which was currently sitting on the small coffee table between them.

"I… I don't know. Why now? She said that she will send the files only if we are needed ever again. Why now?" she said. The tears she was fighting to hide started rolling down her face.

"Maybe someone is in trouble." Derek said. His voice seemed to be calm but inside he was torn. In this mess was involved his baby sister, Amelia, Addison, his cousin and he recently found out his wife, Meredith. This was a leaving nightmare! She was right when she said that it was better if he didn't help them, but his thick head couldn't understand! And here he was twelve years later regretting his choice deeply.

"Maybe" Meredith said. Her stomach dropped when she heard Derek's suggestion. These people had grown to be a family to her. Each and every one of them meant the world to her. She was felling sick only by the thought that someone might be injured, sick or in trouble.

"Derek" she said. Her husband turned his head to her and looked straight into her eyes.

"I know, don't worry I will call everyone here" he said and rose from his chair.

"We have to tell them a story"



Lisa was packing her staff up, her hands were trembling, her best friend had gone to jail to give her a way out of the mess she was in. she still couldn't understand how they got to her after all there were many other doctors into the team, how did they found her?

She was always careful she never left any signs behind her. Greg on the other side was the one who was the most careless but still they went after her not him. The tears were rolling down her eyes and she was unable to stop them, soon the silence tears were turning into sobs. Heart breaking sobs.

"That bastard could have killed us" she heard her sister saying from whatever was left from the leaving room. She felt the blood boiling. Greg would never harm them intentionally; he only did that to give her a way out. She wished she could step into the other room and just rub onto her face just how much Greg loved her, Rachel and James. He loved them enough to give up his freedom for them. She looked one last time her bedroom and felt the tears pile up again.

"Mommy?" she heard Rachel's soft voice from the door and turned her head to face her daughter standing there. Her blue eyes were filled with tears, tears which like her mother didn't shade yet.

"Yes baby girl" Lisa said to her daughter.

"I couldn't stay with your sister and her husband they were saying mean things about uncle Greg." She said sniffing

The little girl was very close with Greg and she was ready to turn against anyone who might say something bad for him. He was her bestes friend in the whole wide world as they claimed often. "She is Aunt Julia and Uncle Bill" Lisa said. Rachel frowned and told her

"No they are not! They are saying bad things about uncle Greg, mom, I don't like them!" she said. Lisa took a deep breath and turned to her daughter.

"What are they saying darling?" she asked, her daughter patting the bed next to her. The little girl run there and hoped up onto it "they say that he is crazy and that he tried to kill you and them" she said. She pronounced the word them like it was some kind of curse which burned her mouth "they thought that I wasn't listening and…" the girl stopped causing Lisa's breath to be caught into her throat.

"What else?" she asked.

"You won't be mad mommy will you?" she asked with eyes pleading her. She knew that whatever her daughter listened from that point and on was not something that she will like but she really needed to know what they were saying about Greg.

"I won't be angel, tell me"

"They… they called uncle Greg a bastard who didn't care about anyone except himself, that's why he drove his car into our dining room because he was mean and he wanted to hurt people who didn't agree with him, they… they said that he was unable to love anyone but himself" the little girl whipped the tears from her eyes and continued "I was upset because I know they were lying uncle Greg loves me, and you, and uncle Jimmy, uncle Eric, uncle Taub, aunt Remy, aunt Ally, and even if he will never admit it to anyone he told me that he loves uncle Robert and aunt Martha too. He told me he loves us all! I know he can love! And I was upset so…" the girl sniffed again and used her sleeve to whip her eyes again "I went there and told them that they are wrong about uncle Greg, that he was a good guy, that he was my best friend that… that he might not was saying it very often but he loves ME, he was able to love because he loves me and you and all of our little family. Uncle Robert and Uncle Eric were standing by the window and they didn't say anything they just nodded their heads like they didn't believe me. Aunt Remy had tears and made a move to catch me because I was walking away from them, and I would have let her but then your sister opened her mouth and said that uncle Greg…" the girl burst into tears and she hid her little face into her mother's t-shirt. Lisa felt her heart being torn from its place but she found the strength to move the small body of her daughter from her arms and ask her to continue "Baby girl I know that it's difficult but please tell me what happened." She plead.

"She said that Uncle Greg never loved us because he couldn't love anyone, not even himself and that for my good I better forget that he even existed in my life, so I turned to Uncle Jimmy to tell him to tell her that Uncle Greg loved me and that she was lying, but he said that for once he believed that she was right because it seemed that Uncle Greg didn't love us as much as I thing he did. I wanted to cry mommy I wanted to scream at them that they were wrong that they didn't know Uncle Greg like I do! And I did it mommy, so please don't be mad at me." She said. Her eyes were red and puffy from the tears she shed since she started saying what happened into the leaving room.

"I am not mad baby girl. I am not mad at you" she said whipping the tears from her daughter's eyes.

"Aunt Remy tried to catch me and Aunt Ally was whipping her eyes, they made her cry too mommy! Uncle Greg will be mad at me, he made me promise that I will do everything so Aunt Ally will be okay and I let them make her cry. When I finished I run here and Aunt Remy couldn't catch me." She said. Lisa held the small kid into her arms and squeezed her tighter.

"Don't worry baby girl they are saying those things because they don't know how much Uncle Greg love us all. I promise you I will tell them. Why don't you go to pack you staff?" she said and send the small girl to her room. For a moment she stood there wondering if she was really strong enough to tell them the truth she turned her head to the file she found onto her bed today when she stepped into her bedroom to pack her staff, it was now or never, Jenny said that the next time they will contact will be for two reasons, either because the case was completely over, or because something happen and they will need to be united again. She remembered clearly that if the second scenario was ever coming true they were allowed to talk to some people they trusted and ask for their help.

She stood up from her bed and walked into the freshly repaired leaving room where everyone was sitting, she could hear whispers coming from the room and she entered with her head high. As soon as they saw her there they all stopped frozen they knew that Rachel run to her mother right after their encounter into the same room.

"I am sorry Lisa I tried to calm her but…" Remy said. Lisa nodded her head "I know."

She turned her attention to the rest of the room and told them "me and Remy are going to tell you a story which will prove you just how much Gregory House loves us all. And I really hope that it will make you fell as miserable as Rachel feels right now because of you!"


Chapter 1 end