"Ginny?" Harry reached though the sheets to find his girlfriend but couldn't find her. He let out a sigh knowing where she was. It was two years after the battle of Hogwarts and about 6 months ago Harry had asked Ginny to marry him; ever since she had been up all night planning to make it perfect. Harry rolled over and got out bed. After showering and shaving he went downstairs to find Ginny sitting at the dining table with seating charts, dress designs, cake pictures and food lists in front of her.

"Good Morning how long have you been up for?" Harry said kissing her on the top of her hair.

"That's not fair." She sighed, she was looking Harry up and down noticing that his shirt was still undone; he was only half dressed.

"What's not fair?"

"That! What you're doing to me right now, not getting dressed properly" she sighed and looked back down to the seating plan she was examining before he came downstairs.

"You made the rule love, if I had my way it wouldn't be there at all" he winked at her as he carried his tea upstairs to finish getting ready for work. About three months into their engagement Ginny had told Harry that she didn't want to have sex with him again until they were married. At first Harry was insulted but then he agreed knowing she couldn't do it at all, so every morning he would do something little to make her regret the decision hoping she would give in; it was just one of their little games they played to make each other laugh. Harry had Auror training every Tuesday and Wednesdays so he worked with George in the shop on Thursdays and Fridays with Ron. Hermione was writing articles for the Daily Prophet and Ginny was in her off season. Straight out of school Ginny had been offered to play for the Holy Head Harpies, she had always wanted to play for them so when she got the chance everyone insisted she take it. The players had given her time off to plan with Harry as she was on the road with them a lot of the year and was away from him for a long time. Neither off them liked it very much because it reminded them off the times they spent apart during the war but they both lived with it. Harry and Ginny were very famous now that she was playing professional Quidditch, everywhere they went a wizard would recognise them and congratulate them on either the wedding or their past achievements. Many people speculated that Ginny was pregnant because she and Harry were always touching and being affectionate in public but that was because they were away from each other for a very long time during the war and last year when Ginny returned to Hogwarts for her seventh year and Harry didn't.

"You realise that we will be on our honeymoon on your birthday right?" Ginny shouted to Harry upstairs, she walked up the stairs and sat on the bed while he got dressed properly. She watched him wishing she didn't make the rule but she wouldn't let him win; not at this.

"Yes I did realise that, I realised when we set the date and you said you wanted a good long break from everything here." He was trying to tie his tie but was failing at it.

"Here." Ginny stood up, went over to him and tied it for him, "Are you going to tell me where we are going yet?"

"No it's a surprise, only three people know; myself, Ron and your dad. What have you got planned today Miss Weasley?" He laughed at the use of the word 'Miss' only because in about 3 weeks she wouldn't be that anymore. Harry leant in and kissed Ginny full on the mouth. They didn't stop for about 5 minutes, just standing there in the middle of their bedroom. When they did Ginny was breathless and still had her eyes closed; the pact they had made seamed so stupid right now but she knew he wouldn't let it go if they did anything. "I love you Ginevra Molly Weasley. More than you know or could ever imagine."

"I love you too but I'm sticking to my word and not letting you win." She smiled at him as he let out a sigh.

"It's still true though." Harry knelt down to tie his shoes up, he was going to be late for George if he didn't hurry up.

"I know it is but you're not winning this." She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the check before she walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

"Anyway you never answered my question, what are you up to today now you don't have training or a match?" Harry said through the bathroom door, he had raised his voice when he heard the shower running.

"Hermione, Mum and Luna are coming over to plan the wedding." Ginny replied.

"What is there left to plan Ginny? You have been up late and waking up early for about 3 months to finish planning it, what could you possibly have left to plan?" he started to walk expecting not to get an answer because she knew he was right but he heard Ginny turn off the water and reply,

"My dress" Ginny opened the door to the bathroom and came out in a towel

"Now that is not fair" Harry looked at Ginny, walked over to her and put both his arms around her waist, "I have to go or I will be late, I love you so much." Harry kissed her check and squeezed her tightly before she turned and kissed him properly. He left Ginny in the bedroom looking for clothes and she kept doing this until he heard the gate shut and a faint 'pop' to indicate that he was gone. She decided that jeans a t-shirt were the right clothes for today, the dress designer was coming over and so she would be in and out of dresses all day until they found the right one. She knew picking a dress was going to be hard because it had taken Hermione around 3 weeks before she had found the right one.

"GEORGE?!" Harry entered the three story high shop on the edge of Diagon Alley.

"Hey Mate, how are you and my little sister?" George was walking down the stairs with Ron behind him. Ron was holding a box of new skiving snack boxes.

"Please don't say it like that, it sounds like you're not approving and nobody wants that." Harry smirked as he answered George. They had become very close, because once he and Ginny moved out of the Weasley home and into the one they were in now George had come around to help with Ginny who went through a bit of depression after the war and all the deaths. Ginny was closer to George then anyone and for about 3 weeks she wouldn't talk to anyone but him, not even Harry. George had put aside his grief over Fred and helped Harry get her better before school started again. They never talked of the dark times she went through but the friendship that had been formed over those weeks was never forgotten. Ron and George where going to be Harry's best men in the wedding, he considered having Neville but thought it would be a tad awkward having to walk down the aisle with Luna on his arm so Harry re-thought and came up with George.

"So the honeymoon…" George lightly punched Harry in the shoulder and oddly Ron shot him a look of annoyance.

"Oh my god, do not start please. It is awkward enough that I have to sit at the family dinners at your parents place with them shooting jokes at us but not the honeymoon please!" Harry had gone red; he really didn't want to have the 'big brother' threat from any of them. He had given it to Ron about Hermione but they had just laughed about it but with George it was serious.

"No idiot I'm not going to have the 'big brother talk' Charlie already called dibs anyway, so expect that on the day of your wedding. I was going to say isn't it a bit far taking her to Australia, I mean why not Paris or somewhere closer to home?" George started to arrange the front counter because they were opening in about ten minutes. Harry shot a look at Ron who had his head down.

"Sorry mate but he got it out of me" Ron said in a quiet voice before going upstairs to check on the shop assistant they had hired.

"Wow, okay so that didn't keep a secret for long and I thought she would enjoy it. We enjoyed it when we went in the summer after the war to get Hermione's parents and plus after everything that has happened and us being away from each so much I just want to have her to myself; I thought the best way was to get her away from everything and everyone we know and take her there. Relax man; I will take care of her." Harry knew George was worried about her being far away from him because if she went back to the way she was then he wasn't there but if anything happened then Harry would call him and he would get there.

"Yeah, yeah you're right; nothing's going to happen she's been fine for a year she will be fine for a couple of weeks." George said giving a reassuring smile to Harry.

"Don't you dare tell her, I want it to be a surprise" Harry gave George a stern look who just shrugged and laughed. They got back to work sorting through things and when ten o'clock hit and the doors opened everything that they had talked about was forgotten because the shop filled with customers in the first half-an-hour.