11th August, 2003

"I feel old." Ginny turned in Harry's arms. Today, being her birthday, meant she had no training, Harry had no work and they weren't meeting their family until dinner time.

Harry smiled, his eyes still closed, "Do you now?"

"I'm married, with a five-year old godson and I'm only turning 22." She let out a sigh, "I think I'm old."

"Well that makes me even older," Harry chuckled at her reasoning, "Happy Birthday Babe." His eyes opened as he leant down to kiss her.

Ginny felt herself melt into the kiss, snuggling into his chest, "Are we just going to stay in bed all morning?"

"If you want to, its your birthday." Harry shifted to get better access to her neck. Ginny wriggled so she was lying on her back as Harry placed warm kisses on her body.

"I want to have a baby." Her hands ran through his hair feeling him tense up.

Harry looked up at her, confusion flashing on his face,"Do we have to talk about this today?"

"You don't want a baby?" Ginny sat up, Harry sitting back on his knees, one either side her legs.

He ran a hand through his messy hair. Leaning forward, he took her face in his hands, catching her eyes and holding them. Green stared into brown.

"It's not that I don't want one." He told her, moving forward to kiss her nose, "I just don't think I could handle losing another one." He paused again, "I couldn't lose you again." He said in small voice.

Ginny's arms curved around his neck, "I'm not saying we try for one, what I'm saying is that if it happens… well I wouldn't hate it if did."

"Are you sure?" Harry looked for uncertainty in her face, trying to figure if this was really what she wanted.

"If it happens, it happens." Ginny told him, kissing him lightly, "I want a baby Harry." He smiled at her, at the prospect of having a child.

"You will be the best mother a child could have." Harry kissed her forcefully, putting all his emotions, all his thoughts on having a child with her into the kiss. She leaned back into the pillows, allowing Harry to press his boy against hers.

"If it happens, it happens." He mumbled against her neck.

"We'll deal with it then." Her eyes closed as his hands roamed her body.

"For now though," His hands pushed further up the old jersey she had worn to bed, "Let's just practice."

Ginny's laughs echoed through the house.

Just like old times, the backyard was brilliantly lit. There was a low murmur of chatter filling the air and the smells coming from the long table in the centre of the garden reminded the Weasley family of their childhoods. Harry stood a little apart from the rest of the group, Ron and Hermione with him.

"She told me she wanted to have a baby this morning." A hand ran through his hair as he glanced over a Ginny laughing with her brothers and tucked safely under the arm of Charlie.

"Shit." Hermione scowled at Ron for his language, "What did you say to that?"

"I mean what is there to say? I don't want her to lose another again, I can't lose her like that ever. It was too familiar." Hermione looked over Harry's face as he stared at Ginny.

"Harry, do you want a baby?" She asked in a quiet tone.

His eyes slowly tore away from Ginny to look at Hermione, "I'm not sure," He looked back at his wife, "She was so out of it. Lost all that weight, wouldn't eat or talk or anything."

Hermione shook her head, "No Harry. Do you want a baby? A family?"

With one lost glance at Ginny he looked at his shoes and smiled, "Yeah. I do."

Hermione's face broke out into a smile and Ron laughed and clapped him on the back.

2nd September, 2003

Ginny looked over herself in the mirror. What was wrong with her? Why hadn't it happened yet? Last time it happened by accident, they hadn't even been trying. She checked her watch. 30 seconds. Tapping her nails on the basin she sighed. Harry didn't know she was trying to get pregnant. They had agreed.

"If it happens, it happens."

She didn't think he'd caught on to the act yet either, just enjoying the extra amount of sex he was getting. She checked her watch again. 15 seconds. Running her hands through her hair again she thought, yet again, about their lives when she finally had that little bundle of joy she was hoping for. She knew that it meant her quidditch career would be on hold. She knew that and somehow it didn't scare her. She was so ready from a family with Harry. Part of him, part of her.

She checked the stick. One line. Negative.

"Fuck." she mumbled, wrapping the stick up and throwing it away.

One last glance at herself in the mirror and she stormed out of the bathroom.

Harry glanced at her through the mirror where he was tying his tie, "You okay?" She just huffed back at him, "We don't have to go. I'll floo Molly now and tell her your sick or something. I'm sure whatever Percy wants to tell us is nothing important."

Ginny looked at her husband. He looked back at her. Just through that moment, the anger and stress of not being pregnant. She smiled and shook her head, "No, Percy would kill us and then George would probably bring us back just to kill us again for leaving him by himself."

He look at her, narrowing his eyes and reading her face, "Okay. well if your sure."

"I'm sure." She walked over to him. Wrapping her arms around his waist and leaning her head on his shoulder, she looked over them both in the reflection of the mirror. Her turned in her arms and leaned down, pressing his lips to hers.

"Come on then," She smiled into his lips, "We're going to be late again."

They made their way down the multiple staircases to the fireplace. Harry watched as Ginny disappeared before stepping in himself.

Landing at the Burrow, he used his wand to clear away the soot that was all over his jeans. Victorie ran through his legs, attempting to escape an unseen monster. Harry's thoughts landed on Teddy, who was holidaying in France with his grandmother. He missed his godson, especially at times like this.

"Finally!" George's hand could be seen waving over his head at them from across the room, "OI PERCY, Harry and Ginny have finally graced us with their presence so can you please tell us what this bloody secret is you're keeping!"

Percy flicked George the bird before turning to the awaiting family, "Alright, alright. Well, Audrey and I wanted to tell everyone together. She's pregnant, due March next year!"

There was a few cries from the women in the room before Audrey was surrounded and his brothers had began to congratulate Percy.

Harry looked down at Ginny, who had grabbed his hand at the announcement, "You alright love?" He asked her.

"Yeah." She sighed, blinking a few times.

"You sure?" Harry moved in front of her, bringing his hands up to her face.

"Just wish that was us you know." Harry smiled at her before placing a firm kiss on her forehead.

"It will be soon," He pulled back to catch her eyes, they were shinning with tears, "Don't worry babe, it will happen. These things take time."

"I know." Harry searched her eyes again before leaning in to kiss her again. She moved her head to the side and he caught her cheek. His lips lingered as he felt her wipe away a tear. Her hands tightened on his chest before releasing his shirt and stepping away from his embrace. She moved towards the mass of women surrounding Audrey.

Hermione eyed her suspiciously, " You okay?" she asked of Ginny.

"Never better."

Well that took a million and a half years.

Hope you enjoyed all the same.

Liv x