It will be a very normal day for a certain redhead with splinted eyebrows if this extraordinary 'thing' doesn't appeared. He can't recalled everything last night like it was a blank memory, almost like a black out for him. As if he had been sucked into the darkness. All things that he could remember is, a very familiar voice called out his name.

The sunlight ray seeped through the space of the half closed curtains, into a very dark room. The bundle under a blanket shifted uncomfortably under the warmth started to fill the almost freezing room. A strands of short, reddish-brown hair peeked out from the blanket, and he owner of the bed decided to get up before he get burned under the warm ray. Though he wasn't willing to do so.

Lately, he had been dreamed of something which looked like a past and future vision for him. Those painful scene keep repeating over and over like a broken roll of a film, inside his head whenever he decided to close his eyes to rest. He don't know why did he keep having those dreams, or should he say, nightmare. He's very bothered. It might ruin his stamina if he tried to stop resting or sleeping. He need to get rid of those dreams.

His train of thoughts abruptly stopped when he saw a glowing blue dots in the corner of his dark room. The two dots grew bigger as if it was walked toward him, and the redhead unconsciously crawled back.

His back hit the wooden bedpost as the pair of ruby orbs met another pair of sapphire.

A loud screams echoed through his room, then to the nearly empty hallway of the apartment. Some of the curios head of the neighbor peeked out from their own room in a curiosity to know who has made a such of ruckus in the early of the morning.

The culprit whose screamed immediately ran out and apologized to the people around him, saying a lame excuse such as tripping or burning his tongue with a hot coffee. When the neighbor convinced in him, he retreated and went back to finish his business with that stranger.

He locked the door and rested his back on it, before straightened up to stare at the invader. The stranger, was a male, obviously. Though, he wasn't convinced at his gender at the first time he saw those porcelain skin and a bit feminine face. His eyes has a shade of light blue, almost sky colored like, and a bit large. His face remained passive all the time, and it was the thing that made Kagami felt uneasy.

"Who the heck are you?" he asked through his gritted teeth. Hand balled into a fist. He completely doesn't remember bringing any stranger with him when he's on his way home. He wasn't drunk, and he doesn't smell like an alcohol. Not to mention, he don't have any hang-over. So, he was one hundred percent sure, that this guy is inviting himself.

"Kuroko Tetsuya."

He snapped into reality when he heard the stranger's voice. Somehow, he got a deja vu after hearing the other male's voice. As if he was ever in a same condition like now. "Explain." his voice turned out to demanding, he was planned to threaten the hell out of the blue haired male's mind, but the said man remained stoic.

"I brought you here last night. You was injured, and told me this place."

His eyes widened at the answer. Injured? How?

As if it was a cue, his back ached and he reached down to find a soft surface of the bandage. It was wrapped neatly around his body. How come he doesn't realize this earlier. Kagami pointed at the sofa and told the man to sit there. The other male nodded and sat there obediently.

"Why am I injured?" he asked again. Not sure if he could remember all the things happened last night. It was a blur and filled with black dots all over. He couldn't remember completely what happened.

"It was a long story. I suggest you to take a rest, Kagami-kun."

'Wait. How did he know my name?' Kagami was taken aback as a pain invaded his head. He clutched a handful of his red hair as he fell on his knees. He let out a grunt and felt something warm wrapped around him.

As he looked up, he saw the very heartbreaking sight in his life.

Those sapphire eyes clouded with sadness and blurred with tears.

He opened his eyes and met a pure white room. His body felt light even though his eyes clouded. He could not moved his body or made a sound. He heard a voices behind his mind, and it grew louder and louder each time the second passed.

"I am Kuroko Tetsuya. Nice to meet you."

"I might have take an interest of you."

"Please don't leave me."

"Don't die."


A light blue mist filled his range of sight and the scenes shown to him. His chest ached as those painful scenes repeatedly shown. How those pale face contorted in pain, how those blue eyes clouded with sadness and loneliness. And how those eyes shed a tears upon something that almost unbelievable.

He tried to move his body but his attempt we futile. No matter what the blue haired male do in those visions, it might ended in the same scene.

A light pat on his cheek brought him back to consciousness, and he found the blue haired male hovering over him. "How are you feeling?" a hind of worry filled his usual monotone voice, and Kagami groaned as a response.

"Headache. What the fuck is that dream, anyway?" he said that out loud, even he had no intention to do so.

"It's not a dream." his eyes widened at the answer and he quickly pulled himself up to sit down and look at the other male.


"It's your fragments of memories in the past."