Uzumaki Chronicles: A Kunoichi's Legacy

Summary: Naruto has a secret hidden that not even he is aware of! How will things change? Hopw will they stay the same? Find out.

Disclaimer I DO NOT OWN Naruto in Any way shape or form. Story based slightly off a few stories Ive Read on hear with a lot of my own added twists.

Italics = Thoughts/dreams & the Like

Bold = Yelling/Jutsu

Bold Italics = Demon/Boss/Summoning Talking , Yelling or Doing Jutsu.

Chapter 1: Changes On The Bridge And More

Sasuke growled as he and his blonde team-mate tried to dodge another barrage of senbon, a certain masked 'hunter nin' watching them blankly from his many crystal ice mirrors. Naruto wobbled on his feet a bit before making his infamous cross shaped handsign with an almost tired yell of 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!' he and his clones brandished kunai and shuriken before leaping into action, trying fruitlessly to land a hit on the fake hunter nin. Sasuke gave a small smirk as Haku once again jumped from his mirror leaving him wide open for the young Uchiha's attack. Sasuke's face became one of pure concentration as he effortlessly flashed through handsigns, heavily breathing in before sending three fireballs at the mid air boy.

The masked 'hunter nin' inwardly gave a sort of annoyed sigh, "Is that it?" he asked in boredom as he easily dodged the attacks before throwing several ice and steel senbon at an angered and insulted Sasuke. Said raven tried to move and dodge but to his shock found his feet encased in slabs of ice. He growled once more as he saw Naruto's needle ridden form with only ten more shadow clones close by. Sasuke quickly began forming hand signs for a small fire jutsu but suddenly began to feel drained before tiredly dropping to his knees.

"Wh- what the!" he whispered as the senbon drew closer. His eyes widened as he finally understood what was going on. 'That's impossible! It's.. he's stealing chakra!' he swore mentally as his eyes grew heavy, the chakra depletion slowly tiring him out. Sasuke strained to keep his eyes open as the weapons came closer, as if it were in slow motion before he closed his eyes and waited for his untimely demise...

"SASUKE!" the blonde yelled out as it echoed across the bridge alerting all to the dangers about to unfold.


"Heh, heh! So much for your Uchiha brat and that so called 'most hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja', Kakashi! Those boys had no chance. I have created the ultimate tool and NO ONE can stop it!" Zabuza grinned darkly from the mist as he noticed the silver haired jonin look around in panic, his heart rate slowly escalating as he searched blindly for the hidden missing nin. 'Hmph! Like a trapped rat!' he thought menacingly as he silently moved in on the panting jonin.

"Hmph. You seem rather confident, Zabuza! It looks like you have placed a lot of faith in that boy..." Kakashi replied to the surrounding mists and he suppressed yet stretched out his chakra as thinly as possible, searching for the elusive Zabuza. His eyes snapped open as he spun around. Kakashi swore under his breath as he quickly drew two kunai, trying to block the massive sword...


Sasuke's obsidian orbs slowly opened as he noticed he felt no sort of pain from the numerous needles that were aimed at him, only hearing unusual and ragged breathing before him. As he looked up his eyes widened, an obnoxiously orange outfit littered with bloody patches and senbon greeting the stunned Uchiha. Sasuke looked further only to see a cracked mirror with Haku slumped against it. The young Uchiha gasped slightly as the ice mirrors and blocks of ice surrounding his feet slowly shattered.

"Naruto? Y-you did it! You beat him!" Sasuke breathed out in shock as the blonde's body gave a sort of tired shudder, going unnoticed by the slightly relieved boy.

Just then seemingly out of nowhere a ball of Rainbow like chakra made its way towards them. Seemingly with one last burst of his reserve chakra Naruto pushed Sasuke aside and took the blast screaming in pain.

"NARUTO" shouted Sasuke running over to his blonde teammate and holding him in his arms.

"Hmm seems Gato decided to enlist that little insurance policy after all" though Haku bitterly.

"S-Sasuke... y-you're not injured, right?" Naruto mumbled out as he hacked out globs of blood, staining the cold ground below them. The mist slowly dispersed and Sasuke finally saw the state his friend was in, making him recoil in shock.

"N-Naruto? Why did you...You idiot! Why the hell do you always have to get my way?" Sasuke stuttered out before his words turned into loud and angered yells, his eyes glaring at the ground as the blonde stumbled slightly on his feet.

"Heh... sorry about that...teme..." he muttered in a teasing but pained voice before he gave a sort of strangled gasp as his body fell backwards.

"Naruto!" Sasuke cried out in worry as he quickly caught the surprisingly light boy. The raven haired Uchiha watched his only true friend in worry and fear as he grasped a cool, tan hand with his contrastingly pale ones.

"S-sasuke...I...I never meant to hate you, y'know...but it kinda just h-happened..." Naruto slurred out as his eyes became glassy and half lidded, his breaths coming out in soft pants.

"C'mon Naruto! Stay with me here! What about your dream to be Hokage? What about getting Sakura to go out with you? And you finally beat me senseless, huh! You're just gonna give up on that, dobe?" Sasuke demanded with despair and desperation clinging to his voice as he shook the blonde's shoulders, his dulled blue eyes boring into his with white hot intensity.

"P-please, S-sasuke...LIVE! Live and never...never let your dreams die..." Naruto gasped out as he raised his hand, barely touching the cold metal of Sasuke's hitai-ate before his arm limply fell to the ground, the blue eyes sliding shut for the last time. Sasuke stared blankly at the blonde in his arms before something in him snapped. Silent tears made their way slowly down his face yet he made no sound as his body shook in rage at the one who caused this.

"I-is this...the first time you have witnessed the death of someone close to you...?" Haku asked in a monotonous voice as he shakily rose to his feet, ignoring Sasuke's angered growl. "That boy...he knew the risks yet he...he gave up his life for your own...That is the true way of a ninja..." Haku said sadly as he removed his mask.

"Shut up! What do you know of it, HUH?" Sasuke demanded with pure unadulterated fury as he glared murderously at a stunned Haku making him recoil in shock.

'Impossible! Is that...the Sharingan?' he thought as Sasuke opened his mouth to give him another fury filled banter but he was abruptly cut off by the sound of...clapping?

"Heh! It seems the great so called 'Demon of the Mist' is no more harmful than a mere kitten!" a teasing voice echoed as the ninja and bridge builder turned to the end of the bridge only to see a pudgy little man in a monkey suit along with cheap shades standing smugly before them with over 500 'guns for hire' plus One masked Ninja with a blank headband, poised with various weapons surrounding him. Kakashi's mismatched eyes widened as he and Zabuza withdrew their still clashing weapons, the former more in a state of anger, confusion and rage rather than one of shock.

"GATO? What the hell are you doing here!" Zabuza demanded with nothing short of blazing fury as Kakashi's nin dogs, poofed out of existence. The missing Kiri ninja smirked slightly as Haku stepped out of an ice mirror at his side but it soon twisted into a vicious scowl, noticing a certain midget's shit eating grin.

"Heh! Personally, you ronin are way too expensive for my tastes and I never actually planned on paying you two anyways! I was banking on the 'great' Hatake Kakashi of the Leaf , The Great "Copy Nin" to finish you off for me but I guess that hope was misplaced..." Gato said wistfully enjoying the look of pure betrayal and rage on the ninja pair's faces.

"You bastard! I should kill you right here and now!" Zabuza roared out as his chakra flared menacingly with a large amount of KI, making Gato become slightly afraid before his cockiness in his men came back at full throttle.

"I'd love to see you try! With half of that money I could pay these guys here and still have a shit load left over! Not even you oh 'Demon of the Mist' can take three hundred men head on in your state, keh-heh-heh!" he bellowed out rather stupidly as Zabuza gave an annoyed grunt, seeing as the fat assed fool had a point.

'Damn! Damn you Hatake, with that blasted Lightning Blade!' the missing nin thought angrily as the gaping hole in his left shoulder was any testament to that.

"Kakashi! I have no need to fight you anymore!" Zabuza growled out as he, ignoring his pain filled body's protests, hefted his large sword with his good right arm, the silver haired jonin giving a short nod beside him as he too along with Sakura, surprisingly, readied themselves for battle in the best way they could.

"Oh please! As if you dead weights could accomplish anything! Alright boys! 35% bonus to whoever brings the pink haired and blonde girls to me!" Gato declared with a lecherous grin as he leered at Sakura making her gulp in slight fear, a trail of sweat soon making its way down her forehead. Her fears only multiplied as she heard the cheers of agreement from the thugs behind the crime boss.

'Wait...blonde girl?! OH NO!' Kakashi's eyes widened as he instantly spun around only to see a battered, barely conscious and bleeding rather hot yet familiar looking blonde girl cradled in a shocked Sasuke's arms, the two barely a few feet behind them.

"Hee-hee! Once I'm done training my new pink pet, I think I'll let you boys get a chance with the cute little blonde bitch-" suddenly the short pest was cut off as three senbon landed between his eyes, a couple kunai planting into his heart. Kakashi was shocked to not only see Haku's but Sasuke's outstretched hand, the former glaring murderously at Gato's corpse with his incomplete Sharingan.

"Hey you damn brats! You just killed our meal ticket! You're gonna pay for that!" the hired thugs bellowed angrily as the pulled out their weapons.

The masked Ninja dressed in all black robes stepped in front of the gang of hired thugs. "Hmm it seems my paycheck wont be able to be signed now, such a bother" started the ninja. "Well at any rate my job is done here for now. I do hope your little blonde brat of a Genin enjoys his..err rather her little parting gift from me. For now I bid you of the leaf adieu for now" finished the mysterious ninja before disappearing in a swirl of leaves and snow appearing from seemingly nowhere.

Kakashi's visible Sharingan eye widened as the ninja made his exit however given the present situation there was no time to think about things now as he and the others turned their attention from where the mystery nin once stood to the present state of things.

Tazuna stiffened before he calmed down slowly noticing the pink haired kunoichi taking a defensive stance before him along with Kakashi, Haku and Zabuza respectively. Before either side could make a move an arrow suddenly landed in front of them, momentarily stopping the assault. They all looked further ahead only to see the villagers of Wave lead by none other than a grinning Inari, the townsfolk behind him brandishing machetes, pitchforks and any other weaponry they could find.

"That's enough! You will leave our lands right now!" a random villager yelled out as the rest joined in with affirmation. Unfortunately most of the 'brave' thugs thought nothing of their threats but some looked on warily. Sakura cursed under her breath as she racked her brain for some or any ideas. Not a moment to soon she gave a devious grin as her eyes lit up with mischief.

''Chew on this you Jerks! CHA! Sakura Bunshin no Jutsu!" the pinkette cried out as she created eight clones of herself, all with menacing glares directed at the thugs as she unknowingly spiked her KI, frightening some of them while she cracked her knuckles. Kakashi gave a hidden smirk as his eyes widened in surprise at her sudden growth, immediately catching on.

'Heh! Well done, Sakura! You really have grown...' "Kakashi style: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he yelled as twenty five copies of the cyclops jonin joined in, all poised in different stances with kunai, exploding tags and fuuma shuriken ready and waiting. "Well?" the real Kakashi asked in a monotonous yet teasing tone, "You still wanna take us on?" his clones finished with hidden smirks as fear swept across the thugs faces.

"No we don't!" a random swordsman yelled out from the crowd as the thugs pushed and shoved to run away, some diving off the unfinished bridge into small boats waiting below, of course taking their deceased boss's corpse with them. The villagers broke out of their stunned stupor before they began to cheer as they danced in jubilee and pure elation, finally able to be free from Gato's treacherous reign.

Kakashi gave an exhausted sigh followed by Sakura as their clones disappeared in the usual 'poof'. The silver haired jonin wearily covered his Sharingan once again from the world as he took note of the chakra exhaustion slowly creeping into his bones. 'Sigh...I'm getting too old for this shit...' he thought tiredly as he barely noticed Sakura's shocked gasp from where Sasuke and 'Naruto' were surprisingly followed by said Uchiha's frantic and startled yell for the cycloptic jonin.

"Sensei! Naruto's still alive!" the jonin's visible eye widened exponentially as he quickly spun around, dashing towards the three genin. As his one eye landed on the blonde boy...err...girl taking soft breaths, her chest slowly rising and falling. He... Err She was barely still conscious.

"Heh...that's just like you, Haku...You're still too soft..." Zabuza muttered almost fondly as he turned towards Kakashi. "Oi, Hatake! When we meet again...we have a score to settle, got it?" the nuke-nin declared as Haku wordlessly prepared an ice mirror. The silver haired jonin momentarily stopped watching Naruto's shaking form to turn slightly looking back at the two before giving a silent nod of affirmation. Zabuza gave a hidden yet anxious and bloodthirsty grin.

"W-wait" struggled Naruto not yet noticing his/her change. "You two don't *cough * have to go. You dont have to be rouge ninjaanymore if you dont want to *cough * come back with us to the leaf" reasoned Naruto. Haku and Zabuza exchanged glances with each other then with Kakashi.

"Hmmph sure why not kid, youve kind of grown on me" said Zabuza. "Thanks" said Naruto before both he and Zabuza passed out succumbing to their fatigue and injuries.


** The Next Day ******

Sasuke and Sakura sighed in unison as they stared at their still unconscious team mate, her long blonde hair flowing silkily over the small pillow. A soft breeze filtered through the open window, fluttering the light blue curtains as an extremely worried pinkette brushed away stray hair from the peaceful blonde's face.

"Sasuke-kun…it's been three days now and he…err…she…N-Naruto… ARGH! This is so confusing!" Sakura fumbled before yelling out in annoyance at it all, the stoic Uchiha merely glancing at the two from his position at the window before giving a careless shrug, slowly rising to his feet.

"It won't do us good to get worried over nothing…I'm going down for lunch, you coming?" Sasuke muttered as he stuffed his hands into his pockets before walking to the door.

"Mhm, right…" Sakura replied quietly as she stole a final and quite concerned glance at the sleeping blonde before following the silent Uchiha, closing the door behind them.

They briefly checked on a recovering Zabuza and Haku in the room next to Naruto's before going downstairs.


Everyone, minus Naruto, Zabuza and Haku whom was healing Zabuza with medical Ninjutsu, sat chowing down on the perfectly cooked meal prepared by Tsunami, whom was pouring out green tea for Kakashi and the others…but of course Tazuna was gulping down sake like no tomorrow…

'Blasted old drunk…' Sakura thought with disdain as she sweat dropped anime style, the bridge builder almost toppling out of his chair to drain the jug.

"Ah! That was a wonderful meal! Thank you for the food!" Kakashi chirped brightly as he clapped his hands together, eliciting twitching eyes and annoyed stares from Sasuke and Sakura.

'Damn! How does he do that with his mask still in place! Next time...I'll find out for sure, CHA!' Inner Sakura ranted angrily as the real Sakura nodded mentally in agreement. 'When I find out and tell Sasuke-kun what Kakashi-sensei's face looks like he'll totally be impressed! This way Naruto-baka can't steal him and I'll be the one who's his girlfriend, hee-hee!' Sakura thought to herself as ahem...certain lewd images of a certain Uchiha flashed through her mind making the obsessive fan girl squeal mentally with a scarlet blush on her face actually going un-noticed by the other occupants of the room. Sasuke himself had similar thoughts, but not on an overly obsessive level, shaking his head and muttering about 'cycloptic baka jonin' and other hushed words.

"Oh! By the way, Kakashi-sensei..." Sakura started, catching the silver haired man's attention. "About Naruto still Naruto? I mean was she...err he... I Mean uh.. Whats his...err uh her story" asked the confused pinkette. the pinkette fumbled in irritation as she stuttered with her words, an almost anxious Sasuke waiting for the jonin's answer with his stoic and unreadable mask in place.

"Well Sakura...Naruto actually-" suddenly a loud feminine scream pierced the air immediately cutting Kakashi off before he could barely complete his sentence.

Luckily Inari at this point was over at a friends house following the prior days events. Of course this meant he had yet to find out about Naruto.

Speaking of said hyperactive blonde the three members of Team 7 rushed up to his/her room.

The young Uchiha gave a heavy sigh before moving the reluctant Sakura aside as he reached for the door handle only for said door to fly wide open, coming face to face with 'Naruto' apparently wearing nothing but a large white top and black boxers. Sasuke blinked once and then twice before a small blush crept upon his face. After all for the girl's age...well...let's just say she was...well endowed... In fact if Naruto's teammates didn't know any better at the moment they would swear he/she was in his Sexy Jutsu form though with a slightly lager bust than usual Sexy Jutsu form.

'Damn Naruto! You got me beat at making Sasu-kun blush and now this too!' Sakura whined mentally as she gave a small groan, a hint of jealousy creeping unto her face.

"Stupid dobe..." Sasuke muttered after fighting down his blush, "Why the hell do you have to dress in something like that? I'd rather chance having my eyes burn out from that orange thing you wear than this..."

"Forget that baka-teme! Wha-why am did this... WHY THE HECK AM I A GIRL!" Naruto yelled angrily as tears unwillingly pooled in her eyes, making Sasuke and Sakura feel remorseful and sorry for the struggling blonde as she seemingly tried to repeatedly undo the Sexy Jutsu finding the efforts futile.

"Naruto...calm down...It's alright..." Sakura soothed softly as the blonde's face instantly changed from sad to furious in a short span of time.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN! I'm suddenly turned into a freaking GIRL...and you're telling me to CALM DOWN?" Naruto muttered in a deadly soft voice before it escalated to hysterical yells as her face became red from rage.

"Naruto..." the pinkette said softly as Sasuke lowered his head and Kakashi merely stood in silence.

"How would you feel if this happened to you, huh Sakura!" she demanded angrily as Sakura gave her a confused look before her eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"Idiot! I am a girl!" she deadpanned making Sasuke crack a smile as Kakashi chuckled softly at the two girls. Naruto grew silent as she struck somewhat of a 'thinking pose', her face screwed up in a cutely confused pout.

"Oh yeah! You already are a girl..." Naruto replied thoughtfully as her three companions face vaulted anime style . "Well you know what I meant Sakura! What if you suddenly became a boy" Naruto countered. Sakura took a brief moment to ponder before deciding she could see some point to the former boys words and corncern.

"Ah, Naruto! Here try these!" Tsunami said with a smile as she walked up the stairs with a black bag.

"Huh? What's that, Tsunami-san?" the blonde asked as she took the bag. As she moved to open it Tsunami's delicate hands covered hers.

"Clothes from the best store in Wave. It was actually on sale and I thought it would look so nice on you so I bought some other stuff for you too!" she stated as a devious grin appeared on her and Sakura's faces. Naruto gulped as she noticed an identical 'gleam of doom' in their eyes before she was hurriedly carried into the bathroom by the two eager 'fashion divas' leaving a very confused and frightened Kakashi and Sasuke on the stairs...


Sasuke sighed for the hundredth time as he and Kakashi waited 'patiently' for the two young kunoichi along with Tsunami, whom had both dragged Naruto into the bathroom to change into new clothes. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the five minute outburst from the blonde, apparently against what she was given only for Sakura nicely shut her up...with a heavy punch to the head of course. Needless to say, between the constant perverted giggles from his wayward sensei whose nose was buried in the latest 'novel' Make out Paradise something or other. Sasuke really couldn't be bothered with the title of his sensei's questionable reading material.

As they waited Haku walked in informing them that he had done all he could for Zabuza at the moment then was brought up to speed on Naruto.

The occasional annoying yells of 'HELL NO! I'm not wearing that!' made Sasuke Uchiha officially deem this day 'troublesome' along with a pounding headache. His ears twitched at the door as he heard it unlock. Turning his attention towards the door, Tsunami emerged first, followed by an overly excited Sakura but Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke-kun!" the pinkette said with barely hidden excitement as the two looked at her expectantly. "Ok. Tsunami-san and I introduce you to the new Naruto!" she exclaimed as they opened the door allowing a surprisingly shy Naruto to walk out. Sasuke's eyes widened along with Kakashi's one visible eye as a blush swept across Sasuke's face. In short the blonde looked like a goddess in the young Uchiha's eyes. Naruto blushed slightly as she noticed Sasuke's eyes raking over her body in a stunned yet almost hypnotized way. Naruto, at first, thought that this outfit would show too much skin but Sakura actually encouraged the idea. Naruto wore an off the shoulders short sleeved pale lavender top with white vine designs over the front which cut above her midriff, showing her tan, flat stomach. With that she had on a short light blue skirt with slits at the side along with a pair of orange bicycle shorts stopping mid thigh. To finish it off she had on knee high open toe boots with fishnet long sleeve gloves and her hair was in the usual twin pigtails that her Sexy Justu form sported.

"Well? Quit staring and tell me what you think!" Naruto yelled in annoyance, breaking Sasuke out of his silent 'observation' aka, undressing Naruto in his mind, as Sakura and Tsunami laughed at her behavior.

'Different package, same product!' Sakura thought with an amused grin as the blonde excitedly waited for their answers.

"I think it's a good look for you, Naruto." Kakashi replied with an eye smile making Naruto give a small blush and giggle giddily in happiness. Sasuke stood silently and walked to the still giggling blonde. Naruto jumped slightly as she noticed Sasuke making his way towards her, his eyes never leaving hers.

"I Agree with Kakashi" Haku chimed in. "Uh thanks" replied Naruto with a blush. 'Damn whats with me now that I'm a girl' thought the blonde.

"S-Sasuke..." she muttered slightly as he stood before her with an unreadable look on his face, the others watching on in silence. Sasuke slowly raised his hand as he brushed her bangs from her eyes with a small smile... one could even dare to say it was a loving smile too! Tsunami smiled fondly before she left the room to go prepare some food for Inari who would be returning home soon.

"Perfect, Naruto...Beautifully perfect..." he said as he rested his hand on her cheek making the blonde blush like no tomorrow. Kakashi's eye widened in worry as he noticed Sakura's face change from excited to annoyed in a span of three seconds.

"Oh boy... " Kakashi muttered warily as he noticed Sasuke's blush as he quickly dropped his hand from the blonde's cheek, suddenly finding his toes rather interesting. Naruto was in a state of shock before a crimson blush spread across her face almost instantly, completely oblivious to Sakura's murderous expression. The pinkette fumed silently as she glared holes at Naruto's back.

'CHA! Sasu-kun NEVER looked at me like that! The hell does Naruto baka got that I don't got?' a certain pink banshee.. err uh ahem...kunoichi ranted mentally as Inner Sakura totally agreed. 'CHA! That blonde bimbo better stay away from Sasuke-kun! He's mine!' Sakura folded her arms in a huff as she impatiently tapped her foot on the floor boards.

"Kakash-sensei...mind telling us how Naruto's a girl? Any time today would be nice!" Sakura growled out as a large tick mark formed above her eyebrow. Kakashi laughed weakly as he scratched the back of his neck, a large sweat drop sliding down his temple. Naruto flinched at the idea as her head shot up in shock, her eyes showing just how frightened she was.

"Sigh, I suppose I should tell you why 'Naruto' looks like a girl, but first..." Kakashi muttered as he knelt in front of the silent blonde, resting his gloved hand on her shoulder. "Do you want them to know about it, Naruto?" he asked the shaking girl as she merely gave a silent nod, her hands balled into tight fists. Kakashi gave another sigh before he turned to his other students as they stared at them in confusion. " two know the tale of how the Kyuubi was defeated, right? The one you were told about in the academy?" the silver haired jonin asked eliciting raised eyebrows and nods of affirmation.

"Yeah, I remember. Isn't that about how the Fourth Hokage saved the village at the cost of his life? But...what does that have to do with anything?" Sakura asked quietly as Naruto looked at her with ashamed blue eyes, making Sakura stare at her in confusion.

"That story...It was a cover up. The Fourth couldn't kill the nine human can kill a he had but one option, seal it in a newborn child who's chakra coils were yet to form. That baby was one Uzumaki Naruto who's form unknowingly to many was soon hidden by genjutsu, her real name being Uzumaki Naruko!.

Kakashi noticed 'Naruto' slowly lower her head with eyes slightly widened in shock as Sasuke and Sakura looked at the silent girl in shock as well but for very different reasons.

"First I suddenly find out I'm actually a girl whose life was practically a lie, my only two friends hate my guts like everyone else...and my name... I DON'T EVEN HAVE MYNAME!" Naruto yelled as she fell to her knees sobbing, shocking Kakashi and the others with her actions. "It's not fair! WHY? Why did this happen to me, HUH! All my life I've been a boy, hated for something that wasn't my fault! I...I don't even own parents..." she cried out in anguish as she held her face in her hands, the salty tears dripping unto to floorboards.

'Naruto...' Kakashi thought sadly as his one eye looked down at her in sympathy.

"'s okay...We could never hate you for that!" Sakura exclaimed as Sasuke took a step forward, his face a swirl of different emotions.

"N-Naruto..." the young Uchiha muttered sadly as he walked towards the crying girl. Naruto flinched as Sasuke knelt in front of her before she angrily slapped away his hand, shocking the three other occupants of the room.

"You could never understand how I feel, Sasuke! At least you had your family! At least your Fucking life hasn't been one big god damn lie full of being hated by everyone" Naruto yelled in anger as Sasuke flinched at her words before she hastily rose to her feet. "Just...JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yelled as she ran out the door before dashing into the near-by forest. Sasuke rose to his feet, slowly giving an annoyed grunt before he sped out the door, sprinting behind the blonde and leaving his distraught sensei and team-mate as he activated the incomplete Sharingan.

~ In the forest ~

"C'mon out Naruto...this is ridiculous! Why are you running from us? We're friends aren't we!" the haired boy yelled angrily as he looked up, searching from tree to tree. He smirked as he spotted her long, silky hair blowing in the breeze, revealing her hiding place.

"You'd never understand Sasuke, you'll never understand!" she spat out with a vicious and harsh tone, her eyes flashing a reddish orange before fading back to its usual blue color.

"You're right Naruto. I'd never understand, I could never in one million years dream to put my foot in your shoes...I don't know you're pain exactly, but I'm here today to show you...that I'll always be beside don't have to shoulder that burden anymore, you don't have to do things on your own...not anymore and remember I can relate at least a little. Remember I watched my parents slaughtered by my brother. My whole clan wiped out in a single night. Ever since then I've felt that same loneliness you felt" he said with a caring smile as the blonde's eyes widened in shock, before they narrowed angrily once more.

"You just don't get it, do you Sasuke? I'll never be accepted like you and Sakura!" Naruto yelled as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. The blonde rose to her feet, slowly coming out of her hiding spot. As she was about to leap to another tree, she felt a sharp, shocking pain in her ankle making her fall from twenty feet. Noticing the blonde's rapid descent the young Uchiha sprinted towards her, back flipping off a tree trunk before thrusting his body towards the stunned blonde. Naruto slowly opened her eyes, 'When did I close them?'only to stare up into worried obsidian orbs. The young kunoichi flushed as she FINALLY realized two important things, 1. A certain Uchiha held her bridal style in his arms on a rather high tree branch and 2. His face was dangerously close to hers, their noses practically touching.

"S-Sasuke..." Naruto murmured softly as the raven haired Uchiha gave a smirk before flicking her on her forehead. "OWW! What the hell was that for, teme!" she demanded angrily as she squirmed in his grip.

"That was for making me silly dobe..." Sasuke muttered almost affectionately as he kissed her head softly making a scarlet blush flare to life on her cheeks.

"I...I had you worried?" she replied in shock with the faintest hints of a blush on her face as Sasuke turned his head to the side, a bit of a blush dusting his cheeks in embarrassment before he gave a short nod. Naruto looked at him in shock and slight incredulity before her attitude pulled a complete three sixty. "...I...hmph! I don't need your help, you stuck up Uchiha brat!" Naruto growled out stubbornly as she wormed her way out of his arms. As she attempted to jump to a nearby tree another piercing pain shot up her leg, making nearly her topple off the tree branch. Sasuke sighed as he grabbed her by her waist and pulled the wincing blonde towards him.

"You were saying, Naruto? What was it again...ah yes! 'You don't need help from a stuck up Uchiha brat', right?" the Uchiha replied with a smug smirk as Naruto glared back at him with a large tick mark over her eyebrow.

"You're enjoying this...aren't you? Stinking bastard!" she muttered as her eyebrow gave the faintest of twitches, the tick mark growing more if possible.

"Heh...But Naruto...I was serious before. You definitely don't need to be alone anymore. You've got me, Kakashi, Sakura and the people of Wave now too. I don't care about the Kyuubi. As far as I'm concerned...the girl who almost died for my sake could never be a demon." Sasuke said with a small smile as Naruto looked at him in shock.

" you honestly think that, Sasuke?" the blonde stuttered out as Sasuke nodded in affirmation, making her joy skyrocket by leaps and bounds as a pure, genuine smile spread across her face. "Sasuke that's...that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me...thank you so much..." she said with elation as she hugged the raven haired boy tightly, making his eyes widen in shock before a small smile graced his face. Closing his eyes with the smile still intact, the raven haired Uchiha tentatively returned the hug.

"Don't worry, Naruto. I'll always protect you. No one will ever hurt you again..." Sasuke replied as they released their embrace and helped the grimacing blonde lean on him for support.

~At Tazuna's House~

Sakura looked at the door expectantly yet again, hoping that her two team-mates would burst in either arguing over something silly, or at least having a relatively normal conversation but no such luck would come to be as she sighed before rising to her feet and quietly scribbling down a note for the others. Sakura slipped on her sandals as she gave a frown before setting off into the forest in a hurried pace.

'Please don't let them be fighting! I hope I find them before anything bad happens!' she thought anxiously as she jumped from tree branch to tree branch with wild abandon, unknowingly heading towards the shock of her young life...

To Be Continued...

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