Uzumaki Chronicles: A Kunoichi's Legacy

Summary: Naruto has a secret hidden that not even he is aware of! How will things change? Hopw will they stay the same? Find out.

Disclaimer I DO NOT OWN Naruto in Any way shape or form. Story based slightly off a few stories Ive Read on hear with a lot of my own added twists.

Italics = Thoughts/dreams & the Like

Bold = Yelling/Jutsu

Bold Italics = Demon/Boss/Summoning Talking , Yelling or Doing Jutsu.

Chapter 3: Of Secret's, Relations, Training And Woman-Hood

Warning: Some talk about feminine stuff if you know what I means.

Naruko and Kyuubii began to stir. Luckily time in Naruko's mind-scape can flow drastically different than in the "real-world" or "physical plain".

The two resumed their conversation from earlier.

"Naruko...I'm sure he just wanted to protect you...Just like I do..."Kyuubi added as he gave a soft sigh while he stroked the blonde's long hair with one of his tails. "You shouldn't beat yourself up over what has happened...I brought this upon you...even if it was unintentional...and for that, I am truly sorry..."the demon lord muttered quietly as the blonde gasped at his words.

Naruko's eyes widened as he released the embrace only to plant a soft kiss on her forehead. Kyuubi looked at the silent blonde before turning his head slightly to try and hide his blush. 'Kuso! Why in the seven hells did I do that!' the blushing fox yelled mentally with a flustered look in his eye before he felt a soft hand resting on his cheek.

"Kyuubi...You...Why are you...caring for me? Don't you hate me like every other human?" the blonde asked with confusion on her face as Kyuubi's blush darkened more if possible at her 'innocent' question. The demon lord opened his mouth to try and give a solid response but the two were cut off by a loud yell echoing through the blonde's mindscape.

~Outside dressing rooms~

"Naruko! Are you done yet, Naruko?" a certain pink haired nuisance bellowed as she knocked on the wooden door of the small booth. Her eyebrow gave a twitch of annoyance as she got no reply. "NARUKO! Answer me you idiot!" she yelled angrily as she pounded on the door, managing to scare away a few customers.

~Yukiko's Mindscape~

"NARUKO!" Sakura's voice echoed through the blonde's mindscape once again and she sweat-dropped slightly while Kyuubi just gave an exasperated sigh and shake of his head.

"Uggh how and why in gods name can you be friends with that banshee" asked the Kyuubi.

"Trust me I ask myself the same thing sometimes" replied Naruko.

"Heh werent you the one who had a crsh on the pink haired banshee" asked the fox causing Naruko to blush and sputter...

"Ugh...whatever! We'll continue some other time! Later, YOU stinkin fox!" the blonde menace exclaimed with an over dramatic roll of her eyes before she disappeared once again from the beautiful clearing.

"Heh...the great King of Bijuu...Feeling compassion and protectiveness for a human flesh bag like that...I make myself sick" spat the fox.


*** Hokage Tower- Hokage's Office- 12:05 PM***

Naruko sighed as she, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi stood before the elderly Hokage whom was looking out at the village below in silence, Zabuza and Haku standing by his desk. The blonde impatiently tapped her foot on the floor with folded arms while trying desperately not to strangle their perverted sensei whom currently had his head buried once again in his favorite and ongoing novel which apparently had a new release; 'Make Out Paradise- Bad Girl Collectors Edition'. For once the "Perverted Jonin" was actually less than 10 Minutes late hell less than 5 Minutes late. In fact to say the whole of Team 7 was expecting to hear hell had suddenly frozen over would be an understatement.

Said Time Challenged Perverted Jonin was currently giggling like an obsessive school girl...or was that just Sakura drooling at that brooding stick to the blonde's right?

'Jeez, we take dysfunctional to a whole other level...' Naruko deadpanned as she developed a tick mark above her eyebrow while she once again refrained from choking the life out of the chronically late jonin especially as his giggling increased as he turned a page in his testiment to perversonville Population 2 Leaf Jonin and 1 Sanin Naruko had yet to meet yet somehow she instinctively could tell since becoming female that there were more perverts about in the village than she had once thought.

'Heh! Didn't think you knew words like that! You shocked me there baka ningen.' Kyuubi rumbled in the blonde's mind and a hearty and amused laugh followed slowly after, making her growl mentally in a warning response.

'What was that you blasted fox...ugh! Why bother!' she retorted angrily before opting to ignore the demon lord's teasing voice.

'Surprised to hear me brat? Then again I'm surprised you could hear at all with that pink haired banshee's screeching from before...' he muttered while a smirk spread across his face as his host quickly fired back a hot response.

'Urusai, baka kitsune! Don't talk about Sakura like that you overgrown fuzzball! Its not like it's her fault she yelled now is it?' Naruko growled out angrily, her last sentence laced with sarcasm as she gave a disgusted sneer. She could just feel the Kyuubi's smug smirk directed right at her making her blood boil in anger.

'Pft! That pink...thing wouldn't even serve as an appetizer for me...Heads up kit. The old goat is going to talk...'Kyuubi muttered before he severed the mental link between the two and the blonde developed another tick mark upon her forehead.

'Hmph! Good riddance...' the annoyed blonde deadpanned mentally as Hiruzen cleared his throat loudly and he instantly received the attention of the now alert shinobi before him. Taking his seat the old man gave a sigh and took a long drag from his tobacco pipe before activating a single handsign. Seeing the genin's confusion he quickly elaborated for them.

"Team Seven...after hearing Kakashi's mission report...I must say I am rather stunned with these sudden turn of events. Since Sasuke and Sakura are aware of the...tenant Naruto... err uh Naruko has well as his... err uh her true identity.. I should properly explain to you all why at this stage only Sasuke has received true training from your sensei and why the genjutsu sealing took place." the three genin's eyes widened in shock as the old Hokage sighed once more.

'Minato-sensei...Kushina...If you were here things would be so much better for her...' Kakashi thought in slight sadness and despair as memories of his old sensei slowly resurfaced.

"As you know on the night of Naruko's birth the Fourth Hokage sealed the rampaging nine tailed fox into her. His last words were for everyone to treat Naruko like a heroine of the village...sadly his wish was not kept and the villagers only viewed her as the Kyuubi itself and not merely its jailer..." he paused sadly as he allowed the stunned genin to absorb the news, "I personally tried to adopt Naruko along with some Jonin in the village, which includes Kakashi, but the elders of Leaf Village along with the civilian and ninja council kept overruling my requests with stupid excuses saying that because Naruko was merely a day old baby the Kyuubi would easily be able to break loose and what not so I created the law for no one to speak of the truth with the matter of Kyuubi to any of the younger generation yet the villagers got around that as well..." the old Hokage took a shuddering breath, "And they succeeded to bribe some ninja into attempting to kill baby Naruko more times than I can count..." by this time Sakura had tears in her eyes, Sasuke's teeth were mashed together with his hands clenched in tight fists and Naruko's face looked grim and full of pain while Kakashi's one eye reflected pure remorse and sadness.

At this point there was a long silence as mixed thoughts filled the room.

'New goals. 1: Kill Itachi 2: Kill the Village Elders & Council members. 3: Find someone to rebuild my clan with 4: Find out why the writer hasnt broken the 4th wall yet'

'Damn council and elders. They are so useless. Ta think if not for them you'd be Naruko Namikaze Hyate Uzumaki'

'Poor Naruko... I always wondered why she was so lonely and kids either picked on him or feared him... Stupid baka council.. Stupid baka villager's... Damn Snile elders. CHA WE SHOULD OVERTHROW THEM!'

'This coucnil sound horrid... If they dont let me and master Zabuza stay that coupled with their treatment of Naruko-Chan will be all the cause I need to painfully introduce to my senbon evil grin '

'Okay its officially decided, If the council denies me & Haku citizenship & Shinobi-ship to the Leaf I Will slice every last one of their heads of with my sword to avenge Naruko"

'*sigh* Darn council and elders. Whats the point of being Hokage if I can be overruled faster than Ace Attorney? For the love of ramen in that other world the president has Vito power!'

"Damn Bastards they are so lucky I can't escape your body kit or I'd feast on their marrow for what they've done to you and denied you. I give the old geaser credit though hes nice than I ever expected"

'T-Thanks Kyu-Chan... I Think'

After several more long and somewhat grueling minutes of awkward silence Kakashi spoke.

"I then decided enough was enough and with the agreement of Hokage-Sama and some other high ranked ninja, placed a strong Genjutsu seal upon her with the help of the Hokage, Hizashi and Hiashi Hyuuga along with Jiraiya of the Sannin so that it would be undetectable by the Byakugan or Sharingan and would not break unless Naruko died or her body was placed in a near death state...thus Uzumaki Naruto was made... However while I can not speak much about it there is at least one ninja in existence that could not only detect it but break it... It was that mysterious ninja that we saw back at Tazuna Bridge" Kakashi explained as he stepped in for the Hokage. He let his words sink in amongst all present.

Ignoring his anger at the 'decrepit elders' as the silver haired Jonin so kindly put it, he continued where he left off. "As for why I have given Sasuke more training than Sakura and Naruko is because of the fact that the civilian council-" he spat in disgust, "has ordered and is still ordering me to train him effectively in ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu along with proper control over his Sharingan and in their words, 'Forget the useless Haruno and the worthless demon brat. Merely focus on Sasuke as he is the Uchiha heir and hold the potential of reviving his clan to its former glory.' Which I do not agree with one bit but they've got my hands tied...if I don't train Sasuke the Konoha elders are claiming that they will disband team seven and if I do I'll be sacrificing two ninja careers for his alone-"

"Just who the hell do these bastards think they are!" Naruko demanded angrily as she cut the cycloptic Jonin off while stunning the other occupants into silence. "Just because Sasuke is the last of the Uchiha doesn't give them the right to sabotage me and Sakura's ninja careers! If that's how it is I'll personally go and give those old farts a piece of my mind!" she declared with an enraged snarland the old Hokage gave a weary sigh as he leant back into the leather chair.

"There's no need for that, Naruko." He held up his hand to silence the oncoming retorts, "I have decided that you will each be trained individually without notifying the council and Leaf Elders so it would appear to them that Kakashi is heeding their wishes and only giving Sasuke training. Sakura since you have the best chakra control between Sasuke and Naruko, you will have training with Yuuhi Kurenai, our genjutsu specialist. Also you three will have proper team training from different Jonin. Two of our newest elite jonin will be training you all in ninjutsu and taijutsu as well... Additionally Anko Materashi has agreed to chip in as well seeing as you and go way back" Hiruzen explained but the blonde kunoichi cut him off.

"Actually, old man...the fuzzball said he could train me in my Mind-scape...and teach me in using his powers properly without him taking over. He sounded like he was speaking the truth and I think I can trust him... However me and Sakura gladly accept any and all training you can get us Right Sakura? Oh and it will be nice to see Dango-Lady again" said Naruko remember the Dango loving Snake Mistress. "Oh yeah and before I forget Zabu-Kun and Haku-Chan offered ta teach us a little too" added the blonde as she ignored the bijuu's menacing growl echoing through her mind, making the other occupants recoil in shock with wide eyes.

"You mean...the Kyuubi communicates with you? Are you sure that's safe?" Sasuke asked with slight concern as he was the first to break out of his stupor.

Naruko looked at him and gave a small nod.

"Don't worry, he won't try anything! After all...if he tries to kill me or anything he'll die too 'cause we're connected through the seal. And...I've got a sort policy in case he tries anything." She finished with a sly smirk and a mischievous grin making Kakashi and the others sweatdrop simultaneously.

*Ahem* "Well...if you're sure about this and you trust him...I suppose I will allow it for now. Anyways now that everything has been settled I will let you meet with you're new training instructors. Ken! Misaki! Kurenai! Asuma! Anko!" the elderly Hokage boomed and Five blurs appeared at his side before materializing into two men and three women. "Team Hayashi Ken, (K) Nakamura Misaki (M) , Asuma Sarutobi, Anko Matarashi and Yuuhi Kurenai." Hiruzen declared with a small smile as the brown haired, green eyed man, red haired pink eyed woman, Cigarette smoking weapons wielding man, Raven haired young snake mistress and the raven haired red eyed Genjutsu mistress rose to their feet with the utmost grace and poise.

"As Hokage-Sama said, we are your new jonin training instructors. I will focus on Ninjutsu with assistance from time to time from Asuma and/or Anko, Misaki-chan on Taijutsu with some assistance from Anko, Kurenai-San will teach you three genjutsu. Also we have talked with Zabusa and Haku and Mutually agreed that they will teach you a little of everything. Furthermore though not very often we will try to include Kakashi and train you all as the team you're supposed to be." Ken explained with a small charming smile as Misaki merely shook her head in what appeared to be annoyance and Kurenai merely gave an amused smirk at the two. Anko was busy examining Naruko. Asuma was exchanging knowing glances with his father. Zabuza and Haku looked on in general disinterest. Kakashi eyed his students proudly knowing they were in good hands.

Naruko gave an excited grin while Sakura watched at Ken with love struck eyes and Sasuke looked on in indifference but on the inside he was slightly impressed; after all they all appeared strong to his eyes.

"All right. I guess we're done here for all are now dismissed to create an effective training regimen...good day." Sarutobi declared with a few more puffs from his pipe before he quickly released his privacy jutsu from his office. The shinobi before him gave small respectful bows before departing through the front door and leaving the old man to himself. 'Sigh...I hope this works out for the best...after all you've been through you more than deserve some happiness and care...Naruko...' Hiruzen thought sadly to himself as he spun in his chair and faced the window but this time opting to stare at the stone faces carved into the nearby Hokage Mountain. Slowly his old yet wise eyes made his way down the line before stopping at the fourth face...Minato's stone face. 'I honestly wish you allowed me to do the sealing instead...Minato...things would have been so much better...'


"Okay team! First off we'll meet everyday from morning till evening in this training field. Its training field number five so try not to forget, alright? First off Naruko before we can start embarking on a regular training regiment we need to re-examine your skills and abilities as well as make sure you get 100% Used to your...ahem.. New... Err uh old body * sweat-drop * * Cough* So for the first few days from 6:00 to 8:30 We will test Various aspects your Taijutsu ranging from Current skills and knowledge, to your speed in that knew form and see how much have your physical you may have lost from your male form. To test that part based on the briefing received from Kakashi on the wave mission we will test your physical strength by having you attack Haku head on" Ken started to explain.

"Wait but what if I hurt Haku" asked the concerned blonde.

"No worries Naruko-Chan, I can handle myself besides not only am I a medic nin in my own right but I was assured that the majority of us teaching your Team at least dabble to some extent in either basic first aid or some medical Ninjutsu" replied Haku. Some of the worry started to fade from the blonde's face. Ken continued on.

"Ahem so as I was saying after that at 08:30 we will break for breakfast and to rest. I've taken the liberty of arranging for someone to prepare us delicious meals for us. Breakfast and Lunch will be prepared by two different cooks and their helpers respectively, Dinner will be up to you guys except on rare occasions where training may run a bit late or should one of your instructors or someone else make plans with you. Now then after Breakfast from about 09:00 or 09:15 to 12:00 we will evaluate Naruko's Ninjutsu, Chakra Levels, Chakra control and do some basic training and excercises. We'll have sparring matches to determine your strengths and weaknesses and help facilitate the evaluation. Although this will slow Sakura's and Sasuke's training down briefly it will at least if nothing else provide minor strength training and keep you three a little we versed in the basics. We'll stop for about a half an hour or so lunch and you can go freshen up and relax a bit. After that you'll all meet back here at 12:45-13:00 for Kurenai-san's genjutsu training and evaluation. Ahem, now then we will have the same schedule the remainder of this week Saturday as well. Today is Wednesday so hopefully by then we will have all the data we need on Naru-Chan to start a regular regiment. Sunday will be free for you guys and I'm told Monday Team 7 Will have a brief mission. After the mission we will all meet to finalize our training schedule however I should also add that the schedule may be changed or altered on an as needed basis including for such things as missions or exams. Sound good Team?" Ken asked at the end of his explanations earning a glare from Naruto over the nickname along with a mixed in grimace over the mention of exams, an impatient nod from Sasuke and a slightly hesitant yet determined one from Sakura.

"It's already 13:15 so I suppose you can start Kurenai's genjutsu training and such...but first..." Misaki said calmly before opening her ninja pack and pulling out three squares of paper, confusing the Genin before her. She gave a soft sigh and a shake of her head before entering into her teaching mode. "These are pieces of paper made from a special tree in Konoha. They allow a ninja, more specifically Genin, to find out what their natural element is." the red head stopped her explanation when the blonde before her raised her hand. "Yes, blondie?"

"My name is Naruko or Naruto, not blondie... and sure as hell NOT NARU-Chan" she hissed out angrily and Misaki merely rolled her eyes before once again shaking her head, the red locks swishing around in her high ponytail.

"Whatever, kid. What's your question?" she replied nonchalantly ignoring the girl's pointed glare and slight outburst.

"Grr...What exactly do you mean by 'natural element'? You've totally lost me there..." Naruko asked with a confused look and squinted eyes as she tried to decipher the stoic woman's words.

"You know brat...katon, doton, fuuton, raiton and suiton? The five elemental styles? Surely they taught this at the academy!" Misaki explained with boredom before once again rolling her eyes at the blonde's scrunched up face...apparently she was even more confused now than ever!

"Iruka-sensei taught that to us, dobe! Then either skipped or slept through his classes anyway..." Sasuke deadpanned with a tick mark near his temple as Ken, Kakashi, and Haku gave an amused smirk, Misaki scoffed, Sakura,and Zabuza gave a small laugh Anko howled with laughter "Haha just like the little brat..err uh little sister I always wanted" added in Anko with playful mock pride and Asuma and Kurenai both merely shook their heads with disbelief written all over their faces with the former taking a puff of his cigarette. Naruko shot a withering glare coupled with a vicious growl which of course did not affect the raven haired Uchiha in the slightest.

"Besides that, we're going off topic here!" Misaki quipped in annoyance, "As I was saying, just channel some chakra into the slips of paper and we'll figure out what element you hav-"

"What's the point in me doing that?" Sasuke interrupted with a bored tone, "I already have the fire element so it wouldn't make sense for me to do this."

*Sigh* "You've got a lot to learn, brat. Someone can have two elements, but that's just at genin level. In some cases you can have more. A jonin exam requirement is the use of three different elements. Anyways...just channel a small amount of chakra into the paper one at a time and we'll take it from there, alright?" Misaki said explained in exasperation before giving the three genin the slips of paper. "Pinky, you first." she muttered and Sakura gave her a dark glare, which was pointedly ignored, and began to channel her chakra. The slip in Sakura's hand slowly turned into dust, amazing Naruko and surprising the small platoon of Jonin in the field.

"Misaki-sensei...this means I have an earth affinity right?" the pinkette asked and Misaki gave a short nod.

"Correct. Now then...You... The brooding emo! You're up!" said 'brooding emo' whom stood to Sakura's right gave Misaki the infamous Uchiha Glare™ while Naruko scandalously laughed her ass off before he silently directed the aforementioned Uchiha Glare™ at her serving only to earn more laughter from the blonde. He then channeled chakra into his paper as well. To everyone's shock, yes even him, one side turned to ash while the other half crackled with lightning before crumpling in his palm.

"What the? I don't believe it!" Ken muttered in astonishment as Misaki and the others stared in shock.

"Well it seems Sasuke here has the elemental affinities for fire and lightning...interesting..." Kakashi mused as Naruko rolled her oceanic eyes, the blonde headache clearly not impressed.

'Please! What's so great about that? I'm still going to be Hokage and I'll master all those stupid elements before that teme even gets to blink!' the blonde thought with a small yet superior grin before Misaki brought her out of her drifting thoughts.

"Oi! Earth to blondie! Your turn!" the redhead yelled in annoyance making Naruko jump slightly.

"It's Naruko! NAR-UKO" she replied angrily before giving a small scowl while a certain emo gave an amused 'Hn' a small smirk. Naruko huffed doing as the others and channeling her chakra into the slip as well. The paper in her palm not only split down the middle, it split multiple times over and some of the pieces became wet as well, stunning the jonin into even more silence.

"Well how about that. Kid, not only do you have the rare wind element but you also have the water style too! Its one thing to have wind but for it to have split so many times means that you've got it in spades!" Ken explained with slight shock and incredulity printed all over his face. Sakura and Sasuke looked at the Jonin shock before Sasuke narrowed his eyes slightly.

'Damn it! How the hell do I expect to defeat Itachi if I'm still this weak!' he cursed mentally as he silently glared at the hyperactive blonde whom was jumping all over the place like some crazy monkey.

"Now that we've figured out your elements that's the first thing we'll work on once the real training begins next week. For now you will just work on Genjutsu for an hour or two then you can leave alright" Kurenai said and the three gave a short nod before Kakashi, Misaki, Asuma and Ken decided to leave and go do...Jonin stuff. Zabuza, Anko and Haku decided to stay and watch. Kurenai took the Genin to the middle of the training field before making them sit in the lush grass. "I will just evaluate you three to see if you're capable of using Genjutsu, alright? Close your eyes and be still. I'll do the rest." Kurenai stated before she knelt before Sakura and placed a chakra encased hand on the pinkette's forehead. (1) The two kept their eyes closed for a couple minutes before Kurenai's slowly reopened along with Sakura's green orbs. The red eyed jonin gave a nod of approval before moving on to the ever excited Naruko. Kurenai repeated the process but something felt off...her red eyes snapped open only to find herself in a large forest surrounding a crystal clear lake, lush trees and grass with tiger lilies scattered all around.

~Naruko's Mindscape~

"What are you doing here, woman?" a dark voice boomed out and Kurenai jumped in shock before whipping out two kunai while quickly spinning around to see none other than a gigantic fox with a huge collar before her. He had nine redish-Orangish swishing tails behind him. Kurenai's red eyes widened in shock as she slowly registered who was before her.

"'re the...Kyuubi!" she exclaimed and took a few fearful steps back from the menacing demon lord before her. Kyuubi smirked as he happily took in the Jonin's terrified and horror stricken features and emotions. The demon lord chuckled darkly and gave a wicked smile, instilling more fear into the frightened Genjutsu mistress.

"Yes, pitiful Woman. I am the great Kyuubi no Yoko! King of Bijuu. Now...I will ask you once more...what are you doing here, woman?"the fox boomed with an ever present, smug smirk. Kurenai's eyes widened even more before she put up a brave face, which Kyuubi instantly saw through in a heartbeat.

"I was conducting a Jutsu analysis on Naruko to see if she was capable of Genjutsu since I am one of her new training teachers...somehow I wound up here by mistake..." the red eyed jonin replied cautiously as Kyuubi watched her silently before he gave a nod in understanding.

"I specifically told that idiot of a Kunoichi that I would be giving her training but still that intrusive meddling old goat of a Hokage insisted that you..." Kyuubi spat incredulously,"train my host in genjutsu? You may think you are skilled...but we foxes are well known for tricks and illusions, something you ninja know nothing abou-"he dangerously narrowed his eyes as the 'Genjutsu mistress' abruptly cut him off.

"How dare you, demon! You have no right to speak of Lord Hokage in such a way! Whether you foxes can create illusions or not...does not give you the right to speak about us ninja as you please!" she shot back angrily but almost instantly regretted it as Kyuubi's face twisted into a snarl and he disappeared only to quickly reappear behind the stunned Jonin with one of his claws poised dangerously near her throat. His dark and clearly enraged growling filled her ears and fear once again grasped her heart with an icy cold grip.

"Watch your tone, pitiful woman! You have no right to speak to me in such a way!"Kyuubi boomed murderously as his blade inched closer to her throat until...

"What the hell is going on here!" a familiar voice demanded in shock and anger as the two previously engaged beings turned to their far right only to see Naruko with a deadly glare on her face directed at a certain red headed demon. Kurenai released a breath she didn't even recall holding and with his sensitive hearing Kyuubi caught the soft noise, making him snort in disgust at the Jonin in his grasp. "Let her go, Kyuubi..." the blonde ground out menacingly and the demon glared spitefully at her before, albeit reluctantly, releasing the woman and retracting his claws. The still angered demon lord closed his eyes as he turned his back towards the two kunoichi behind him as Naruko ran towards her new sensei. "You ok, Kurenai-sensei?" the blonde kitsune asked anxiously and the raven haired woman gave a small nod in reply as she warily stared at the demon lord's back.

"Baka brat...did we not agree that I would be training you? Why did your...Hokage," Kyuubi spat with distaste, "still insist on giving you these useless weaklings to train you when you already spoke to him of this? Is he trying to hold you back or am I still considered a threat? ...You stupid humans are all the same...And one last thing... From what I've seen so far the brat here has no real talent for Genjutsu" Kyuubi growled out before forcefully ejecting the confused Genin and Jonin out of the blonde's mind.

~Training Field Five~

Kurenai andNaruko's eyes snapped open at the same time only to find themselves lying on their backs in the large training field with Sakura looking at the two with worry and slight relief before she turned away to a figure relaxing in the trees.

"Hey Sasuke! They're awake!" she cried happily and Sasuke opened his eyes before effortlessly jumping from the branch and slowly walking towards the silent Kurenai and his two teammates. Sasuke studied Naruko's slightly worried but enraged face and couldn't help but wonder...

'What the hell really happened back there? One minute sensei was doing that jutsu and the next thing we know those two were out cold and flat on their backs!' the stoic Uchiha mused silently as Kurenai slowly rose to her feet before helping the still furious blonde up.

Zabuza, and Haku looked on from where they were sitting in disinterest and Anko was momentarily nowhere in sight.

*Sigh* "Okay you all...Genjutsu training for today is cancelled. I have something important to report to Lord Hokage, alright? We will just have to try again tomorrow...dismissed." Kurenai muttered as she gave a small glance at the three confused Genin before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. Sasuke stared at the spot where she was before the three Genin plus the two former asasins began to walk out of the expansive training field.

'Just wait till I get home! Oooh I'll murder that blasted...ARGH!Damn stupid baka fox!*Insert various insults here * ' Naruko screeched mentally and Kyuubi winced slightly at the tone before snickering at her choice of insults. The blonde hurricane was brought out of her thoughts of a certain kitsune's head on a silver platter by a pale hand waving before her face.

"Oi! Naruko anyone there?" Sakura tapped her friend's head and half expected a hollow knocking sound before Naruko angrily slapped her hand away.

"What? What's your deal now?" she replied with a bit of venom in her voice making Sakura recoil with hurt eyes and Sasuke to raise an eyebrow in slight shock. The blonde hmphed before skulking off to her apartment, leaving the stunned Sakura and Sasuke standing rigid in the streets of Konoha.. Zabuza and Haku just each shared a glance with raised eyebrows.


Sakura lay quietly on her large bed with her eyes filled with pain and sadness. After what happened at 'training' yesterday...she stayed up whole night and still did not feel tired. Sakura rolled on her side as she clutched her red covered pillow in her arms, her thoughts drifting back to her blonde friend and another throb of despair panged in her chest.


"I will just evaluate you three to see if you're capable of using genjutsu, alright? Close your eyes and be still. I'll do the rest." Kurenai stated as she knelt before Sakura and placed a chakra encased hand on her head. The red eyed jonin gave a nod of approval before moving on to the ever excited Naruko.


'That's when Kurenai-sensei and Naruko collapsed...I wonder what happened to make sensei so shaken up...and...why was Naruko so angry?' the pinkette thought sadly as she stared blankly at the clock on her dull pink wall.


"Oi! Naruko anyone there?" Sakura tapped the blonde's head and half expected a hollow knocking sound before Naruko angrily slapped her hand away.

"What? What's your deal now?" she replied with a bit of venom in her voice making the shocked pinkette recoil with hurt eyes. The blonde hmphed before skulking off to her apartment, leaving Sakura and Sasuke standing in the streets of Konoha.


Sakura jumped as knocking on her bedroom door shook her out of her thoughts before her mother's voice drifted through the air.

"Sakura? You have to get ready for training soon!" Shizuka (2) called out and the pinkette's eyes widened in shock. She sat up straight and whipped her head at the black wall clock only for her eyes to widen even more.

'You've got to be freaking kidding me...' Sakura deadpanned mentally as the clock blinked in red digital numbers 05:30. (3) Sakura cursed under her breath as she rushed to go bathe and change but not before telling her mom to make some toast for her and leave it on her bed before darting hastily into her personal bathroom.

~Training Grounds 5~

Thursday Morning 06:15

Sasuke silently leant against the protective mesh gates of the training field along with a meditating Ken, and Haku , an annoyed Misaki, a reading and giggling Kakashi, A Silent Zabuza and an equally silent blonde who hadn't said a word other than a mutter of 'good morning' to the others...which confused and worried the young Uchiha to no end.

'Hmm...That's odd...I wonder if she's still pissed like yesterday...Hn whatever. The less noise from her equals better training and concentration for me.' Sasuke thought with concern before pushing his emotions aside and waited 'patiently' for their final wayward teammate whom apparently didn't own a clock in her house. Five minutes later a pink blur could soon be made out in the path as Sakura yelled out to get their attention.

"Good morning, Sorry for being late!" Sasuke, Ken and an uninterested Naruko looked up to see Sakura hurriedly running towards their new training field.

"Next time don't be late pinky, or you'll get no training from me, understand?" Misaki muttered with a small glare and Sakura fearfully nodded her head...after all the red haired Jonin was rather intimidating. Sakura raised an eyebrow as Kakashi...albeit reluctantly, put away his book and gave her a reassuring eye smile, putting the young kunoichi at ease.

"What took you so long, kiddo? A ninja must always arrive on time whether it is a mission or otherwise got it?" Ken chastised with an amused grin as Sakura gave a blush of embarrassment and a soft 'Sorry Ken-sensei'. At that Sasuke suppressed a snort, Misaki gave a sneer, Kakashi, Haku and Zabuza merely remained silent and Naruko did nothing other than lean off the gates before Ken released the chakra seal, allowing the shinobi inside.

"Now then, since you all have different types of chakra I'll evaluate whatever Jutsu you have in your arsenal in sparing matches, understand? One by one you'll go at each other with whatever Jutsu, Genjutsu or Taijutsu that you know and I'll judge based on efficiency and your stamina during these matches. Since for the time being judging and gauging Naruko is top priority she will start by being on the offensive against Sasuke and Sakura. If memory serves correct this will be her first real battle experience in her female form. Haku, and Kakashi will be on stand by for first aid and if any needs rushed to Leaf Village General Hospital via shunshin. Additionally we have Misaki on hand whom will serve as referee slash spare medic" Ken explained and Sakura gave a small nod, Sasuke 'hn'ed' and Naruko remained silent, worrying her teammates even more with her stoic outlook. Ken gave her a confused glance before he shrugged.

"Okay...Naruko! Let's start with you versus Sakura" said Ken. The two Kunoichi nodded in agreement. 'Her eyes and that stone cold posture...was her excited and rambunctious behavior yesterday all a joke?' he thought as he gave the blonde another concerned look over before the three jonin and their students made their way to the center of the training field. Misaki stood at the side of the two as a...referee of sorts.

"Alright as Ken will use all ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu that you know in this spar. If you both are ready..." Misaki paused as the two combatants got into their positions. Sakura unsure of facing of Naruko took a basic defensive stance however on the inside inner Sakura was a different story 'CHA At last I get ta beat up on Naruko... The darn hussy will pay for trying to steal our Sasuke-Kun CHA!'

Naruko got into a battle stance still looking cold and stoic and giving off an all serious business type vibe. Misaki looked at the two before making a downward chop with her hand between the two which meant only one thing...

"BEGIN!" as soon as the word left her lips Sakura jumped back a bit giving some distance. Suddenly Naruko's demeanor started to shift. She charge at Sakura head on with a punch to the gut. In a puff of smoke in the pinkette's place was a log.

"Hn substitution eh Sakura-Chan?! Well then try this on for size... Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Six Naruko's appeared shocking the heck Ken and Masaki. Kakashi on the other hand started fantasizing about certain..Um Possibilities of multiple Naruko clones while giggling like a schoolgirl. Anko was only mildly surprised while the remaining spectators weren't surprised in the least.

Naruko had her clones fan out. One of them managed to sneak up behind Sakura and crab her while she was off guard. Without thinking however Sakura flew into a rage a started beating the Naruko clones to a pulp. "CHA YOU PERVERTED IDIOT HOW DARE YOU GRAB ME THERE CHA I'M GONNA KILL YOU"

Once Naruko's clones were dispatched Masaki decided to stop the fight lest Team 7 have a funeral to attend then reminded Sakura that Naruko was a girl now earning a sheepish apology from the anger management challenged pink haired girl she along with Ken had dubbed 'pinkie'.

"Well done, blondie. You even had me stunned!" Misaki said almost fondly and Naruko gave her a thumbs up and a foxy grin.

"Yeah I'd heard stories and rumors but who'd of ever thought a mere Genin could ever use Shadow Clones" said Ken a small note of impressed respect in his voice.

"Okay then! Sasuke you're up!" Ken called out and the young Uchiha impassively stood to his feet with his back facing his sensei before...

"Watch how a true ninja does things, dobe..." he muttered condescendingly as he instantly activated the Sharingan and stalked over towards the battle field prepared to take out Naruko with ease.

"Oh yeah Sasuke?! Just you wait I'll kick your ass and wipe that smug look off your face! Believe IT" countered the blonde rage in her eyes.

'I cannot and will not lose out to you of all people dobe! I must become strong enough to defeat Itachi and restore my clan's I promised myself all those years ago. No matter what happens and what darkness may overcome me...I WILL GET THAT POWER!'(4)Sasuke stood with a determined look in his eyes as he and Naruko wordlessly slipped into their own stances. Still sneering slightly, Misaki raised her arm once again before making the downward arch to signal the match.


As soon as Misaki spoke the words she jumped a ways back as Sasuke instantly went on the offensive, using the fast and deadly strikes of the Uchiha clan's famed Taijutsu which were barely blocked or dodged by Naruko.

Sasuke decided to get more serious. "Fire Style Fireball Jutsu" Sasuke yelled as he breathed out the large fireball towards Naruko only to find it was a Shadow Clone. Not missing a beat Sasuke turned his attention above him where three Naruko's were baring down on him.

"Heh nice try Dobe, Fire Style Phoenix Flower Jutsu" said Sasuke sending three fire balls at once each taking out what appeared to be another clone just as two more Naruko's appeared at his sides. Naruko smirked.

"Heh try this Teme. Harem Jutsu" shouted Naruko as for more clones appeared next to the other two only all six were now in full naked glory and latched onto a suddenly blushing 'Avenger'.

"Not so tough now eh, teme?'"the blonde said with a small and almost elated confident smirk. Kakashi's perverted mind kicked into fantasy hyper drive mode. Anko went into malicious devious planning mode. Maski sputtered indignantly while Kurenai stared in shock and disbelief. Haku tried to look away while fighting down a blush. Zabuza was as impassive and uninterested as ever. Ken was unconscious on the ground with a nosebleed and drooling. Sakura was being held back by the newly arrived and blushing Asuma.


"Well I guess we're done here.. So drop that ridiculous Jutsu and let the brooding emo free" said Masaki.

"Ogling the Uchiha now are we?"Kyuubi suddenly growled and the blonde haired kunoichi nearly screamed in fright before she calmed down.

'Kyuubi? Oh so NOW you're talking to me? I thought I was just a pathetic flesh bag...or...what was it again? Oh yeah! Useless human and...WHAT DO YOU MEAN OGLING!' (8) Naruko ranted sarcastically before she suddenly screeched at the now wincing demon lord who painfully clutched the sensitive fox ears perched atop his head.

"Uggh...must you yell so loudly every time you speak? Any more volume from you and my ears will bleed...Are you trying to put the sound barrier to shame?!"Kyuubi muttered under his breath but unfortunately the blonde haired menace heard his words and her eyebrow twitched slightly before she decided to teach this 'flea bitten fuzzball' a good lesson about the wiles of a kunoichi.

~Naruko's Mindscape~

Naruko glared angrily at the impassive red head ( Kyuubi in his human form now ) before her while he merely stared right back at the furious blonde...not even bothered in the least! After all...what could a puny female human do to the great and all powerful King of Bijuu? A demon lord no less! Kyuubi raised an eyebrow and broke out in a small yet nervous sweat as she sauntered over to him in a rather seductive manner and in his case...getting too close for comfort...Inwardly said blonde grinned victoriously as Kyuubi's face turned from nervous to downright fearful. The 'great' King of Bijuu, most powerful demon lord, Kyuubi no Yoko...was scared and practically putty in a mere mortal's hands...and to put the icing on the was no more than a fourteen year old bombshell of a kunoichi who had little to no experience in trying to seduce the opposite sex. Pressing herself up on the demon lord's clothed chest she mindlessly let her finger trail his kimono top, carelessly inching up to his face with lidded blue eyes as if to kiss him. His demonic red orbs widened in shock and he stood completely frozen as the blonde slowly moved closer towards his lips before...

"YATTA!" yelled with a triumphant grin as she backed away from the demon lord, laughing her ass off at the priceless look on his face. "You actually thought...BWAHAHA! I don't believe it!" she belted out with even more raucous laughter and Kyuubi stared at her blankly as she continued to rant and rave about her 'Grand Master Plan of Revenge'. Silently he walked up to the overexcited blonde before tightly gripping her shoulders, making her wince slightly and stare at him in slight confusion, shock and fear. "What are you do-"

"Urusai...baka." the red head muttered softly as he effectively shut the blonde up by 'claiming what was his'. Naruko's eyes widened even more as she stared into his bright red slitted orbs and couldn't help but hope this was a dream. Still in a stunned state the blonde girl didn't move a muscle or even attempt to respond to the action, much to Kyuubi's disappointment. Loosening his grip on her shoulders Kyuubi slowly released the kiss and Naruko stood there in silent shock as a bit of hurt made its way unto the demon lord's face before he quickly turned his back to the girl. Said sudden action made Naruko jump slightly and she looked up only to meet Kyuubi's back and her heart cracked slightly as she realized what just happened.

"K...Kyuubi I-"

""he spat angrily and blue eyes widened in shock and betrayal as she stared at his unforgiving back.

"But Kyuubi..." she tried but he suddenly spun around and glared at her with such fury, hurt, anger and other swirling emotions that she flinched as if she were struck.

"I SAID LEAVE!"the red haired demon lord yelled out and Naruko gave a choked sob as tears made their way down her cheeks while she slowly began to disappear from the beautiful clearing with only one thought on her mind.

'Kyuubi...I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...'

To Be Continued

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(K)/(M) Borrowed these 2 From another story

Data -

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Means Beautiful Blossom in a village-Misaki Nakamura

A technique created by Kurenai which was based on the Yamanaka clan's Shitenshin no Jutsu, just with different properties and uses.

I gave Sakura's mom that name from another story :P and it means- Quiet summer

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