A few days later Dib had just arrived at skool, he was looking around the crowd, searching for Zim, who hadn't been there since Dib and Keef raped him.

Keef went to his locker and put his things away as something caught his eye. Zim walked into school with a slight limp and bags under his eyes as if he hadn't slept in days.

Dib noticed Zim walking through the doors as well and giggled a bit.

Keef smirked and laughed a little as he watched Zim limp over to his locker, getting what he needed for class. The Irken closed his locker one he had what he needed and froze as he felt eyes on him. He looked over at Keef then at Dib; his expression scared as he backed away and rushed to class. There was no way he was going to be stuck in the hall with just those two.

Dib snickered, apparently Zim had forgotten that they had their first class together, he got his books from his locker and headed in the same direction as Zim.

Keef walked with him to class, finding the Irken's reaction quite funny. He sat in his seat which was right behind Zim and poked him in the back. Zim froze and looked ahead toward the board hoping he could just ignore him. He closed his eyes and shook his head as tears slowly fell from his eyes. He thought he could take a day at school but he was wrong; they could still torment him.

Dib sat down in the seat next to Zim, reaching out and rubbing his side.

Zim gasped and took deep breaths as they touched him; he felt like he was going to have a panic attack. "Stop…leaves me alone…" He whimpered.

"We don't want to." Dib purred, holding the Irken close.

Zim tried to get out of their touches without causing a scene but it was getting hard; small whines escaped his throat. "Please stop…I don't think I can take anymore…I'm sore…I haven't eaten in two days…I can't keep anything down…I don't want to worry Gir anymore." he cried. Keef continued to touch Zim's back, ignoring his cries.

Dib moved his hands down to Zim's thigh.

Zim whined; he just wanted to be left alone, "Why are you doing this to me…" He cried. Keef smiled as he rubbed the skin around Zim's PAK making Zim shutter and moan softly. The Irken shook his head and tried to get away from them, finally deciding to get up from his seat and running out of the room.

Dib laughed a bit as he watched the Irken leave, "Do you want to go after him?" he asked Keef.

Keef nodded and stood up. "Let's go." He smirked and walked out of the class room. He looked around and figured Zim must have gone in the bathroom.

Dib followed Keef, opening the bathroom door and seeing a small green and pink figure in the corner.

Zim had his head in his knees, body shaking as he was crying. Keef went over to him and forced Zim to look at him as he licked the tears off his cheek. Zim froze and tried to get away. "No…please don't…" he whimpered.

Dib sat down beside Zim and held him close as he kissed his neck.

Zim whimpered and stopped struggling since he knew they wouldn't stop till they were satisfied. Keef kissed Zim on the lips and forced his tongue in the Irken's mouth, kissing him deeply.

Dib put his hand under Zim's shirt, rubbing the skin there.

Keef wrapped his tongue around Zim's and sucked on it as his hand ventured into Zim's pants and stroked his member. Zim moaned softly, hating that he was enjoying this.

Dib's hand joined Keef's; running his fingers over the opening of Zim's slit.

Zim whimpered more as Dib touched his abused slit; it still hurt from the other day. Keef continued to kiss him and stroke him.

Dib inserted two fingers into the side of Zim's slit, still sucking and biting the alien's neck.

Zim gasped. "N-ah," He whimpered as Dib's fingers entered him. "It hurts..." He cried. Keef took his hand out of Zim's pants and started to unzip and remove them. His fingers entered the Irken's slit as well, rubbing Zim's inner thigh.

Dib laughed, "It's supposed to hurt." he said, shoving his fingers deeper into the invader.

"Ah!" Zim cried. Keef took his fingers out of Zim and spread his legs wide. Keef chuckled and stroked Zim's cock again.

Dib undid his pants and shoved into Zim harshly.

Zim screamed and Keef kissed him deeply making his screams muffled. He whimpered; tears fell down his face as he was raped yet again by them.

Dib grabbed Zim's hips and forced him to move in time with his thrust.

Zim panted and whimpered in pain as he was forced to move in time with Dib's thrusts. His screams continued to be muffled by Keef's mouth.

Dib drew his tongue over Zim's chest as he continued to thrust into him.

Keef continued to stroke Zim's cock in time with Dib's thrusts causing a few pained and muffled moans to escape the alien's mouth. The red head smirked as he felt Zim getting hard and continued to stroke him.

Dib heard the bell ring, and growled, pulling out of Zim and redoing his pants, "We'll visit you again after skool." he whispered in the small Irken's antenna, kissing him deeply before he stood up again.

Keef stood and stroked Zim's antenna a little before leaving with Dib out of the bathroom. He sighed. "Too bad we didn't get to finish our fun, I was about to make Zim cum." He smirked.

Zim cried and rubbed his inner thighs, looking at the bruises where Keef's hands forced his legs to stay open so Dib could thrust deeply inside him. He whimpered as they hurt to the touch from being spread far. He stood weakly and limped over to his pants and put them on.

Dib giggled, "Yeah, how can the little guy still be that tight after what we did to him?" he asked the other male.

Keef chuckled and nodded. "It's amazing, must be an alien thing." He smirked as they reached their class. "You think Zim will go to class? He sure is limping a lot." He said, sitting in his seat.

Dib sat down beside him, "I'm not sure." he said.

Keef nodded and sat back in his seat as the teacher started the lesson for the class. Zim entered a few minutes later, limping into class and going to his seat. "And why are you late this time Mr. Nekri?" She asked; arms crossed. Zim looked at her then looked away. "I got in a fight…" He said weakly and then sat in his seat, cringing in pain.

Dib looked in Zim's direction, trying to figure out a way to harass him from across the room.

Zim took a few breaths as he slowly started to ignore the pain in his thighs and closed his eyes. He bit his lip and groaned as he started to feel weird in his spooch.

Dib huffed, getting a bit annoyed.

Keef hummed and decided to write a note to Zim and showed it to Dib. 'It's not over yet Zimmy~' He smirked and sat back in his seat. "That'll scare him." He chuckled.

Dib smiled at the red-head sitting next to him, "Mhm." he agreed.

Keef nodded and sent it to Zim. The Irken looked at it and read it, eyes widening as he shivered in fear at the note.

Dib laughed meanly at Zim's fear.

Keef chuckled and smirked as he watched the Irken tremble in fear.

Dib started at the Irken, trying to figure out something else to do, it really was too much fun to molest the little guy.

A little while later the bell rang for lunch and Zim limped out of the classroom and slowly made his way to the lunch room. He whimpered at the pain in his hips and thighs, trying to ignore it but it was hard. His spooch was still feeling weird and he figured it had something to do with his lack of food; he would try and get something down then.

Keef stood and stretched. "You want to have a little fun with him at lunch?" He asked as he started to leave the classroom. He smiled and waited for Dib before going to the lunchroom.

Dib shook his head, "Nah, if he can't even walk then people will start to get suspicious." he said, following Keef, "We could still do something with him though." he suggested.

"True." Keef nodded. "What do you think we should do now?" He asked as they walked to the lunchroom.

Dib sighed, "I'm not sure, nothing seems like much fun." he said looking at the abused invader sitting in the corner of the cafeteria.

"Yeah…I think he's had enough…" Keef said, starting to feel guilty as he looked at the poor abused alien trying to eat his food but wasn't having much luck. The redhead sighed and started to eat his own food.

Dib started to feel a bit guilty as well, Zim really did look worse for wear.

Keef sighed and bit his lip. "We should go over and apologize." He said, pushing his food away from himself.

"Mhm." Dib agreed, looking sadly over at the Irken.

Zim pushed the tray away and gave up on eating his food; his spooch continued to feel weird. He shook his head, deciding to have computer scan him when he got home tonight.

Dib continued to stare at Zim, not making a move to get up from the table.

Keef stood up and sighed. "Come on…" He said, leaving the table and heading toward Zim's table.

Dib got up and followed Keef.

Zim rested his head in his arms on the table; his antenna twitched under his wig and looked up at them. His eyes widened and looked down. "Please don't…I don't think I can handle any more of this…" He admitted voice shaky.

Keef shook his head and sat in front of him. "That's…not why we're over here Zim…listen…" He looked at Dib and the back at the Irken. "We're sorry about what happened…I know you may not accept the apology but…well…"

Dib looked at the little alien, smiling weakly, "We really are sorry." he said in a small voice.

Zim looked at them and then looked down. "O-ok…" He closed his eyes as a few tears left his eyes. "Just don't do it anymore…" He said, rubbing his stomach as it was feeling sore. "Are you alright?" He heard Keef ask him concern evident in his voice as he looked at the red head. "M-my spooch hurts a little…I'm going to have computer scan it when I get home…"

Dib looked at the Irken and gently reached out to wipe the tears off his face, "Sorry." he said again.

Zim flinched a little and looked at Dib, feeling the human was being sincere; he gave a small nod and sighed. "I think…I'll need help getting home…it was hard getting here and I almost fell a few times…" He admitted.

Keef nodded and took Zim's hand. "We'll take you home and we promise not to try anything." He told the Irken.

Dib smiled and put his arms around Zim, petting his back.

Zim leaned into him, hiding his head in Dib's neck and crying a little, glad he wouldn't be tortured any further. "T-Thank you…" He whimpered as he clung to Dib.

Dib smiled and held Zim close, combing his fingers through the little alien's wig.

Zim shivered and continued to cry as he clung to the human. He couldn't understand why he was clinging to him after all that the humans had put him through but it felt nice to have someone comfort him.

Dib rested his head on the alien's shoulders.

Zim let go of him, starting to feel tired; he hadn't had much sleep since the other day. Everything that had happened pulled all the energy out of him. "I-I'm so tired…I haven't slept in a while…" He said sadly.

Keef moved to sit on the other side of Zim and sighed. "Well…try and get some sleep after school alright…" He told the Irken and rubbed his back, earning a small nod from the Irken.

Dib smiled weakly and draped an arm around Zim.

"I need to go down to the lab first and get a scan from computer…my spooch is acting up…" Zim said.

Dib frowned and rubbed Zim's stomach.

Zim relaxed a little, Dib's hand rubbing his belly felt really good and settled his spooch a bit.

Dib allowed Zim to rest his head on his shoulder as he continued to rub his belly.

Zim gave a small purr, starting to feel a little better; he blushed and tried to hold back the purr as Keef rubbed his belly as well.

Dib snickered a bit, hearing the purr, it was actually really cute.

Zim blushed more and hid his face in Dib's chest. "D-don't laugh…" He whined.

Dib smiled and held the small Irken close, "Okay, I won't." he said.

Zim sighed and closed his eyes. "I'm so tired…"

Dib rubbed the Irken's shoulder, "want to go home?" he asked.

Keef nodded. "I think it would be a good idea if we took him home, if he falls asleep in class he could get in trouble." He told Dib and stood up. Zim nodded and stood up, leaning against Keef tiredly.

Dib put his arm around Zim's shoulders, guiding him out of the cafeteria.

Zim limped along with them out the door and whimpered a little. Keef stopped them and put Zim on his back so the Irken wouldn't have to walk the rest of the way to the base. Zim gripped onto him and closed his eyes, starting to fall asleep as they walked.

Dib followed, looking at the small invader and smiling, he looked pretty cute.

Zim continued to sleep as they slowly reached the base. Keef entered the yard and stopped at the door. "I think Gir should be home now…unless he's out for tacos…" He looked at Dib. "See if it's unlocked."

Dib walked up to the door and turned the knob, opening it and holding it for Keef.

"Thanks." Keef walked in and woke Zim up. "Hm…" Zim opened his eyes tiredly and looked at Keef. "We're home now." He told the Irken. Zim nodded and let go of Keef, limping over to the elevator. Keef followed after him.

Dib followed the invader as well.

Zim pushed the button to go down and the door closed, he leaned against the wall and removed his wig and contacts with a tired sigh and put them in his pocket. He walked out of the elevator once they reached the lab and went over to the computer. "Computer, I need a body scan…"

Dib walked with the Irken, holding onto his shoulder.

Computer came to life and brought out a few scanners that went around Zim's body, scanning all this vitals and telling him everything that going on within his body. Words showed up on the screen in Irken and Zim glanced at the information. His eyes widened as his eyes landed on one word. "Irk…this can't be happening…"

Keef looked at the screen as a foreign language appeared on screen then looked at Zim. "What's wrong?" He asked, wondering what was wrong.

Dib looked at the irken,curiously,"Zim, what is it?" he asked.

Zim turned to them as the screens disappeared. "I'm…pregnant…" He said, antenna wilted as he looked down.