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Bruce's POV

I closed yet another file folder and checked the clock. Dick should be getting home soon, and Scarecrow was still on the loose. I have to admit, after we got separated last time, I felt like it might not be the best idea so bring Robin along on the mission this time. However, I knew that if I told him that, he would just get really mad at me then sneak out on his own and attempt to take down scarecrow by himself. I have no clue what it is about Dick that makes him believe that if I don't want him to come on a mission then he's done something wrong and has to redeem himself.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the clock hit 4 o'clock, and my shift ended. I gathered my supplies, said goodbye to the receptionist, and then took the elevator back down to the 1st level. Soon, I was back in my Ferrari and speeding my way home.

To avoid traffic, I decided to drive along the path that Dick normally took on his way home from school. That way, if I caught up to him, I could give him a ride home. Being the detective I am, I noticed something different. There were some new tire marks on the street. I slowed down slightly so I could rubberneck but stopped short suddenly.

There was a backpack lying on the ground. Right next to a smashed cell phone. I pulled over and rushed out of the car. I flipped the backpack over and stopped when I realized that it was exactly the same as Richard's. The cell phone had the Batman and Robin case as my son. On the edge of panic, I checked the backpack for the secret pocket Dick and I had installed and abruptly stood up when I found his robin costume stashed inside.

I swept up the backpack and cell phone and stormed back to my car. I don't blame Dick for getting kidnapped; he wasn't in costume and therefore knew his limits. No, I feel sorry for whoever kidnapped him because I'm about to break every single bone in their body. Back in the car, I reached for my phone to contact Gordon about his disappearance. I started dialing but was interrupted by another incoming call. Caller ID unknown, the phone read. I switched the button on my customized phone to track the number, but I soon realized that knowing where the kidnappers were holding Robin wouldn't help at all.

"Hello Mr. Wayne," the caller said slyly, "I assume that you've noticed that a certain boy has not arrived home yet?"

"Who is this? Where's my son? What do you want?" I demanded, pretending not to know who was making the ransom.

"I'm afraid you already know that. I don't want anything from you; I think the question is, 'What do you not want from me?' Now, if you want to save Robin, I suggest that you stay away from us or the entire world of criminals and cops will be after the heads of Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson," Before I had time to respond, Scarecrow cut the line off, leaving me in the dark. I slammed the cell phone shut and stepped on it to Wayne Manor. He knew. He knew and he had Robin. This complicates things. I can't just sweep in and save him. It'll take a lot more than that. For now, I'm going to have to settle with finding a plan for escaping this quagmire.

Robin's POV

I opened my eyes and frowned at the sight. I was still sitting in the same dark corner of the same dark warehouse. I uncomfortably wriggled my hands which were becoming sore from being behind my back for so long. There was a small pick and bird-a-rang hidden in my shoe, and I could undoubtedly reach it if I wanted to, but I knew it would not end well if I freed myself.

While it would be expected for Robin to have tools hidden in his shoes, it would be abnormal for Dick Grayson. If I could, I would just leave now, but the best option would be to just continue to keep up the clueless act. Confirming Scarecrow's accusations of my identity would mean there was no turning back. All I can do for now is buy time for Batman and I by trying to convince him that Dick Grayson and Robin are not the same people.

I can admit though, a change of scenery would be nice. Almost as if on cue, I picked up the sound of footsteps heading towards me. Scarecrow approached with a few henchmen.

"Great, are you ready to let me go now?" I sneered at him, "Or are you still trying to get your ransom money?"

"No ransom money," Scarecrow repeated. "As long as you're with us, we're ensured safety." I frowned and looked at the ground. It had been worth a shot. I plastered on a face of fake nervousness, trying to show as much emotion as possible. Every Gotham villain knows that Bats can't show their emotions, so that would just give me a helping push in getting out of here. The boss in front of me raised his hand slightly and made a signal to the thug next to him. The man walked around behind me and cut the bindings around my wrists. Another guy pulled out a gun, compelling me to stay still.

I kept my eyes on the tip of the gun and determined that it was aimed at my chest. "What's this for?" I demanded.

"Now that Daddy Bats is taken care of, we're moving to another spot," Scarecrow said.

With our Bat-paranoia, Batman and I had made a few plans for the possibility of our identities being revealed, but none of them involved me being held hostage. I wonder where Bruce was at this moment in time, and what he was doing. Was he looking for me? Was he working on a plan? Scarecrow said that

'Daddy Bats is taken care of,' Was Batman ok?

"Move out," Scarecrow ordered, snapping me out of my thoughts. As he walked past me, I smiled and immaturely stuck out my foot. To my obvious delight, Scarecrow fell and hit the ground hard.

"Not feeling the aster there?" I asked teasingly, giving a small cackle. Scarecrow was helped up by one of his henchmen and brushed himself off.

"That was a mistake, Boy Blunder."

I forced my laughter away and made my face turn serious again, "I told you, I'm not Robin, so quit acting like I am!" I yelled. Scarecrow turned around to face me and glared. He started to make a move to slap, but I saw it coming and ducked out of the way. The villain then tried again, but this time I used his momentum to kick him behind the knees.

He fell to the ground and while making sure to keep how well I was fighting at a low level, I knocked the gun out of the other criminal's hand and went to punch him. I was about to throw another punch when someone grabbed me in a choke-hold and clamped a damp cloth over my mouth.

It only took one breath to recognize it as chloroform, an organic compound that criminals often used to kill or incapacitate victims. Aware of how deadly it could be, I grabbed the man's hands and managed to get them off of my face. Too late. I started to feel dizzy and dropped to the ground, trying to stay conscious. A blurred foot came flying at my face, and everything turned black.

I slowly started to creep into consciousness, but soon wanted to go back to sleep. My head throbbed from the chloroform, and I felt sick to my stomach. My hands touched a rough surface, which I identified as concrete. I shifted them and found that they were once again bound together, but I think they had used metal handcuffs instead.

I stilled when I heard footsteps coming. "Hey Jason, your shift's up. My turn." A voice said.

"Good, I was starting to get really bored. Although I'm starting to wonder if the kid's still alive; He hasn't moved in two days. Are you sure using chloroform on a 14-year-old was a good idea, Harris?" Jason asked.

"I'm sure he's fine. The spoiled brat was trying to escape, and I used the chloroform by instinct. I'm pretty sure that I didn't use a lethal amount though." Harris answered. I heard him move towards me, and two fingers lightly touched my neck. "Well, he's got a pulse. Why are you so concerned about this kid anyway?"

"I'm not! He's just not really much use to us if he's dead, right?" Jason said quickly. There was a long silence before he finally spoke again. "I'm going to go home for the night. I'll see you in the morning" Harris didn't reply, and I heard the sound of a door opening and closing.

After a brief pause, I heard some shifting and the radio turned on. After some tuning, it landed on a news channel.

"This is Vicky Vale reporting live on 92.9 FM radio. In the past few days there have been quite a few changes over in Gotham City from the Dark Knight, to Gotham's White Knight. Stay tuned to find out." After a short ad, the news came back on the radio.

"Police have been overwhelmed this week with crime rate rapidly increasing after the mysterious disappearance of Batman and Robin. Not to mention that Killer

Croc, Scarecrow, and Black Mask have all escaped from Arkham Asylum over the past month. The GCPD has had no luck so far in reining in these lunatics, and while there have been several sightings of Killer Croc and Black Mask, Scarecrow is nowhere to be seen. Some police officers are starting to become apprehensive about this villain's new approach to crime. Meanwhile, on the brighter side of the city, Richard Grayson, ward to billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, was reported missing late on Tuesday night. Soon, he was also confirmed to have been kidnapped. In a press conference this morning, Commissioner Gordon gave a statement regarding his absence, 'The GCPD has assigned our best team of detectives to investigate his disappearance, but we have not found any leads to his location yet.' The city is still not alone though; several different members of the justice league and their sidekicks have been spotted patrolling the city, trying to prevent the crime rate from rising any higher. Still, Citizens are advised to stay inside their homes and lock their doors until the city is once again at peace. But many people are wondering, was and will Gotham City ever be safe? And can these villains be brought to justice before more people are killed?"

Bruce's POV

I glowered at Clark as he floated over to me. "Bruce, I brought you some food." He set down a plate of food and coffee on the table next to me. I merely glanced at him before going back to the monitor screen in front of me. "You've been on monitor duty for two days. You should take a break."


"Look, I know you're worried about Robin, we all are, but overworking yourself isn't going to save him. We need to be patient and follow the plan." I sighed and stood up. Without even answering, I stormed towards my room on the watchtower, slammed the door behind me, and locked it.

I stared at the clock and sat down on my bed. I might as well get some sleep. Part of the plan was that I couldn't be seen as Batman in Gotham, and I didn't have to report to the office for another 3 hours. I'll find you Robin, I promise.

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