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Summary: After the Phoenix soldiers flee the colony after the destruction of the Hope Plaza in the finale, Boylan searches their quarters and finds one of the soldiers captured with Lt Washington when the colony fell, battered, bruised and bleeding in Weaver's quarters.

A/N: Had this idea after finally watching the Terra Nova season and then reading most of the stories on this fandom. I wondered what happened to the other soldiers who stayed behind to protect the colony, Wash they allowed to walk around free but the other soldiers who survived what happened to them, not all of them would have been killed surely.

This is the story of the youngest of those soldiers under Wash's command and the secrets that he holds and the reactions of those around him when those secrets are revealed.

Boylan walked around the colony, it was after curfew but Boylan didn't care, the soldiers of the Phoenix group were gone. Not long after the portal had been destroyed by Shannon blowing up Hope Plaza, those Phoenix soldiers stranded on this side of the timeline had pulled up stakes, leaving the colony and headed for the Bad lands.

Taylor would be on his way back to the colony in the morning Boylan knew, he had already sent a transmission to the colony leader earlier that night, informing him that he had an empty bar and that it would be nice to see his soldiers once again gracing his threshold, even Taylor would be welcome, he smiled to himself sadly, winning the colony and Terra Nova back from the Phoenix group had been won at a cost, the loss of some very good people amongst them Taylors 2IC, Lt Washington had been killed after she helped the Shannon family escape the colony a couple of nights ago.

So now before Taylor returned he was searching through the quarters that the Phoenix troops had commandeered to see if what they had left behind could be of use to him. He was presently in the quarters that had been commandeered by Weaver, the arsehole who had worked for the Phoenix group and who was Lucas's contact with them, the guy had been an arrogant sod lording it over the colony as if he owned it.

A noise startled him as he made his way through the house, a noise that sounded very much like a muffled whimper, moving as silently as he could he moved into the second bedroom, it appeared to be empty as he entered the room but as he was to step out of the room he heard the noise again.

It was coming from the other side of the room and as he stepped further into the room, on the other side of the bed on the floor curled into a corner he saw the outline of a body and as he knelt down next to the person he gave a gasp, shocked as he realised that the person curled into a fetal position was one of the soldiers who had been taken alive after the fall of the colony. The soldier must have heard him as he knelt down byside him, frightened green eyes snapping open at the sight of him.


Ryan awoke, cold and sore, there was someone in the room standing over him and he prayed that it was not Weaver or any of the Phoenix soldiers that had beaten him when he had refused to answer Weaver's questions especially not the one who had been in charge of the troopers, one Major Hooper, he had hurt him more than the other soldiers had.

He could still feel the man's horrible coarse hands on him, as he had gripped him hard when he had hauled him up from the floor and then thrown him across the room to crash into the opposite wall. When he had crossed the room and then half yanked the young soldier up from where he had been lying stunned on the floor, his fist had stuck him again and again until the blows had stopped abruptly.

Ryan blearily gazed up at the figure that now knelt beside him and when that figure touched his shoulder he jerked away, a pathetic sob escaping him.

"Hey I'm not going to hurt you." He relaxed slightly; he knew the voice of the person who had just tried to touch him.

"B-Boylan?" he croaked, tentatively reaching out to him, Boylan quickly reached down and wrapped his arms around the shoulders of the trembling young soldier and pulled him into his arms.

"Can you walk?" Boylan asked gently, the youngster nodded his head but when he tried to raise himself, his legs failed him and before he could crash back onto the ground Boylan slipped his other arm under his knees, grunting as he lifted him.

"I'm taking you to the hospital kid; need to get your injuries seen to."

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