The following morning when Taylor and his troops along with the Shannon family and others returned to the colony, Boylan was amongst those who welcomed them back. He was still shaken a little by what he had learned from the doctors at the hospital when he had carried Private Marshall to them the night before.

After depositing the youngster on the bed, they had gone to work and discovered that most of his body was covered in bruises where he had been beaten so severely and had internal haemorrhaging which they had repaired but it was the bruises on the kids pelvis that had shocked Boylan the most, hand shaped bruises, as if he had been held down.

He had tried to get Ryan to talk to him, to tell him what had happened but Ryan as soon as he mentioned the strange hand shaped bruises on his pelvis; the kid had clammed up even more and withdrawn within himself. No matter what Boylan had tried the kid would not look at him much less speak to him, he just turned his head away and curled up into himself under the blanket.

Boylan was back to the reality of the day as he shook Taylor and others by the hand and welcomed them back to the colony.


Ryan opened his eyes warily for a moment upon waking he thought he was back in Weaver's quarters being interrogated by Hooper. He felt a bed beneath him and for a moment became panicked, his mind going back to the other night.

"How are doing Private Marshall, any pain?"

The perky voice of the nurse who had been on duty when he had been brought in after Boylan had found him cut through his panicked thoughts, he turned his head and stared at her.

"Hello Private Marshall are you with us?"

She asked again when it appeared as though Ryan was not totally aware of his surroundings. Ryan blinked and replied shakily to her question, stuttering a little.

"Y-Yeah…..yeah I'm fine."

"That's good, well you should be out of here in a few days, the doctor says the haemorrhaging you sustained from your beating has been stopped and though you will be sore for a few days there shouldn't be any problems in you leaving as long as you take it easy for a few days."

Ryan zoned out again as the nurse carried on talking, he did not care about going home or back to his duties, and after Taylor found out about him he would be lucky to not be banished. He knew that the commander would find out that he had been sent here by the Phoenix group when he had come through the portal but he had not done what they had wanted.

He had been recruited by them to spy on Taylor and to prepare for their coming but from the moment he had got here, he had not been able to do what they had wanted, he had fallen in love with Terra Nova the moment he had come through the portal and seen clouds in the sky for the first time in his life, he had decided there and then that he would not help the Phoenix Group destroy this wondrous place but he knew that it would be unlikely that Taylor or anyone else would believe him. Ryan sighed unhappily to himself as he continued his internal musings about what would happen when Taylor and the rest of the guys came back from OTG.

"Hey kid...How you doing?"

Ryan turned his head to the sound of one of his fellow soldiers who had been captured when the Phoenix soldiers had come through the portal. The soldier Corporal Tom Ennis had been with him in the brig when he had been dragged out for his interrogation.


Ryan sat on the floor of the brig after the colony had been overrun, he was not alone there was Corporal Ennis in the cell with him as well as one other soldier who he did not know. While the other two were talking about what might happen to them Ryan had kept silent, preferring instead to concentrate on a spot on the floor, he was scared, he didn't know what was going to happen to them now or more importantly to him.

A commotion was heard in the hallway outside their cell and all three soldiers glanced up as a couple of the Phoenix soldiers entered the cell, they barely glanced at Ennis and the other soldier before approaching Ryan who was sitting on the floor trying to look as small as he could, hoping against hope that they had not come for him.

"Hello Ryan….Long time no see."

The larger of the two soldiers addressed Ryan as he yanked the teenager up, gripping his arm tightly and getting into his face. Ryan started to tremble as he was dragged from the cell, he was scared about what was about to happen to him but it was the look of anger on both Ennis's face and the other soldiers when they heard their captors calling him by his first name.


"C-Corporal Ennis."

Ryan started to shake a little as he began to panic as the soldier approached his bed; he wanted to get away from the corporal, he knew about him, knew about the Phoenix group he just knew he did.

"Boylan told me you were here, that he found you in Weaver's quarters beaten. What did they want from you?"

Ennis could see that Ryan was panicking as he approached the bed the youth was currently laying on, the expression in the kids green eyes was that of a deer caught in headlights and he looked as though he wanted to bolt and would have done had he been able to.

"P-Please!" Ryan was holding his shaking hands up defensively in front of him as he started to hyperventilate, as another flashback to what had been done to him during his interrogation kicked in.

Ennis stopped, he was concerned about Ryan, he was curious about how the Phoenix soldier had known Private Marshall when he had dragged him out of the cell a few days back and he had his suspicions about that but he was also concerned about what had been done to the kid after speaking to Boylan and he had just wanted to make sure the kid was alright but he could see straight away from the kids reaction to him that he was not.

The sound of a startled squeak brought the older soldiers eyes back to the figure on the bed as Ryan, who in his attempt to back up away from him brought him perilously close to the edge of the bed, Ennis leapt forward to keep him from falling off his bed.

Ryan jerked away, a pathetic sob escaping his lips as he struggled to get away from Ennis who gripped his arms trying to get him to calm down and back onto to the bed. Unable to break Ennis's tight hold on him, he tried to pull back from him, withering in his arms as he became hysterical and started to scream.


Taylor gazed from the balcony at the command centre around the colony at the destruction that had been wrought by the soldiers of the Phoenix Group during their occupation of Terra Nova. The thought of the amount of work that would be needed to repair all the damage that had been done was going to take a long time to repair and use valuable resources that he knew they would not be able to get from hope plaza now it and the portal had been destroyed.

He rubbed a hand over his eyes as he thought of also not just the physical damage to the colony but also the damage to the colonists and especially of those they had lost. His thoughts turned once more as they had done over the last couple of days to his 2IC Lt Alicia 'Wash' Washington who had been amongst those who had been killed. He turned to go back into the command centre and stared at the damage that had been done to it.

"Commander Taylor?"

He turned to the sound of Guzman's concerned voice as he entered the command centre and saw the expression on Taylor's face, he had been aware of the relationship between Taylor and Wash; a person would have had to have been blind to not have seen it. Not that they had been anything but professional in their reactions towards each other but despite the fact that they had hid it well, it had still been obvious to him and he would have been more than a little surprised if others had not been aware of it.

"I'm fine Guz."

He replied wearily, he had to fine he thought to himself, 'I can't be anything else'.

He glanced over at Guz who with a grim look on his face did not look convinced.

"Really Guz, I am fine."

He walked over to the table in the centre of the room, picking up a chair on the way.

"What's the damage to the colony and how are those of our men who were taken prisoner by the occupying forces?"

Guzman took a breath before he started to give details of all the damage to the colony. He had been to see the surviving soldiers who had been released from the brig following the withdrawal of the Phoenix troops.

He had seen all of them except for one, Private Ryan Marshall, one of the communications specialists; he had been informed that the teenager was in the hospital after he had been found by Boylan while he had been scavenging through what had been left behind.

When he had gone to the hospital to see him, he had walked in on the medical staff sedating a hysterical screaming Marshall who was being held down by not only them but one of the other soldiers who had been incarcerated in the brig, one Corporal Ennis.

He had waited until the sedative had taken effect and Marshall had slipped into a drug induced slumber before approaching Ennis and demanding to know what had happened.

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