A number of days had passed since the return of Commander Taylor and his troops following the defeat of the Phoenix soldiers and their subsequent abandonment of colony and Private Marshall was still in the hospital recovering from his injuries. He had expected to have been arrested and thrown into the brig as soon as someone in command had realised that he was there but as of yet no one had come for him.

"You still here kid?"

Turning his head towards the voice that was speaking to him he saw Boylan standing next to his bed gazing down at him.

"Yeah, the doctors said I could leave today."

Boylan studied the teenager as he lay on the bed, he was still concerned for the lad, and he was probably the only person in the colony who knew who Ryan really was. He had spoken to the Sixers leader who had told him something of the boy's background especially who his parent's were and as he looked at him now, he realised that he should have spotted it before.

The boy looked so much like his mother; he had her same jet black hair and a similar bone structure of the face but he had his father's eyes and Boylan could not believe that he had never spotted it or come to that no one else in the colony had.

Realizing that he was staring, he glanced away as he thought back a few days to when he had found the body of Ryan's mother and he realised with regret that Ryan, who she had given up at birth, would never get to know her in the way he had or that she would never know that he was here in Terra Nova.

"So where are you going to go, back to your place. Will you be okay there on your own?"

"I won't be on my own there, I share my quarters with two other soldiers."


Commander Taylor was gradually picking his way through the mess that the Phoenix group had left the colony in when their troops had fled after they lost to Taylor and his men. There was so much damage done to the colony not just in the loss of material things but colonists as well.

The total dead of those who had been in the colony during the occupation was almost two hundred people including his SIC Lieutenant Alicia Washington, Taylor sighed as he thought about the young woman who had been at his side for so many years, first as a private and then as one of his officers, she had been the best of her generation and on top of that one of the closest friends he had ever had.

Leaning down to grasp another mound of papers he eyes light upon the top sheet, reading quickly he realised that it was a memo about one of the soldiers under his command, Private Ryan Marshall.


Ryan had barely got back to his quarters when there was a knock at his door, moving from where he had been sat at the counter in the kitchen area he opened the door to find Lieutenant Guzman.

"Private Ryan."


A little behind the Guzman he could see two other soldiers, that he recognised but did not know well, they looked to be on alert as though they thought he would do something and he noted that they were armed, gulping he glanced nervously back to Guzman.

"The Commander wants to see you…NOW"

Nodding but unable to look him in the eyes, Ryan moved out of his quarters following Guzman, the two soldiers stepping into place behind him as he was escorted to the brig to wait for Commander Taylor.


Ryan sat at the table in the interrogation room, alone, as he waited for Commander Taylor to make an appearance, he had been waiting for almost two hours but so far there was no sign of the big man himself and the wait was starting to get to him.

He knew the Commander was a busy man and the longer he waited the more scared he was becoming, he started to chew the nail of his thumb on his left hand as the tension started to get to him unaware that he was being watched beyond the closed door to the room.

Beyond the door Taylor watched as the young man who according to the paperwork he had found had betrayed them panic, he considered what he had learned. He thought that he was a good judge of character and he had noticed Private Ryan in the two years that he had been in the Colony, he had always seemed conscientious in his work and that he had cared for the colony and what it stood for but the evidence in the paperwork was damming where this young man was concerned.

Taking a sigh, he waited while the door slid open and entered the room.


In Boylan's bar, the man in question was sinking his third drink of the day, the bar itself was quiet, most of the colony were still working to repair as much of the damage as they could before they wandered in to drink away their sorrows of the day.

He thought back to the young man who he had become strangely attached to in the last few days, he was not one for sentimentality, it was to him a waste of time but having learned who the boy was, he could not help it. He smirked to himself as he thought about Ryan's mom and how much she would have laughed if she had known about his growing attachment to her son.

Taking another sip of his drink he also thought about Ryan's father and this time with a small degree of glee in his face as he thought about what the reaction would be from the great man himself when he found out he had another son.

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