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Not his back

Dan was hiding behind a tree Mary right next to him only that she wasn't hiding. His eyes were narrowed at the back of a pink haired boy as a glare started to form. But as soon as he got a glance at the blond next to the pink haired his eyes softened again.

"They are totally together…" Mary stated bored as she watched Natsu and Lucy interact. Natsu was currently whining again that Lucy should sit next to him on the school trip… it was obvious even from afar cause that was the topic which always got the attention of other students and which always caused the two to get amused looks from others.

"They are not!" Dan argued back as he continued to glare at Natsu. "I know they aren't dating! If they would they wouldn't still argue about that school trip."

"Look at them!" Mary said annoyed as she pointed at the pair. "How they act, how they look at each other, how they are always together! They are dating or at last in love with each other!"

Dan grabbed Mary by her collar and came face to face with her anger and determination written all over his face as he yelled. "THEY ARE NOT! LU-CHAMA BELONGS TO ME AND I WON'T LET PINKY TAKE HER FROM ME!"

Of course this got the attention from the students around them and so Dan stormed into the school with a red face Mary following him while shaking her head. Both didn't notice that a third person had listened to them and that her yellow eyes were sparkling with an evil glimmer as a new plan formed in her head. The student counselor smirked and walked away, her heels clacking with every step she took.

Lucy sighed as she slipped of her shoes and got her shoes for school to slip them on as she looked again at the grinning Natsu next to her. She only looked away to sigh again which caused Natsu's grin to fall and turn into a frown.

"What's wrong Luce?" He asked concerned and was about to reach with his right hand for her shoulder but then he got tackled to the said, his head crushed against the shoe-lockers and everything started spinning around him.

"Lu-chama! How are you today?!" an overly excited Dan yelled after he had pushed Natsu to the side. Lucy stared at him for a while before she noticed how wobbly Natsu looked on his legs and was about to get to him as Dan got between them again.

"Lu-chama can I ask you something?" Dan's face was now decorated with a blush and Lucy was unsure if she should hear him out or take care of Natsu. But she then saw how Natsu shook his head and seemed to be fine again. He started to glare at Dan a grow coming out of his throat.

"Uhm… sure…" Lucy answered as her eyes wandered to and fro between Dan and Natsu. She was unsure of what to think and so she turned her attention from to Dan which caused Natsu to get only more upset.

"Lu-chama! I lo-" Dan was cut off as Natsu shoved him to the side and grabbed Lucy by her wrist. He dragged her away from Dan in the direction of the classroom. Lucy wasn't able to see his face but she had seen it for a short moment and was sure that he was pissed or annoyed.

To say Natsu was annoyed was kind of right… but he was more then only annoyed. Natsu was angry not with Lucy though. He was angry with himself and with that red haired guy. He didn't like the way that guy had looked at her and he also didn't like that Lucy was nice to him. He felt how the magic power he and blocked for so long started to rise due to his anger and so he acted fast in dragging Lucy away from that guy and Natsu knew that he had to figure out a plan now on how to keep that guy away from his Lucy. Yeah right, Natsu was already saying in his head that Lucy belonged to him. He may never admit it to Happy or anyone else but he loved the girl.

Dan stared after them and snapped with his fingers. He glared after Natsu and was sure that he needed a new plan to get rid of him. Dan was not someone to give up, he would get the girl even if he had to use mean tricks.

It wasn't much later that Natsu was about to attack Dan in the hall ways as he saw him approaching them. But as soon as Dan caught sight of Natsu he made a bee line for the next classroom and disappeared in there without even getting noticed by Lucy. The next time Dan appeared was again in a break between two lessons. Lucy was waiting outside the class room for Natsu to come since he was getting scowled from the teacher for falling asleep during the last minutes of the lesson.

Dan saw her without Natsu and walked straight over to her smiling brightly like a Christmas tree. He was sure that he would be able to use that chance to finally talk with Lucy but just as he was about to say something. Natsu opened the door from the class room and smacked the door right into Dan's face. An evil chuckle was shortly heard from Natsu before he then turned his attention to Lucy and dragged her to the next class. Lucy only could look over her shoulder and hope that Dan was ok but that caused Natsu to growl a bit but not in a way Lucy would notice.

Finally then came the lunch time. Lucy and Natsu sat in the cafeteria eating. Natsu was having a bowl with spicy ramen while Lucy had a salad. She giggled and laughed at Natsus eating habit while she dodged noodles that came flying her way.

"LU-CHAMA!" Dan shouted as he spotted Lucy and instantly Natsu froze. He stopped in his tracks slowly turning around. But it was too late just as he saw Dan in the corner of his eye his face got slammed in to his bowl of spicy Ramen. He started to choke and waved with his hands wildly around while Dan leaned on with his elbow on Natsus head, pushing him into the bowl.

Lucy sweat dropped as she watched Dan and Natsu. Natsu was still waving with his hands around, face in his bowl as he tried to hit Dan or at last get stop choking him in his own bowl of ramen. Dan on the other hand smiled innocently as if he didn't even noticed that he was about drown Natsu in a bowl of ramen. Lucy carefully stretched out her and to touch Natsu and help him as said boy finally found the strange to throw Dan off of him.

"What the hell?! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!" Natsu asked as he was already standing in fighting position and facing Dan. Dan also jumped back and fisted his hands ready to strike at Natsu.

"Get outa my way pinky!" Dan yelled and everyone in the cafeteria started to watch the two waiting for their fight to break out while Lucy was only sighing in defeat.

"Natsu don't come late to class…" Lucy only said as she grabbed her bag and left the cafeteria. Natsu stared at her and then jumped up grabbing his own stuff.

"For now you're safe! But next time I gonna kick your ass!" with these words Natsu turned around and sprinted after Lucy the next second. He was still angry that Dan caused him to nearly drown in his bowl and he still wanted to smack his face.

Dan snapped with his fingers as he glared after Natsu. "Damn it, again…"

Mary just shook her head in disbelieve at what Dan was doing. She knew it never went all too well when Dan had fallen for a girl and tried to get to her or at last get her liking him. She knew that sooner or later he would mess up big time and get himself in deep trouble and this time she would look that she would stay out of it.

Natsu run after Lucy and managed to catch up to her. He slowly walked next to Lucy eyeing her from the side. He knew that Lucy didn't like Dan but still there was this feeling of jealousy in him whenever he saw Dan near her. Natsu couldn't image what would happen when she would like him after all and so he was now more serious than ever to make sure Dan wouldn't get all to near her ever again.

But still after the last class they got separated again. Natsu was ordered to bring out the trash can and Lucy had to stay since she was ordered to clean the classroom. Of course he was worried that Dan would come and so his thoughts circled around till suddenly a flower pot smashed to the ground right next to him. Natsu stared at it before he suddenly jumped to the side and rolled over the ground a bit, dodging seven following flower pots that came falling from the sky.

"What the hell?!" he yelled as he looked up at the building to find no one in sight. Dan had stepped back from the window inside again and cursed the ninth flower pot still in his hands. "Damn it so close…"

Natsu was still looking around stunned to why suddenly flower pots came falling from the sky. His eyes travelled up and down the building trying to spot someone as he suddenly got grabbed by his arms from behind.

"I see you are alone. We still have some business to finish." The voice of a woman sounded and as Natsus head snapped to the right. His onyx eyes met the yellow eyes of the student counselor and he heard Mr. Cobra chuckle. Natsu's eyes were wide as he stared in shock at her and was dragged along by Mr. Cobra.

Mrs. Serpents and Mr. Cobra had dragged Natsu to the roof top of the school. Natsu struggled to get out of the grip Mr. Cobra had on him and all his fighting didn't had a use at all. Mrs. Serpents smirked as she slowly walked up to Natsu, flashing her glassed as the yellow eyes glimmered evilly. Her hand reached out for Natsus shirt as Natsu started to fight back even more.

"Time for the checkup…" Mrs. Serpents said darkly, a weird look in her eyes.

"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP!" Natsu yelled as he tried to kick her away, sending his shoe flying over the railing.

"Hold still!" Mr. Cobra hissed as he struggled to keep his iron grip.

Meanwhile Lucy was following Dan to the backyard of the school. "You wanted to talk in private?"

Lucy looked at Dan who turned around with a red face. He was fumbling around with his hands and Lucy looked at him curious and unsure at the same time. Suddenly something came falling down hitting Dan's head and landing in front of her feed. While Dan was rubbing his sore head, Lucy picked up the thing from the ground and looked at it closer.

"That is…" She started to mumble and looked then up. "Wait… Why would Natsu's shoe come from up there…?"

Behind a tree a certain red head noticed her blond friend with Dan and she turned to them, slowly getting nearer hidden in the shadows of the trees. Erza crossed her arms and leaned against a tree as she was near enough to hear what they were talking about.

"Lu-chama… uhm you know… since yesterday I am in love with you!" Dan started to talk but Lucy didn't really pay attention she was still thinking why Natsu's shoe came flying form the sky. "Since you looked at my back in the infirmary! I felt that you have something for me. I felt the spark going over from you to me and me to you! You and me we are just meant for each other!"

Lucy snapped out of her trance and stared at Dan. "Wait…. what did you mean with…?"

"Lu-chama! I love you and I know you love me too!" Dan continued as his eyes turned into hearts and he danced around happily that he said what he wanted to say. "I love you since we met in the infirmary please go out with me!"

"This is certainly getting interesting… wait what did he say again?" Erza who was listing calmly till now, she was near to step out of the shadow and shake that boy. She didn't approve that a boy like that had fallen for her beloved friend Lucy and more. Erza's hand went to her hip and a sword appeared out of no were in her hand. She was definitive ready to give that boy a good beating, till the Lucy's voice disturbed her thoughts of how to beat up that guy.

"Huh? What? Wait your back?" Lucy pinched the bridge of her nose before she hold up her hands in a calming gesture. "Slow down for a bit… did you just say that I looked at your back?!"

Dan nodded happily, his mind giving him the happy illusion of Lucy jumping in his arms, hugging him before reality just had to smack him in the face as Lucy started yelling all of the sudden.

"Oh my god no! THAT MEANS I SAW YOUR BACK! THEN THEN THEN…." Lucy stopped yelling as she dropped the in her hands and gripped her hair. …Natsu is still not of the hook and Gray and Erza will still try to look at his back and this student counselor too and… and… oh god no!

Lucy looked up at the building to where the roof was. His shoe came flying from there does that mean…

Lucy's imaginations started to run while different scenarios started to act wildly in her head as her face grow paler with every new thought. Dan who was now looking at her curiously got worried and carefully stepped nearer.

"Uh.. Lu-chama…?" but instead of an answer he was pushed to the side as Lucy mad a mad dash for the next stairs and rushed to the roof of the building. Dan was left behind sitting on the ground trying to get in his head what just happened but he was roughly dragged out of his thoughts as he felt a firm grip on his shoulder. He slowly turned his head to look at who was gripping him but all he saw was a shadowed person with red glowing eyes.

Natsu was still struggling to get free from Mr. Cobra, he even tried to kick him between the legs where it really hurt to get free but still he didn't got out of the iron grip. Mrs. Serpent laughed in victory as she walked nearer to the two ready to remove the T-Shirt, Natsu's last piece of clothing that hide his back.

Just then an icicle flew pass Mrs. Serpents face, missing her only by an inch before it would have left a scratch in her face. All eyes wandered to where the icicle came only to be greeted by more flying icicle and a loud and grumpy shout.

"SHUT UP! Can't I even get some sleep out here?!" A pitch black haired boy stood on the roof of the door which lead down into the building again and hold some icicles in his hands he was glaring down at the three standing there. His face showed a mix of tiredness and annoyance as he was about to throw more sharp icicles.

"Who are you?!" Mrs. Serpents cried out shocked as she flashed her glasses to get a better look at the boy but she was rudely interrupted by him.

"I am a very pissed of guy who will now pay you back for disturbing my sleep!" The boy shouted as eh started to throw icicle after icicle. Soon the boy stopped caring at who he throw the icicles and now not only Mrs. Serpents also Mr. Cobra and Natsu became the targets of his throwing.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!", was all that the student counselor was shouting while trying to dodge the icicle while Mr. Cobra dodged them in snake with snake like movements letting go of Natsu who also was busy trying not to get stabbed by one of the icicles.

"YOU FREAKING STOP THROWING THIS THINGS OR I WILL GET YOU THROWN FROM THIS SCHOOL BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN BLINK WITH YOUR EYES!" Mrs. Serpents screamed while trying to avoid another icicle and then glared at the boy.

The boy's right eye twitched for a moment and he then continued throwing even more icicles at the women in front of him without mercy forgetting that about the other two targets. Ms. Serpents broke out into a run and but the boy chased after her throwing more and more sharp icicles.

Natsu muffled his laugh as he watched the two but was faced pulled back to reality as Mr. Cobra grabbed him from behind again. "Oh come on! Can't you let me go already?!"

Mr. Cobra only shock his head and was about to answer as the door flew open and a girl with blond hair waving in the wind stood there trying to catch her breath. Both Natsu and Mr. Cobra looked at the girl while till Natsu recognized her.

"LUCE!" He shouted happily, grinning like an idiot.

Lucy stood there for a moment perplex on what was going on the first thing she saw was Gray running after the student counselor throwing icicles and looking like someone, who wasn't Erza, had made the mistake of waking him up from his sleep. She then heard Natsu calling her name and turned her head in his directing and narrowed her eyes.

Finally gray also stopped in his tracks sensing a dark aura he perfectly knew. He looked over and saw Lucy while she was staring at Mr. Cobra who got a hold of Natsu. Gray gulped and muttered "That guy is death…"

"Seems like people need to get taught more than once to learn a lesson…" Lucy growled low as she suddenly pulled out her dragon like whip from behind her making it look like she had hide it on her back or so. She gripped the handle firmly in her right hand and let her left hand trail down the whip a bit, while a dangerous look decorated her face.

Mrs. Serpents used that moment to escape and run away disappearing in a purple cloud as no one was paying attention to her. Mr. Cobra on the other side let go of Natsu, who landed on the ground on his butt with a small thud, and stepped back till his back met the railing.

With a fast move Lucy swung the end of the whip around Mr. Cobras torso and run at him, slidding to an halt near the railing and pulled with all her strength on the whip, holding the handle now in both her hands. Mr. Cobra was pulled into the air and flew over the railing the whip lost the grip on him and so he was sent flying from the roof top.

"DON'T GET NEAR NATSU EVER AGAIN OR…" Lucy took a deep breath before she continued. "DEATH MEAT! YOU'RE DEATH MEAT!"

Happy was walking happily the path to the school Lucy and Natsu were attending munching on a new sort of fish crackers he brought an hour ago. He hummed a happy melody as he got disturbed by a loud thud of something landing next to him on the ground. Happy carefully went over to the something to take a look at it.

As he recognized what landed next to him he jumped away. "You again?!"

The something was Mr. Cobra who landed not the best way on the ground and was groaning in pain. Happy sighed and looked at the school building. "What have I missed now?"

The blue haired boy continued to munch on his cracker as he kept on thinking what he could have possible missed out while he was out buying these very delicious fish crackers. "I wonder if Natsu and Lucy are planning on going to eat ramen…?"

Happy's smile turned into a sly grin while he was still munching on the fish cracker. He then pulled out a flyer of his pocked and looked at his for a while as a great idea popped up in his head. "Natsu… you liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik e her!" He snickered to no one in particular as he imaged a blushing Natsu and a blushing Lucy with a firework in the background but then he shook his head.

"You're the biggest idiot I know…" Happy once again looked up at the building as finished up the fish cracker. "If that will work you so gonna have to buy me lots of fish or these delicious fish crackers… I would have come sooner to the human world if I had known they had so delicious things… tomorrow I gonna try the others and then I will buy the mixed ones and then…."

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