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Chapter 1

Ni Hao. My name is Yao Wang, 20 years old. I live in a small village next to Moscow, but I'm not Russian, I am from China. We are not a very rich family , actually quite poor, so I was hunting in the cold woods, hoping I'd find some meat for my family, but I did not find anything. I went back to my house, sighing as I knew that I'd have to tell my siblings the disappointing news. As I reached my home, I saw Yong Soo (My little brother of 11) chopping some wood. It was strange, because usually Kiku does that work. '' Brother! You're home!'' Yong soo almost shouted, his usual cheery tone gone from his voice. '' What's wrong, Yong? '' I ask, while walking towards Yong soo. '' I—It's Kiku! '' he cried out, his tears almost jumping out of his eyes, '' H—He is sick! Terribly sick! ''. I immediately run inside, just to see Kiku on our flat mattress, coughing. '' Kiku! '' I yell, shaking him slightly. I could hear his calm voice while he said: '' Yao… I'm sorry.. ''. He apologized for being sick, because he knew that I had to go and get the medicine. Medicine is very expensive in small villages like this, because it's hard to get the right kind of plants for each medicine when it's winter.
I had to get medicine, so I ran outside. It looked like Kiku has got the flu. I did not even wear my boots, I just ran outside with the cold snow embracing my feet. I was running through the silent streets, the snow becoming deeper by every step I took. '' S—Someone help me!'' I cried out, hoping for someone to offer me some help. Some people were looking at me, but they were too busy to help their own families. When I walked further, I could see the small medicine shop, and I walked towards the old man; '' Mister, do you have some medicine against the flu?'' I asked politely. '' Do you have money? '' he asked coldly, as if he knew that I did not even own a penny. I shook my head slowly, my feet feeling as if they were dying off. '' S—Sir I beg of you. . I will pay back! So please! '' I cried out, my Chinese accent slipping through the Russian words. The man shook his head ; '' Go away! I don't need beggars! '' he yelled, while shooing me off. So I do not have medicine , nor do I own money to buy some. What could I do? What could I sell? While I was trying to think of a way to get money, I got pushed away by some soldiers who were heading my way. '' Out of the way! Make place for the Tsar!'' one of the soldiers yells.

A lot of people were lining up, all interested to see the Tsar. Even the Nobles were standing there too. It looked like the Tsar was in the golden carriage, with four black Arabic horses at the front. When the carriage was approaching, I could even see the diamonds which were placed neatly on the carriage. If I were able to take one of them, me and my family would be able to eat for weeks, no scrap that, for months! While I was thinking of a plan to steal one of the diamonds, the carriage had already passed through the narrow street. I sighed, and headed my way home again, my sleek black hair hanging over my face, accentuating my sad expression. I was tired and cold, hungry and weak. I had to get that medicine, even if I had to steal!

When I was home, I could see my siblings sitting around Kiku, asking if he needed some water, or anything else. '' Kiku… I will get the medicine soon, I assure you! '' I said, whilst sitting next to the fireplace. My feet felt like they were burning, but at last, the cold and dead feeling was gone. It was late in the evening, and all my siblings went to sleep without having eaten anything. I, as the eldest sibling should have given them food, yet I did not. I am ashamed of myself, honestly. I was kicked out of my thoughts when I heard a loud banging on the door, and someone yelling. I ran towards the door, before any of my siblings would wake up, opening the door. '' Y—Yes? '' I softly asked when I saw the many soldiers in front of my door. My heart starts to beat loudly. I was scared. I often heard stories at the market of soldiers taking citizens away, and kill them for fun. The soldiers grabbed both of my wrists and were dragging me off to a gloomy looking carriage. '' W—Wait! Where are you taking me!?'' I panicked, if I left, who would take care of my siblings! The soldiers did not answer, they only threw me into the carriage. I wanted to scream, but if I'd wake up my siblings, who knows if they'd take them too?
The horses started to run, towards an unknown destination. It was cold in the carriage, it felt colder than outside. I was tired of crying, and closed my eyes, waiting to be killed by an unknown reason.

I opened my eyes, and could see the bright sun. '' Am I dead ?'' I asked myself , while pinching my wrist. '' Ai..'' I muttered as I felt the pain. I looked up as the doors of the carriage were opened, and some soldiers took me outside, not as roughly as last night though. '' Where am I? '' I asked one of the soldiers. My question was answered as I looked at the surrounding area, a big and great palace, it looked like a snow paradise. Why was I taken here in the first place? '' Yao Wang '' one of the soldiers said, his blue eyes piercing through my mind. '' Yes sir? '' '' Hereby you're property of the Palace, you got no opinion or mind. You exist to serve the Tsar, is that clear? '' . My eyes widened, and I felt uncomfortable. '' W—What is this about? I don't want to become his slave!'' I yelled, causing several servants to look at me. I noticed that this was not the right place to badmouth the Tsar, so I kept my mouth shut. '' I understand, but what if I said that you get paid quite well'' he said with a smirk, as if he knew the situation I was in. I thought about it. This is a one in a million chance, normally they'd never take beggars like me to work for the Tsar, and I still wondered about the fact that they knew my name, and where I lived. '' When can I start? '' I asked. I could buy medicine and food for my family, if I took this job. I did not have a choice, did I? ''Right now'' the soldier answered.

'' Your highness, we've taken her in''.

'' Good work da? ''

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