Tower of Terror

I don't own the amazing world of Gumball or the twilight zone

(Twilight zone theme plays)

Rod Serling: you unlock this door with the key of imagination, beyond it is another dimension.

A dimension of sound (window breaks)

A dimension of sight

A dimension of mind

You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance of things and ideas you've just crossed over into The Twilight Zone

"Hollywood, 1939"

"Amid the glitz and the glitter of a bustling young movie town in the height of its golden age, the Hollywood tower hotel was a star in its own right, a beacon for the show business elite."

"Some people would call the hotel heaven, others would call it paradise. But now something is about to happen that will change all that."

(Scene cuts to the elevator where 5 people are boarding)

"These people are on their way to a party on the top floor of the hotel, but what they don't know is they won't ever make it."

(Scene cuts outside where lightning hits the hotel and 2 towers and the elevator disappear)

The time is now, on an evening very much like the one we have just witnessed.

Tonight's story of the twilight zone is somewhat unique; it calls for a different type of introduction.

On tonight's story we'll visit an ordinary family on vacation in Hollywood, where their dad has made one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

In just a moment we'll meet this family and see if they survive their hotel for they have just made a permanent reservation, in the Twilight Zone.