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Chapter I: Love or Insanity?

by Yoh Narukami

"I'm stretching but you're just out of reach..."


It was a sunny morning in Magnolia Town. Its streets were bustling with its residence who woke up very early to continue on with their daily lives. The sun's rays shining through many of the windows of house. One particular window contained a certain red-haired Titania, sleeping soundly on a white queen-sized bed.

"Erza...wake up." A voice spoke in the quiet room, but it had not woken the sleeping knight.

"C'mon Erza, It's beautiful outside. Don't waste it sleeping all day."

"Five more minutes..." Erza finally spoke, turning her head to the left side of the bed facing the window. This only irritated the owner of the voice attempting to wake her. And so he initiated his last resort.

"If you wake up right now I'll make some strawberry shortcake, how does that sound?"

At the mentioning of her favorite dessert, the mighty Titania rose from the bed. "Good morning my wonderful dragon who I love with all my heart."She sported a smile that could only be seen on Christmas day, making the dragonslayer chuckle, donning a grin of his own.

"After all these years that same sentence always wakes you up? You never change do you, Erza?" Said girl gave him a pout, but it wasn't long till her smile returned. Getting up, she walked over to her beloved and and gave him a loving embrace. A cold feeling swept her body, which was odd considering the man could create a blazing inferno by the snap of a finger, but she didn't care. She enjoyed moments like these, and it was always like this every morning. Wake up Erza, mention strawberry cake, and receive a hug.

"Do you want me to change?"

"No, I love you just the way you are; The strong, beautiful scarlet haired knight that warms my heart better than any other fire in existence."

"And I love you my Strong, handsome pink haired dragon who makes every day the best day of my life."

With that said, they shared a passionate kiss that far surpasses the ones seen in horrible vampire movies. When they broke apart their intimate moment they stared right into each others eyes. It felt like they were silently staring at each other for hours, till Natsu was the first one to break it.

"We sounded so cheesy I could practically taste in my mouth... cheddar... huh, thought it be more of a Gorgonzola type of taste. " They shared a laughed.

"...You're still going to bake me some strawberry shortcake, right?"

"I wouldn't want to disappoint you now would I?" Natsu couldn't help but smirk at how she's still focused her cake. This led to another hug from the fairy queen.

"Lets go outside, like I said before it is a beautiful day." She nodded in agreement, suddenly, she was now pushing the now confused dragonslayer out the bedroom door.

"H-hey! What are you doing!?"

"I'm going to dress up. That means you need to leave."

"Why do I need to leave? I've already seen you naked before. Oh the things we did to each other..." Another smirk was plastered on his face. Erza's face was now the same color as her Scarlet hair. Too flustered to reply, Natsu took pleasure in his accomplishment and chuckled at how cute she looked. He leaned toward her and kissed her cheek, finally taking his leave.

"I'll be waiting outside then."


Turning to the closet, she began searching for what to wear when Natsu's voice rung from outside. "The idiot that ya love!"

"Damn his Vulcan hearing..." That said, resumed her search for what to wear. After rummaging through the closet for the past three minutes something had caught her eye. It was her white sleeveless blouse that she wore under her armor back when she and Natsu weren't a couple. 'Ever since we went out I slowly started to find no need for my armor...I haven't worn this in a while have I?'

Natsu was outside the front door when Erza finally exited the house. Noticing her choice of clothing, he said, "It's been awhile since I saw you wear that." She nodded in response. She held out her hand asked, "Shall we go to our usual destination?"

He smiled. "Aye sir." With hands intertwined, they went on their way. Their destination was a long way. It was almost outside of Magnolia, but it didn't matter. Located there was a special place that they cherished with all their heart.

"So Erza, how was your mission?"

"It was difficult, but I managed. I'm still drained from it but other than that I'm fine. I mean sure, I had to knock out about one hundred and ten Wyverns and one giant monster... I forgot the name... Godzilla was it? But anyway, that's the life of an S-class wizard. "

"Yeesh, I feel sorry for the poor lizard. By the way, I noticed a certain room was empty when I got to the house, so where is she?"

"She's at Lucy's apartment with Happy. Lucy's really reliable when It comes to thing like that... Well it was that or Picking Gray and I do not want her seeing him strip every five minutes. She's probably still sleeping so we still have time. We wouldn't want to have you going through the window and get mauled by a grouchy Lucy now would we?" They both laughed, and continued their conversation. People gave them strange looks and some whispered to one another as they walked by, however this didn't go unnoticed by Erza. She always heard the same things almost everyday; the whispers were always predictable:

"Oh, it's her..."

"It's never been the same..."

"Poor dear..."

"I wish people would stop staring. Every time we go out together they give us these odd expressions, it's really starting irritate me to no end..."

"..." Natsu made no attempt to reply and it worried her. She turned her gaze to him as they walked.

"Natsu? What's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, nothing it's nothing. Erza just ignore them. They shouldn't be getting in our way."

"O-okay then...if you say so." Erza gave Natsu a worried look, but he didn't notice. He looked as if he was deep in thought.

'Natsu...what's bothering you...?' She didn't seem to notice she'd been staring at him for a long period of time until Natsu's gaze was now on her.

"Umm...you okay Erza?"


"...Alright then."He gave her a questionable glance before returning it to their path.

'I'll just ask him later.'

After a long trek, they've finally reached their location. It was first discovered by Natsu when he was trying to find a new fishing location for him and Happy, but instead he stumbled onto what he and Erza now like to call their "private sanctuary". It was a small plain that was shrouded in trees, but it was still a surprise to them that no one hasn't discovered its whereabouts. It looked as if it was untouched my man.

It was simply beautiful. There were different kinds of flowers scattered across the grassy meadow, the view of the sky was breathtaking, and one sole cherry blossom was put right in the middle. The perfect spot for a couple to relax and just enjoy being in each others company. Every time Erza would complete a mission, she would always travel here with Natsu and just bask in the marvelous scene. This routine never seemed to get old for her, and she knew for a fact that it never would.

Reaching the part of the cherry blossom where there was shade, they sat down with Natsu putting his back against the tree while Erza rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm really glad I found this place. For some reason it gave me the courage to finally ask you out. That, and a persistent Mirajane. "

"I'm glad you did, otherwise where would you have asked me out if you never did find this place?"

"Probably in the middle of the guild, just to rub it in stripper's face that I got me a girlfriend before he did."

Erza couldn't contain her giggle. "Didn't you do that anyway? After I said yes you grabbed my hand, ran with me in tow, barged into the guild's entrance, shout "Hey Gray, get a load of this.", kissed me right in front of the guild and then you started doing what looked like some kind of dance."

"It's called Gangnam Style, and yeah I really overdid it, but did you see the look on everyone's face? Lucy's jaw dropped to the floor, Elfman was shouting something about me becoming a man, Cana spat out all of her booze, Juvia was whining about how she hasn't gotten a kiss like that from droopy eyes, and Mirajane fell and started squealing like a fangirl before finally fainting. I'm glad I took her advice and it did wonders, but it looked like she got more than what she bargained for."

"Yeah, that was one eventful day... Natsu, do you still remember the song you sang here before you asked me out?"

"I never forgot it to begin with. Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering...if you could...you know...sing it again?" Erza was madly blushing and began twiddling her fingers. Natsu couldn't help but kiss her on her cheek and gave her a hug. The cold sensation returned, but it didn't bother her, Being this close to him was something she would never pass up.

"Anything for you, my love; but first, you think you could get me a guitar?" She did what he had asked and exquipped a guitar and gave it to Natsu. One event Erza would never forget was when he first sang and played the guitar for her. She knew he could play guitar, but she never knew he could sing, and his voice was just good. He could enter and win American Idol if he wanted to. He then cleared his throat and began to sing.

I see you standing here

but you're so far away

Starving for your attention

You don't even know my name

You're going through so much

But I know that I could be the one to hold you

Every single day

I find it hard to say

I could be yours alone

You will see someday

That all along the way

I was yours to hold

I was yours to hold

He stopped singing but continued to play the guitar. Erza took this short period of time to close her eyes and slowly sway her head to the song; and after a few more seconds, Natsu resumed singing.

I see you walking by

Your hair always hiding your face

I wonder why you've been hurting

I wish I had someway to say

You're going through so much

Don't you know that I could be the one to hold you

Every single day

I find it hard to say

I could be yours alone

You will see someday

That all along the way

I was yours to hold

I was yours to hold

I'm stretching but you're just out of reach

You should know

I'm ready when you're ready for me

Cuz I'm waiting for the right time

For the day I catch your eye

To let you know

That I'm your to hold

Every single day

I find it hard to say

I could be your to alone

You will see someday

That all along the way

I was yours to hold

I was yours to hold

Every single day

I find it hard to say

I could be yours alone

You will see someday

That all along the way

I was yours to hold

I was yours to hold

I'm stretching but your just out of reach...

I'm ready when you're ready for me...

As he stopped singing, he played the last chords to the song. "Natsu..." When the pinkette set the instrument on the available space to his right, Erza grabbed him and quickly closed the gap between them to give him a passionate kiss . Natsu reciprocated, though not before wiping away her fresh tears. Every time Natsu would do something like sing her a song, bring her roses, or even just say "I love you" was enough to put the mighty Titania to tears. They separated, and she gave him a loving smile.

"Thank you, Natsu..."

"Hey, no need to thank me. It's kinda my thing to keep you happy." He said, brushing a few strands of her hair gingerly. Erza took his hand and let it rest on her cheek. To be close to her Natsu always felt like she could reach new heights.

"These moments... I wish... I wish they would never end." Her statement caused Natsu to tense. He looked away from her and stared at the sky. Erza got worried and was about to ask what was wrong, but Natsu had already spoken before she could.

"C'mon Erza, let's head back. I still need to make you that cake."

"... Alright."

The walk back to the house was silent, but it wasn't awkward either. They merely wanted to be left to their thought. After a while, she chose to speak first.

"Natsu, can I head to the guild? Lucy is probably there by now so-"

"Yeah, its fine Erza, go on ahead."

"... You're not going with me?"

"I have to head to my house. I need to go get something." Erza nodded in response, though a little disappointed and confused. It was odd for Natsu to visit his old house; since he moved he completely ignored it. As if he was avoiding it, but Erza never gave it much thought.

After the walk alone, Erza finally made it to the guild. She gazed up at the symbol on top of the large building for a few minutes, then proceeded to enter. As soon as she walked in, all eyes were on her. It was like this these days, she would enter the guild and everyone would stare. She found it rude, but she kept it to herself.

Advancing to the guild's master, Makarov Dreyar who sat on next to the bar, she spoke to him in a serious tone.

"Master, I have finished the mission without any trouble. The reward should be mailed to you within a few days."

Makarov merely stared at her before closing his eyes and replied, "Very well. Thank you my dear." Erza nodded and turned around

"Erza." a voice called. She was met face to face with none other than her best friend, Lucy Heartfilia. She looked quite nervous.

"Hey Erza, h-how are you feeling?"

"I'm doing fine, thank you for asking. I just got back yesterday at about midnight. Natsu kept me company this morning but now he had to head back to his house. He said he needed to get something."

Many people flinched after hearing the dragonslayer's name. Cana slowly stopped her drinking, Mirajane looked to the floor as she wiped an empty glass, Levy was having trouble reading her book, and even Laxus reacted by looking away and increased the volume of his earphones. Gray on the other hand, was starting to get
irritated, while Lucy looked gloomier.

"O-oh...ummm...hey, would you like to head to this new shop that just opened today? I heard they had really cute boots there."

Erza shook her head and replied, "I'm sorry I can't, Natsu promised me he'd make me some strawberry cake today."

"...Okay i-if you say so..."

"Is there something wrong Lucy?"

"Wh-what? No everything's alright! Everything's dandy!"

"Okay, if you say so." As she finished talking however, a faint growl can be heard from Gray. Everyone, even Laxus, now turned their attention to to the growling ice mage. Erza was to first to talk. "Is everything alright, Gray?"

"No, everything's not alright..."

"Excuse me?"

"Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about, Erza."

"Gray, what are you talking abo-"


"Gray, please calm down."


"Gray what do you mean? I was with him just eight minutes ago. He was the one who woke me up this morning."


Erza had finally had it at this point. She was seriously annoyed by Gray's last comment.


She then turned her gaze to the master. "Master, please tell Gray that he's being an idiot and that Natsu is still here!" But the master made no attempt to reply. He only continued to sit on the counter with his eyes closed.

"M-master?" Still no response. By now Erza had finally had it. Turned and started running out of the guild, ignoring her guild mates and friends who tried to stop her.

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Natsu was silently gazing at his house's front door. He seemed to be one with the the land. His concentration was soon interrupted by the sound of running and crying. Recognizing the the voice, he turned around only to meet with a crying Erza now embracing him with her head buried into his chest.

"Erza what's wrong?" She couldn't reply, she only continued to cry into his chest. So he waited a while till he once again asked,

"Erza, sweetie, what's the matter?"

"Things don't make sense! Why is Gray telling me you're gone?! He kept telling me you're not here. He kept telling me that you left for good! B-but you're right here! Why can't he...why can't they see that?!" Natsu deepened the embrace and stared her scarlet hair. He didn't need to hear anymore. He was now fully aware of what happened inside the guild. Making his decision, he grabbed Erza's hand and started running.

Natsu finally made it to his destination and stopped his running. Erza, still crying asked, "Natsu what are we doing here?"


"Natsu, what's wrong? You don't look so good."

"Erza...I think it's time...I think it is time... I... it's time I leave..." Those words pierced Erza's heart harder than any sword would. Time seemed to stop at this moment, with Erza's heart beating as fast as lightning and Natsu's sudden decision. His eyes looked as if his soul left him for years. Fresh tears were trickling down Erza's face as she stared at the man she loved.

"N-Natsu what are you saying?"

"It's time I leave... time I disappeared from here..."

"Natsu! What are you saying?! Y-you can't leave! What reason is there to leave here? To leave me?! H-have I done something that had upset you?"

" No, no, it's nothing like that Erza, I just have to go. I...I've been more of a liability to you than anything for some time now... I shouldn't even be here in the first place. I've given you more pain than happiness."

"YOU'RE WRONG! Natsu, I love you! Loving you has made my life happier! Loving you is what brings me my happiness!"

Natsu closes his eyes, not wanting to see his beloved in tears "Erza, I love you too, but I can't be here... I'm not supposed to be here." He then turned around, his back facing her. He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when he felt Erza embrace him. "Erza...please...let go of me."

"NO!I won't let you go! I will never let you go! Not now, not ever!"

"ERZA STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" His tone of voice shocked Erza so much she let go of him. Turning around, their eyes finally met. Noticing the shocked look on her face, he looked down to the ground.

"Erza, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. It always does hurt to do that, but this is important..."


"Tell me Erza, where are we right now?"

"At Kardia Cathedral's cemetery, but how does this relate to-"

Before she could finish, Natsu stepped to the side, giving what was behind him a clear view. "And what's this?"

"They're stone coffins, but how does-"

"The name, Erza, what's the name on the coffin?"

She stared at him, not sure what was happening. Slowly and hesitantly, she answered, "Rob."

"You told me he was a member of Fairy Tail. He was on the same team as Gramps. You told me you met him when you were slaves at the Tower of Heaven. He was your teacher and a good friend. He was the reason why you found your magic. He died protecting you, but he made you strong."

He then started walking, he signaled her to follow him, to which she did without question. "And who's this one?"


"He was also a slave. He was one of your friends, even when Jellal tricked your other friends he stayed faithful. He was the man that loved you, yet kept it to himself. He helped us during to time we were at that tower and gave his life saving you as well."

He once again started walking to a different grave. She follows him, watching his every move. He stopped and turned to face her. Her eyes widen when it had landed on the grave Natsu was standing next to.

"Each person I mentioned now are no longer among the living, but they died for what they believed in . And they believed in you. They are the reason you're still alive, and I thank them."


"Now, tell me whose grave is this."



Erza's eyes were now closed; she was on the verge to collapsing to the ground and just sit there crying. She felt his strong arms wrap around her waist and his quivering lip kissed her forehead.

"Please tell me..." Natsu himself was now in tears.
















"N-Natsu...Dragneel..." She collapsed into his arms. She was crying and screaming into his chest, but she heard what Natsu said clearly.

"It's been three years, Erza. It's been that long since I've died...It's been that long since I should have disappeared. I'm still here now because I had a Someone out there... someone to help me get here. I just wanted to see you one more time; to say goodbye... but when I looked at you, I couldn't bring myself to leave. It just hurt so much just thinking about it. I... was able to stay with you for a lot longer, but now is about time I leave... before I make things worse..."

Erza made no move to reply, as she was still crying her heart out in his chest. Natsu could only hold her tighter.

"Erza, please...you have to move on... Be strong and continue on...without me."

"B-but I...I d-don't know what to do..."

"Of course you do, just be you. Just be Erza. Just please... Promise me you'll move on. You'll keep going with your life with a smile on your beautiful face. It's all that I ask for."

Slowly her teary gaze was to his and she nodded, her head closing in on his. Their lips finally meet in one last kiss, one Erza will forever cherish. As they broke their lip lock, they went back to hugging each other, knowing they won't see each other again.

"I love you Erza... I'll love you in both life and death."

"I love you Natsu, I love you so much it transcends time itself."

"Hehe... Again with the cheesiness... Why can't that end... Damn that reminds me, I still haven't made you your strawberry shortcake yet. Sorry about that." even though she was sad, she smiled and giggled at his comment.

"I'll forgive you... just this once."After that comment, however, she began to notice him glow a light yellow with small orbs coming out from his body. 'He's beginning to fade away...'tightening her grip, she sunk back to crying on his chest.

Natsu, still in tears, smiled and closed his eyes and started petting the top of her head.

"I'll never forget about you, Erza. I'll never forget about the guild. I'll never forget about my family." He smiled and opened his eyes to the people far behind Erza.

"Hey guys. It's... it's bee a whole since I've seen you." He said to the whole guild who began to shed tears.

"As you can see, it looks like I'll really be leaving this time." He chuckled. "So I'd like to say a few things before then." He paused for a moment.

"Everyone... thank you... for always being there for me; for each other. The bonds we make are stronger than any magic in existence. Just because I'm gone doesn't mean you're no longer a family, smile and move forward. Make our family bigger and stronger." He brought his attention back to Erza.

He tried to get out of her hug, but she wouldn't let go. "Erza, come on, let me go." She furiously shook her head. "Erza, I need to give you something, so please, just for a moment." Hesitantly, she separated herself from him and kept her head hung low. Suddenly, she felt a fabric wrap around her neck, surprising her.

"Your scarf?" She placed her hand at the scaly object.

"Yeah, I want you to have it. It's really important to me, not as much as you but still significant, and I know you'll take good care of it." He closed her eyes and gave her a wide grin. She could no longer keep herself from him and tackled him to the ground, embracing his fleeting body.

"I love you, Erza. Be good, okay?" Those were his final words before vanishing into the air.


She cried, and cried, not caring how long it had been since he disappeared. The pain in her heart was immeasurable. Feeling a hand her shoulder, she turned to look at the owner. Her gaze was now fixated to Lucy. The entire guild crying their eyes out. Even the master was crying next her Mirajane with his face to her maroon dress.

" We're so s-sorry we didn't believe you. We're so sorry." Erza then gave her a small smile. Mustering enough strength she finally stood up before speaking,

"We may have lost our beloved comrade, friend, and heart of Fairy Tail, but that doesn't mean the end. It means we have to stay strong and move forward. After all," she turned her gaze to Natsu's grave, "We do not die for our friends, we live for them."

A knowing smile formed on each member. They were glad their friend had finally found the strength to continue on. Master Makarov, now walking towards Erza, stopped in front of her and held out his hand.

"We will all move forward, for ourselves, For Natsu's, and for you...Erza Dragneel."

Erza smiled and shook his hand.

Erza was now walking to Lucy's apartment. She had asked her so that she could pick up something important to her. Lucy gave Erza her extra keys saying, "Go on ahead, I...no...We want to stay a while longer here. We still have to say goodbye."

Entering Lucy's apartment, she spotted Happy sleeping soundly on a cradle with someone else. The sight made her smile and began walking towards the cradle as quietly as she could. As she reached it, Happy noticed light footsteps and began to awaken. The exeed slowly stood up and looked at Erza.

"Erza, you're here... Is...Is Natsu with you?"

"No... He's finally gone, but we'll always live for him." Even though Happy wasn't able to see Natsu when he was a spirit, Erza told him he was there and, without question, believed her. Happy was actually there the day Natsu lost his life during the mission he was on. His mood saddened, but a smile formed soon after.

"Ayer sir!" Happy's voice had awoken the small sleeping figure next to him.

"Oops...sorry, Natsumi." Smiling at the sight, Erza carried Natsumi up so that she had a better view at the little bundle of energy that was now smiling and making noises at the sight of her mother. She had her eyes and her Father's pink hair. She was two years old and the pride and joy of both her parents, even though Natsu wasn't really there. But Natsumi was special, especially since she too was able to see her father when he was a spirit. Erza became pregnant with her the day before Natsu had left to go on his final mission. Erza wanted to be there to help, but Natsu stopped her; telling her that that it would be too dangerous. And he wasn't wrong.

"Hey little one, had a good sleep?" Natsumi responded with an innocent smile. Erza giggled and Happy smiled. Natsumi them started looking around, her smile soon fading.

"Papa?" Hearing her say that pained her heart.

"Papa...Is...gone. H-he's gone... on a trip!"

"Papa... on a trip?"

"Yes, he's on a journey," Erza turned her head to the right so that she was staring out one of the windows." But...I'm sure we'll see him again. I just know it."
Erza then pulled Happy and Natsumi into a hug.

"Let go home now. I'll make us some strawberry shortcake when we get there."

"Aye sir!"

"Home! Cake!" Little Natsumi chanted.

Outside the window, two floating figures were watching the scene as it unfolded.

"You did good, Natsu."

"Yeah... I'm really gonna miss everyone..."


"Hey what are you doing? Smile, it's a good day today!"

"Heehee, right!"

"By the way...sorry I took so long...You must have used up all your magic..."

"No need for apologies! Better late than never, right?"

"Yeah but when I got here you looked like you had anorexia!"

"Oh quiet you!"

"...Thank you, First... for helping me, for putting up with me."

"It was no problem at all, and I thought I told to stop calling me that! JUST CALL ME MAVIS!"

"Okay, okay, I got you..."

"So...should we take our leave?"

"Yeah... and would you please stop crying?"

"But your speech was just so sad! And you were so romantic! I'd he heartless not to cry!"

"Right, right..." And with that the two spirits faded.

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