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The end of Ordinary

Today didn't feel right. Ichigo couldn't quite put his finger on it. Nothing seemed different as he looked around the empty train platform but that was to be expected. Since he had lost all his Shinigami powers he hadn't been able to feel or see ghosts. That was six years ago. Now Ichigo worked as an undercover investigator. It paid well, it was challenging and it gave him a chance to use what he had left over from his Shinigami days. The job wasn't without its risks and…annoyances. Ichigo reached up to fiddle with a stand of dark brown hair. This job had required him to dye his hair a more inconspicuous colour. Ichigo looked over to the only other person on the platform. A middle aged business man with greying hair and a blue suit, he didn't look out of place unlike Ichigo, who wore a similar looking suit but it didn't look right on him. Ichigo preferred to wear casual clothing. He checked my watch and sighed. 11.56pm, it was almost midnight. It had taken him three hours to write up the paperwork on the arrest he had made. An arms dealer that was now safely behind bars and his gang was disbanded. Most had gone into hiding whilst the others, Ichigo suspected, were planning some sort of revenge. He smiled to himself, they would be looking for a dark haired investigator not an orange haired one. Tonight he was washing this damn dye out.

The squealing of brakes brought his attention to the tracks in front of him as the train pulled up. The automatic doors opened with a slight squeak. Ichigo's face was illuminated by the lighting coming from inside the empty train. He walked through the open doors, catching a glimpse of the man in the business suit as he went to do the same but he stopped. Ichigo frowned. Didn't he need to get the train?

He heard it before he saw anything. The sound of a gunshot going off in the enclosed underground space. Pain blossomed in Ichigo's side and he looked down curiously at the red stain that travelled through his breast pocket. The red looked familiar. It took him a minute to realise what was going on as another shot rang out. Ichigo felt myself falling backwards, the doors slipped closed and the middle aged man disappeared as the train started to move. Ichigo realised he couldn't move his body. He was stuck in this slumped position as the blood ran freely from the wound in his chest. Ichigo looked down to see a red feather sticking out from his leg. Tranquiliser?

The pain was starting to dull. His eyes staring to lull. Ichigo could feel his body as it started shutting down. Whoever had shot me had done their research. He was going to die here but he didn't feel scared; he knew what was coming after this.

Ichigo closed his eyes and breathed his last breath as a human.

His soul slipped out of his body. Ichigo got to his feet and looked down at his bloodied body with a sigh. He crossed his arms and took a seat. He felt sorry for the next person who got on the train and found his body.

"You seem relaxed, boy." The voice wheezed. Ichigo jumped to his feet and looked at the seat next to where he was sitting previously. An old man smiled at his with kind blue eyes. " I tried to call to you to not give up but you didn't hear." He said sadly.

" Thanks." Ichigo said uncertainly and sat down again. The chain on his chest rattled a little and he looked down at in with a frown. Ichigo put a hand to it only for it to be slapped away by the old man. "What the hell?"

" Don't play with that boy. You'll turn into a monster. You just wait patiently for those nice kids in the black kimonos they'll set you right." The old man said. Ichigo raised an eyebrow at him.

"Why are you still here, old man? If you know about the Shinigami why not just go with them?" he asked.

The man smiled and tapped a small package he was holding. " My granddaughter gets this train to get to school. I need to give her this, and then I can rest in peace." He said with a small smile.

The train came to a stop and the doors opened. A teen with dark hair came to get on the train, he was texting on his phone. He almost lost his footing on the blood that had spilled out from Ichigo's body. Ichigo winced as he awaited the commotion. The boy screamed, Ichigo thought he was going to do a runner but instead the teen jumped to the side and pulled the emergency stop leaver.

"Hey! Can you hear me?" The boy said as he dropped to his knees. He seemed uncertain about what to do.

Ichigo got up from his seat. "I'll be getting off here. Take care, old man." Ichigo said as he started to walk away from his body. He walked onto the platform and watched at security ran by him. They were in for a long night.

Ichigo took the stairs two at a time and emerged from the underground quickly. He rubbed his face. What was I supposed to do? Should I go out and find a Shinigami to send me to soul society. Ichigo had moved away from Karakura Town three years ago and now lived wherever his job took him. Ichigo was currently in Ikebukuro so I couldn't even go to Urahara's shop. Ichigo sighed. I wouldn't go to Urahara's even if I died in karakura town. Ichigo hadn't talked to anyone from soul society since his powers had been lost. All his comrades had abandoned him whilst trying to keep him away from the fighting. All that was left was for him was to live a normal life. A normal life in which I died at age 22.

His death would likely hit the news by morning. They wouldn't know who he was though. All his identification had been forged in case he had been captured.

How can I get home to tell dad I'm dead? Suppose I should get walking.

"Ermm…ahhh…excuse me?" A timid voice said from behind him. Ichigo turned around with a frown. A group of three stood behind him nervously with swords in their hands. They looked like Shinigami but the girl of the group wore red and white and the males wore blue and white uniforms instead of the usual black. Ichigo guessed they were Shinigami students.

"Yeah?" Ichigo asked.

"It's urm…you've died recently right?" The short blonde boy said. Ichigo raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah. About 10 minutes ago." He said easily with a scratch to his nose.

The group looked shocked. The girl started to talk. "We're Shinigami. Please don't be afraid, we are here to send you onto a better place. Soul society where you can live in peace." She said more confidently than the boy. The other boy with black hair nodded.

"Right." Ichigo said bored. He knew this was coming. He just didn't think it would be so soon. Dad can find out I'm dead on his own. He'll know where I've gone anyway.

"Okay. I'm going to perform the soul burial." The girl said and took out her Zanpakuto. She turned the hilt towards Ichigo. He stepped forwards. She tapped the sword on his forehead. Ichigo had seen this done so many times that it didn't seem strange. He put my hands in his pockets as the glow settled over his body.

"Thanks." Ichigo said as he disappeared.

The girl blinked in confusion. "Is it just me or was that a little too easy?" She asked her team mates. The blonde boy grinned happily.

"Who cares. That should get us top marks right!?"

The dark haired boy shrugged as they made their way back to the teacher the sound of police sirens getting closer. The trio stopped and watched as they parked outside the train station and ran down. The trio looked to each other.

"He really died only minutes ago? Who was the guy?" The blonde asked as he gawked at the uniformed men.

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