A/n: So Pokefans today marks the offical release of PKMN B&W 2 in America! :) So I wrote a short Fanfic about it. Its Alternate universe and also m first time working with the Pokemon Adventures (?) cAst so bear with me. It may Be a little OOC. so LETS GO!

"I GOT IT!" Red yelled as he entered his friend's, Green, house. As he entered the living room, he saw Green, Yellow, Blue, and Leaf sitting around a round table. They were all staring at him exept Green, who was playing his DSi.

"Got what?" Gary asked, looking up at Red over the top of his DSi like he was crazy.

"Yeah, Red" Blue told him, wipping out her DS and started to play it. "Calm down and tell us." Leaf wipped her DS out too.

"Pokemon White 2!" Red said happily as he lifted the white and red game case above his head, going' "Duh, Duh, Duh, DUH!" Yellow was still staring at Red.

"What was that?" She asked. He stopped holding up his game.

"Well it was Suppost to be the Zelda tune, you know."

"Oh" Yellow got her DS as well. He waited for a few minuets before saying again. "I've got Black and White TWO! Its the newest game! It came out today."

"It's just another remake."Leaf told him as he gasped and he sat next to Leaf.

" Ah contrare, My friend. White 2 Its not just another remake! It's Diffrent!"

"How?" Green smirked.

"Well there's a mystrey champion, its not Alder and there are select pokemon that you can only get Pokemon White like Caterpie and Latias! I can't wait to play! He pulled his 3DS out of his pocket and turned it on. he ejected Pokemon Platnum and put White 2 in. "He He I'm so exited! I'm the first one in our group to play White 2! Don't worry, I woln't spoil it for you guys." he patted Leaf on the head. Yellow stiffled a laugh and Blue smiled at Green. "What?" Red asked.

"Its just," Leaf started "We've been trying not to spoil it for YOU for weeks." Red's mouth was as large as a magikarp as he tried to make scence of what His friend had said.

"What do you mean?"

"We Got the japanese version. We ARE japanese, you know." Green pointed out.

"Do you even know English?" Yellow asked. Just then Professer Juniper appered and weird chacters appered in the box where the talking should be. Red face palmed.

"Crap it. Why did we even move here any way?" Red cried as Blue and Green laughed.