Derek slowly traced his finger over the mark the approaching Alpha pack had tagged on the front door of the old Hale house. He knew they were coming, he just didn't know when or why, and this just made him feel extremely uneasy. Two of his pack members were already missing, he still wasn't ready to wholeheartedly trust Peter, he hadn't seen Jackson since the death of the kanima and the birth of a wolf, and Scott constantly made it very clear that he had no intention of ever being a part of his pack. All Derek had at that moment was Isaac; but he was still only a fresh wolf and had so much more to learn. It would be impossible for the two of them to defeat a pack of who knows how many alphas. Derek felt so far out of his depths and as much as he hated it, only one face came to mind when he thought about who could help him to find the answer. Stiles.


Derek ran as fast as his human form would allow him to the Stilinski house and slowed to a fast walk as her approached the driveway. He stopped right beneath Stiles' open window and could sense something was not right. He had climbed through this window many times before, seeking the young teenager's help and had never felt such a sullen, broken energy. Knowing something must be wrong, he instantly climbed up the side of the house and in the window without even bothering to be his usual mysterious and menacing self.

As soon as he was in the room he could instantly see where the negative energy was coming from. There was a shaking and crying Stiles in a darkened corner of the room struggling for breath. As much as the boy irritated him to the ends of the earth, there was still a strong part of him that had to protect him – not that he had ever wanted the boy to know this fact. He was quite content pretending he hated the boy, but something stirred in him when he looked down at the small weepy ball that had always seemed to be a constant over-energetic, chattery teenager.


"Stiles?" Derek said, wanting to sound as though he didn't care, but his heart got the better of him – now was not the time to be callous.

"Wh-whaa-whaat do y-you wa-aant?!" Stiles replied through his tears, obviously finding it hard to breath. Derek's brow furrowed at the boy. 'What is wrong with him? I have never seen Stiles like this.' he thought to himself, frowning even more.

"I wanted your help." Derek answered shortly, in a voice quieter than his usual one. He had never been in a situation like this, and he didn't exactly know what to do. He really needed the boy's help, but he could see this wasn't the time to ask for it - why wouldn't his legs just let him leave then?

"Wha-aat good aa-am I?" Stiles sniffled, shaking uncontrollably and trying to catch his breath. Derek bent down and unlocked the teenager's arms from around his own legs and suddenly took his whole body into a bear hug, stopping most of the shaking.

"Just breath. Breath Stiles" the larger man whispered, as he heard the boy's heartbeat slowing slightly into a more constant rate. "Breath".

Stiles looked up at Derek who was still hugging him silently and breathing levelly, perhaps to help him imitate the motion and pace. He had always tried his best to be strong and brave in the eyes of both danger and Derek, but today he knew he could not be the face of that image. It had been almost a week since he had taken a beating from Gerard; trying to protect everyone around him –to no prevail- and then watched the girl he loved fall into the arms of the boy she loved. He felt like a complete failure; he could never be the hero he wanted to be. The way he felt on that day didn't compare to the heartache he was suffering today. It was as though the weight of the world was on his shoulders, and while he was usually excellent at keeping all of it above his head, it felt as though his arms were getting sore and the weight was beginning to crush him.

As Stiles' breathing regulated, Derek uncoiled his arms from around him, but remained bent down and frowning. Derek was very curious about what could drive this boy to breaking point. Stiles was supposed to be loud, obnoxious and constantly talking your ear off with sarcastic comments, not crying, broken on the floor with such pain and turmoil in his eyes. Derek could not stand seeing Stiles' like this. The Alpha pack will have to wait – for as long as he could put off the inevitable.

"S-sorry, pan-anic a-attack. What did y-you need m-me for?" Stiles said trying to smile, but it turned into more of a lip tremor.

"You will be no help to me like this" Derek said with a small growl in his voice, masking the fact that he no longer cared about getting Stiles' help, but wanted to help Stiles instead. Stiles looked a little taken-aback with Derek's response, but he just thought 'It's Derek, what did I really expect, a slumber party where we talk out all our feelings? No. Derek only ever wants someone to help him'

"Well I-I'm sorry f-f-for being human!" Stiles spat, "Y-you wouldn't know w-what that's like. I kn-know that werewo-wolves h-have emot-otions, l-look at Sc-Scott! But you, y-you w-wou-wouldn't dare show them!" he reeled, finding it hard to breath once again. "I'm s-sorry, I am-m just a-a w-weak li-little hu-h-human and yo-you're a b-big, s-strong w-wolf."

"Stop talking" Derek said cooly.

"Th-thi-this is m-my h-house!"

"Stop talking. You can't breath." Stiles obeyed; closing his mouth and giving Derek his most menacing glare, which, to Derek, just looked like a squint. Derek let Stiles catch his breath, almost entirely, before continuing.

"You don't know me." Derek growled, scowling at the boy.

"Exactly! You won't let anyone!" For some reason, unbeknownst to him, Stiles' words really cut Derek. 'You won't let anyone know you'; maybe there was a reason for that. Derek instantly shook off the feeling of his ability to let anyone in and just stood in silence staring at the younger boy.

"Stiles– " Derek began.

"Why are you still here? You wanted my help, then you didn't want my help and now you are just standing there, glaring at me." Stiles interrupted.

"Stiles." Derek began again, not being able to say or ask what he wanted to.

"I really can't deal with this today."

"Deal with what?" Derek asked, trying to hide his curiosity.

"You, werewolves… any of this! What do you want Derek?"

"Nothing." And with that, he was gone as quickly and easily as he came.


Even though Derek had slipped out of the teen's room, he hadn't left the house. Derek sat on the roof of the Stilinksi home with the midday sun beating down on him. Derek sat as still as a statue, so that Stiles would have no idea the man was propped on his roof. He waited for the boy to say or do something to give him a hint about what exactly was going on.

Stiles had begun crying and mumbling inaudibly soon after Derek had jumped out of his window. It wasn't until nearly two hours later that Derek heard Stiles close his bedroom door and come scurrying down the stairs. When the teenager walked out of the front door, the older man noticed that his eyes were blood-shot, his face was red and he had begun shaking uncontrollably once again. Stiles climbed into his prized baby blue Jeep and reversed out of the driveway and set off in the direction of the Beacon Hills forest.

Derek changed into his wolf form, jumping from roof to roof following the Jeep, wondering where the boy would be going in such a state. Once he reached the forest, he jumped down from the last roof and ran next to the Jeep, hiding himself within the trees. Derek turned his head looking into the driver's seat, to see tears streaming down Stiles' face and his knuckles turning white because of how tight he is holding the steering wheel, trying not to tremble. Derek's wolf needed to know the cause of this suffering even more than his human side did – it would not rest until he knew the truth.

Derek understood that he should be agonizing of what an Alpha pack in Beacon Hills would mean, and he knew that Stiles' was capable of looking after himself (he had saved him a number of times after all), but there was still a part of him –that he had not realized before today- that was worried about him. 'He puts up with some much, with so little recognition; it must really be getting to the kid' surprised at his thought – he cared a lot more than he had known.

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