The Jeep slowed down in front of what Derek recognized to be the town cemetery. All of the family that Derek had lost in fire was buried here, and he hadn't been back here in 5 years. The pain and guilt was too much for him to handle so he just stopped coming; even with Laura begging and pleading him to, telling him it would help him get closure. She didn't know the whole story though.

Derek changed back to his human self as Stiles jumped out of his Jeep, still as gut-wrenchingly sad as when he got into the car, and walked slowly to a gravestone with a fresh cluster of flowers placed on it. Derek waited for Stiles to kneel in front of the gravestone before positioning himself behind a tree, that was close enough to hear him speak, but further enough that he wouldn't know that he was there.

Stiles opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't find the words. After a couple of minutes he simply said, "I'm sorry." 'What was he sorry for? Who is he apologizing too?' Derek mused. Almost as if he had spoken out loud, Stiles whispered, "Mommy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You would still be here if it weren't for me."

The young boy rested his head on the gravestone and softly kissed it. Looking down at the flowers he said, "I see Dad's been here already. I know he loves me, but I am sure he still blames me for taking you away from him. I just wish I could go back and make this all better."

After a few seconds he said with a faint smile, "We actually had a nice moment the other night. He said I was a hero. As much as I wanted to believe him and just be happy, I couldn't." The smile slowly faded, "I'm not a hero Mom. I am nowhere near a hero. I run around with a group of wolves, and I am just in the way to them - a total nuisance. I am sick of putting myself on the line and failing. I am literally worthless to them. You know that I just wanted to help Scott out. It wasn't his fault he was bitten – it could have very easily been me, but now he doesn't need my help. His life is all about getting Allison back and plotting schemes alone. I am always there when he needs me – but those times seem to be quickly dwindling. He is my best friend and I just miss him."

Stiles stopped talking for a few moments before saying, "I wish you were here, I feel like you would know how to make me feel better."

Derek couldn't believe what he was hearing. Sometimes, he had to admit, he forgot that Stiles was just a human teenage boy, and wasn't like Scott. Stiles is stronger than he will ever know – he is the mind behind the mission. He is the most powerful of all. "I love you Mom" was the last thing Stiles whispered before getting up to go back to his car, tears still streaming down his face.

As Stiles started the ignition of his car, Derek quickly returned to his wolf state and began to follow the boy back the way they had come. Stiles was driving mindlessly, eyes welling up with tears no matter how hard he tried to fight them; it was the same every year. The tears building in his eyes and the way his hands wouldn't stop shaking were not helping him drive in the slightest. 'Breath' he thought, Derek's whisper coming to mind, 'Just breath Stiles'.

Thinking intently about breathing perfectly, Stiles hadn't noticed the log he was quickly approaching until it was too late.


Derek suddenly jolted his head when a loud "SCREEECH" rang through his ears. He turned to see Stiles' Jeep swerving out of the way of a fallen branch before toppling onto its side. 'Stiles!' he thought to himself, still in wolf form. He quickly shook the wolf off, and transitioned back to his human form, running towards the fallen car. 'Where is Stiles? Is he ok?' "Stiles!" he yelled, before he heard a soft whimper.

Thankfully, the car had fallen onto the passenger side, rather than the driver's. Stiles was elevated in his buckled seat, head resting against the steering wheel, slowly losing consciousness.

Derek roughly ripped the door off its hinge, not bothering to see whether the door would open if he used the handle, unbuckled the boy's seatbelt and scooped him into his arms. "Derek?" Stiles said with confusion, before losing consciousness entirely. Derek wasn't sure where to take the boy. Should he take him home? To the police station? Or even to the hospital? Stiles looked to be in better condition than his Jeep, but he had a few cuts and bruises so Derek decided it would be safest to take him to the hospital. Derek ran as fast as he could to the Beacon Hills Hospital, Stiles still unconscious in his arms.


"What happened?" Stiles asked sleepily as he woke up in a hospital bed 12 hours later.

"You were in a car accident. You were lucky it wasn't worse. The doctors just wanted to keep you here overnight, to ensure nothing was severely wrong. You were extremely lucky to just get out with just a few scratches and bruises." Ms McCall explained.

"That's why I love my Jeep. She always keeps me safe" Stiles laughed, "Oh no, my baby? Where is she?" his smile falling.

"Oh Stiles, I am afraid she isn't doing to well" Ms McCall replied, trying to suppress a smile, then suddenly looking serious, "Derek said it was about 5 miles away from the cemetery. Stiles, it was yesterday wasn't it, that's why you were at the cemetery?" Stiles just nodded.

"Wait. Derek?" Stiles questioned.

"Yes. Derek Hale was the one that brought you in."

Stiles suddenly remembered Derek being the last thing he saw before he woke up in hospital, but he felt as though the memory was from just before his accident. 'What was Derek doing there?' Stiles wondered. Before he could say anything else, his Dad rushed into the room, as Ms McCall left the room and returned to the nurse's station.

"You're awake, son! I was worried."

"Yeh Dad, I'm fine. I'm sorry you worried about me. Don't you have work?" Stiles said slightly sheepishly.

"Stiles, you are my son. You are more important than being at the station. The guys down there are more than capable of being without me for a few hours anyway." Sheriff Stilinski replied, looking down at his son. Stiles didn't say anything more, he just snatched his father into a hug and that hug said everything that had gone unsaid. He loved him too, he was the most important thing to him and he wouldn't be able to handle losing him as well as his mother.

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