Stiles still felt a little strange just leaving Derek, and he thought it was even stranger Derek had told him to go and hang out with his friend. This was honestly a Derek he hadn't seen until very recently, but he knew he could get used to this change. He just wished Derek would let other people see this person – but Stiles figured that was hoping for too much.

The teen climbed into his car with a small smile still stuck to his face. It was going to be good to just hang out with his best friend again, he wished that everything wasn't happening with Jackson at the same time, but he guessed he could just let it leave his mind for a few hours. Turning on the radio, he sang familiar songs to himself all the way to the arcade. The boy was strangely gleeful considering that past few days – he was feeling positive in that moment; maybe they would be able to cure Jackson and the Alpha Pack wouldn't be as threatening as they thought. There was still room for a little hope. Perhaps the past week had been the dark before the dawn. Come to think of it, no one knew what the Alpha pack was coming to Beacon Hills for, or even if it was a bad thing at all; the wolves had just presumed it was. He really wanted to believe in his positivity.

The boy reached the arcade, climbing out of this Jeep with a wide grin glued to his face. He felt silly for being so happy to just see his best friend, but it had felt like forever since the two of them had just hung out – he needed this. Stiles pushed open the front door of the arcade and spotted Scott instantly, leaning against a pinball machine.

"Hey Man." Stiles called, waving as he walked over.

"How you doing buddy?" Scott said, looking up towards the voice.

"Yeh, I'm good" Stiles reply, with a smile still on his face.

"Really?" Scott asked, looking at his friend skeptically, "I am really sorry for blanking on what day it was the other day. I feel terrible! I am the worse friend."

Stiles could tell that Scott felt bad, so he decided not to say anything to dwell on his absence and make him feel any worse. Things were different now; there were more people in Scott's life in the past year and Stiles would have to accept that. It wasn't just Scott and Stiles against the world anymore. 'No more Batman and Robin, the whole DC gang had joined in for the ride.' Stiles thought to himself, before being interrupted by another familiar voice coming from behind him.

"Hey guys." Isaac said as he approached them.

'What is he doing here?' Almost as though Scott could read Stiles' mind (wolf senses couldn't read mind could they?), he quietly said "I invited Isaac to hang out with us. I hope you don't mind." Before slipping past him to greet the other boy.

'Oh no, why would I mind? You forgot the anniversary of my Mom's death, you're always busy with Alison, we never just hang out anymore and when we do it's with other people and usually has something to do with wolves. Whatever Scott.' Stiles thought, momentarily glaring at the two wolves that had their backs to him. Before the other two turned back around, Stiles put a smile back on his face, ignored the fact that he was pissed off about having to share the time he thought would just be spending time with Scott and greeted Isaac. Stiles knew how stupid and jealous he would sound if he said any of this out loud, but it didn't change the way he felt – he just wouldn't ever be able to tell anyone about how overlooked and unappreciated he felt. To an unknowing ear, it would sound as though Scott was his boyfriend, and he didn't want anyone ever looking at him – that was honestly not the case. He wasn't even gay. Could a guy not just miss how his friendship used to be?

Even though Stiles had wanted to spend the day with Scott, and was slightly angry at him for extending their plans to others, he couldn't manage to be angry with Isaac. Isaac was a nice guy, and he literally had next to no one. All of his family were dead, Derek was his Alpha; but Stiles understood how hard that would be – with Derek's lack of empathy and conversation skills and after turning he used to spend all this time with Boyd and Erica but had decided to stay in Beacon Hills, when they had decided to leave. Why wouldn't he want to hang out with Scott then? As unappreciated and often lonely Stiles felt, he was eternally grateful that he still had his dad and his humanity.

"Wow, I haven't been here in years. My Dad used to bring my brother and I here some weekends when we were younger." Isaac said looking around, with eyes slightly glazed over.

"Oh sorry, we can go somewhere else if you want." Scott said.

"No, no. It's fine. They were just good memories." Isaac replied, looking over to Scott with a wistful smile.

"Want to play air hockey?" Stiles asked Isaac, trying to break up the melancholy tension.

"Sure." Isaac lips curling into a genuine smile. The two walked over to the air hockey table, with Scott trailing close behind.

Stiles put a dollar in the table, picked up a mallet and asked, "So who is ready to get destroyed first?" a smirk flashing across his face.

"Game on!" Isaac replied, stepping forward. 'Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Who care if it isn't just Scott and I, Isaac's cool. Just a few guys hanging out.' Stiles thought.
Scott sat down on a bench facing the middle of the air hockey table to get a view of both sides. Stiles and Isaac began a fast paced game, which had stayed pretty close until the last few minutes on the timer. Scott had been watching the game the entire time, so when Isaac noticed he had started vigorously texting on his phone; he became easily distracted and allowed Stiles to score the easiest of goals.

"Is it about Jackson?" Isaac asked, rushing over as soon as the buzzer went off.

"No, not really. I would have told you if it was. It's Allison; she wanted to know what exactly was happening to Jackson." Scott replied, looking back down and his phone; waiting for another message from Allison.

"Does she have any idea what is wrong?" Isaac asked.

"I don't think so, but she is asking her Dad right now if he has any clue or has seen something like this before."

"So, how are things with you and Allison going, anyway?" Stiles asked curiously, "I haven't really heard much about it sense she went rogue following the rules of her psyc-" Stiles stopped abruptly after noticing the menacing glare his best friend was shooting at him. "Sorry. How are you are and Allison?"

"Well, her mom just died, so I don't think we can blame her entirely for her actions! Things haven't been the same with us since then, and every time I think we may get back together, she says she needs more time to think and find herself again. I will give her all the time in the world, but that girl seriously has no idea what she does to me."

'I'm quite sure she does know, Scott. Girls like that always know.' Stiles thought to himself a little bitterly. 'Wait, "that girl seriously has no idea what she does to me"? No. It couldn't be. Could it?'

"She doesn't know what she does." Stiles mumbled to himself.

"Yeh, that's what I said dude." Scott said, looking at his friend inquisitively.

"No, it's not that. I just have to go." Stiles said over his shoulder as he rushed out the arcade doors. Isaac and Scoot just stared at each other, not knowing what had happened.

"It can't be. She doesn't know what she does." Stiles repeated, as he typed Derek's number into his phone.

"Hello?" Derek said from the other side of the receiver.

"I'm on my way. I am pretty sure I know what is killing Jackson" the boy replied, climbing into his Jeep.

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