This is my very first Planet 51 fic ever, I just saw the movie today and it's my first time too...anyway while I was watching it, I noticed that Skiff was acting kinda gay

Date: August 15

Rated: K

Pairings: Skiff/General Grawl, Lem/Neera (Slash)

The reason I paired these two together is cause I think they a pretty good couple plus I watched the movie, I studied the two and thought" This could work

Hope you enjoy this one and remember to have fun

After Chuck returned to planet Earth, General Grawl gave a salute wishing him good luck,

"Fealwell, Chuck" Lem said looking up at the sky

Neera put his hand on her boyfriend's shoulder, Lem noticed and put his hand in hers

Skiff looked at the two and a tear came down his face

He looked at the 46 year-old man and wondered what his name was, he looked over him and thought that he could be the man for him

Pretty soon everyone went home but Skiff and Grawl

Grawl then turned his head to Skiff and walked over which made him really nervous

"He's coming over...relax" He said in his mind

Grawl stood in front of him looking down at him

"Hello" He said in a nervous way

"Greetings...I'm General Grawl..and you are" He said introducing himself

" names Skiff" He said rather nervously

They shook hands and Skiff cleared his throat, he never felt this kind of love before other then Rover

The parted ways then Grawl left, Skiff was left all along now that everyone had went home

He looked at his hand and smiled then something hit him, he had to work in the morning so he ran home, it was almost 7:00 and had to be at work at 6:30

It took him about 45 minutes to get home, he opened the door and went inside then he called out to Rover

He was in the living room sleeping that is untill he detected Skiff's voice, he lifted his head the raced to him

Skiff saw him and bend down with his arms wide open

Rover rushed into his arms and knocking him down

Skiff patted his head which made him wragged his tail

He then went up stairs to the bathroom,turned on the shower knob on and began to take all his clothes off then jumped in, he got a towel then started to wash his body

After 45 minutes of showering, he got out and wrapped himself around with another towel then he went out of the bathroom and went to his room

He layed out his pajamas on the bed, he took the towel off of him revival his full green body

He got his pajamas and put them on then went and turned off his light

He yawned as he walked to his bed, he pulled back the covers and got in but he didn't go to sleep right away, instead he placed his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling thinking about Grawl

When he was talking to him, he looked and sounded like the kind of person that could protect him from danger and to always be there for him

He then giggled at the thought,he hopped to see him again

He felt so happy that he fell asleep

Hope you enjoyed this chapter as mush as I did

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