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Amy is moving faster, her head dropped back and her mouth opened slightly as she pants for air. Her neck looks entirely way too tempting and he pushes away his thoughts as he leans in to kiss her collar bone. The touch of his lips on her skin skyrockets Amy out of his lap. She gives him a quick look, flushed face from arousal and possible embarrassment.

And then she turns around and leaves.

Amy strode into the console room, taking a quick scan to make sure it was empty. She walked over to the console, and leaned against it, closing her eyes.

She was shattered.

Ever since that… moment… with the doctor last week she had not slept well. And Rory was noticing. She kept catching him looking at her with a worried expression on his face, and no amount of fake smiles seemed to reassure him.

It had gone too far, that moment. She had been lost in the feel of his body between her thighs. After all his teasing she had finally been in control. But then she had lost that control to her own animal impulses.

It had to stop.

But did she want it to stop?

She felt lost, unable to choose between the safe warm comfort of Rory and the deep unfathomable lure of the Doctor. Her Doctor.

Unbidden, the memory of his face, looking up at her with those green eyes as she stood over him, crept into her mind. She opened her eyes quickly, discovering that she had been holding her breath. She let it out with a sigh as her head dropped forward in exhaustion.

As she looked down, she suddenly saw the top of his head through the glass floor. She smacked a hand to her mouth, wondering if he had heard her.

She had managed to avoid being alone with him, choosing to focus her attention on adventures and alien planets, not knowing how to act in his presence.

He was sitting in his hammock, staring intently at whatever he was working on. She stepped away from the console, hoping to back away, but-

"Leaving so soon?"

His voice rang out, but he did not look up.

"Um, I…" her voice came out hoarse, forcing her to clear it and start again "I was just seeing if you needed any help?" The excuse came easily.

"I do as a matter of fact." He lifted his head and stared up at her through his goggles. She was suddenly aware of her skirt and the implications of the glass floor, and squeezed her legs together. If he noticed he did not react.

"Ideally I would have an extra pair of hands."

He looked up at her for just a beat too long, but then snapped his attention back to the TARDIS parts in front of him.

"I did, briefly. They were a present from the Emperor Finbar of the planet Querubius Torrent. Lovely chap, liked to experiment. Unfortunately he ended up being dethroned when he decided his real life calling was to be a fish therapist."

"A fish therapist?" Amy found herself drawn back into their usual friendly chatter. She turned from the console and walked towards the stairs.

"Yes, he spent years learning to speak their particular dialect and in the end had to choose between being ruler of the Torrentians or surgically acquiring gills. They don't allow both you see." As she reached the bottom of the stairs he thrust a cable he was holding back into its external introducer and swung his hammock chair around to face her.

"I need you to hold this." He held out a metal contraption she didn't recognise. She extended her hand and he dropped it in.

She noticed he avoided touching her fingers.

"Is it broken?" She asked.

"In a way," he replied obscurely "It's changed setting for a reason I cannot fathom, and I need to use both hands on the sonic screwdriver to forcibly reboot it." Amy turned it over in her hands, feeling the cold, smooth surface. It was just part of a machine, and yet she knew in fact it was part of his precious TARDIS, the only thing in the world the Doctor could really depend on.

She felt as though she was a nurse holding the organ of a patient.

"Here," the Doctor stood up, rolling up his sleeves as he did so, and nodded his head at the hammock. She sat down on it, with the metal box held out in front of her as the Doctor picked up his screwdriver from the floor.

As he crouched down, one of the straps of his braces slipped off his shoulder, and Amy's heart seemed to skip a beat in her chest. She looked away quickly, back down at the TARDIS part, and letting out a quiet breath.

He was only a foot away, and as he looked around at her his fringe fell in front of his eyes. Suddenly he was just her Doctor. The one who had sat in her kitchen all those years ago eating fish fingers with custard. Her raggedy Doctor. She smiled at him, and he grinned back, his face lighting up.

"That's better! It's been too long since I last saw a happy expression on that face."

Remaining crouched on the floor, he put one hand under her two hands, raising them slightly so the part was at his eye level. His fingers were warm, and the contact triggered a rush of emotion in her chest. She realised she had missed him, missed the easy happiness that being in his company brought her.

He pointed his screwdriver at the contraption and used one hand to turn the head whilst the other pressed the button. The metal grew slightly warm in her hands, then suddenly very cold. She gasped at the sudden temperature change.

"Sorry!" He dropped the sonic screwdriver in his haste to pluck the part out of her hands. "The reaction can be slightly unpredictable." He turned and placed the box in slot under the console. The console lit up as soon as it made contact.

"That's better eh, old girl?" The Doctor patted the underside of the TARDIS's console affectionately.

Then, just as suddenly as they had come on, the lights flickered and died. Along with every light in the room.

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