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"I need to show her that your timeline is now tied to mine." She could feel his hearts beating, racing in fact. He was leaning closer, his green eyes piercing. She felt a little breathless, her lips parting almost involuntarily.

"And… how are you going to do that?"

He was so close she could see all the flecks sparking out from his pupils.

"By telling you my name." He breathed, before taking her mouth in a passionate kiss that melted her insides.

She pulled her lips out of the kiss with a breathless gasp.

"Y-you're going to tell me your name? Right now? Here?"

His eyebrows raised and he looked slightly lost.

"Well, yes."

His hand was still holding hers against his chest, where she could feel his hearts racing.

He's seen and done so much, but this is completely new to him.

She felt joy rising in her chest like bubbles in champagne, like the sparks in fireworks, and she grinned madly at him.

"Come on,"

"I can't believe I've never done this."

They were sat on the roof of the TARDIS, knees tucked up. Amy was cradled in the shelter of the Doctor's arm, her head on his shoulder. Foreheads together, they gazed at the stars and planets scattered through the velvety blackness above and around them.

"You should install a skylight."

"Amy the sight of the time vortex can drive a person insane."

She looked at the side of his face, lit by the blue light from below. There was a note of sadness in his voice, of some past tragedy. She supposed she would have to get used to that. He looked down at her, and smiled his boyish smile, before brushing his lips against hers. She ran her fingers through his hair, and as her eyelashes fluttered closed she felt his warm palms enclose her cheeks.


She sighed and opened her eyes. His face was so close to hers that his green irises were like planets. He stroked her cheekbones with his thumbs.

"My impossible beautiful Amy."

She felt breathless, her blood was singing in her veins.


But he shook his head, a gleam in his eyes, and leaned in to whisper in her ear, a word, or phrase, in a dialect she didn't understand: A word that the TARDIS did not or could not translate: A word that was like song, like verse: A word that poured into her mind like water and ice and fire.

As he pulled back and gazed steadily at her, she saw her own stunned expression reflected in his eyes, and in the eyes of her reflection was his reflected face. The word danced between them, tying, binding, electrifying.

She couldn't feel her feet from the cold, her back hurt from their uncomfortable sitting positions, the TARDIS roof was incredibly unforgiving against her backside, but her heart filled with so much elation that it felt like it was expanding in her chest, pushing against her ribs, bursting out of her in the most ecstatic of laughs. He drank in her laughter, the euphoric expression on her face, and felt truly complete for the first time in his very long memory.

He pulled her face to his and lavished it with kisses, fingers clenching in her fiery red hair, happiness and relief causing him to shake. He was weak with it, helpless before her, any previously erected barriers stripped and torn away. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him bodily towards her, pressing herself against him.

The stars and galaxies and supernovas moved around them, constant, undeviated, and they floated on the tiny blue box that was so much bigger on the inside, insignificant like insects, majestic like gods.

It was extremely difficult climbing back down, but they somehow managed it. When they got through the doorway he picked her up, arms cradling her, walking them both blindly across the console room and up the stairs. She clung to his neck, opening her mouth to his. His tongue against hers triggered a shiver of electricity through her, and she felt herself grow hotter.

He finally got them to the bedroom, and dropped her upside down on the bed. Before she could figure out what had happened he was bending over her, hands planted either side of her waist, hot mouth on the inside of her thigh. Reaching up over her head, she unzipped his trousers and dragged them down his legs. There was a deep growl from him as he stepped out of them and up onto the bed. Poised above her on all fours, he pulled off her skirt and returned his wet tongue to her bare skin.

She dragged her eyes away from the sight of his jaw, of his arms flexing as he dipped his head to lick towards where her legs met. Her gaze came to rest on his dark blue briefs, straining above her. She tilted her chin up and licked his tip, slowly enough that her saliva soaked through the material. He shivered and she felt his teeth graze her thigh.

No mercy.

She wrapped her lips around him, sucking and licking, until he in turn enveloped her center in his warm mouth, until his saliva was soaking through to her pleasure. They both tore at the offending garments, tugging them away with impatience. Now was not the time for games. This was raw need. She raised her head and took him in her mouth, running her tongue along his length and encasing him in her warm wetness. In response he sank two fingers into her, flicking her clit with his clever tongue. Their hips bucked, their voices harmonized as they groaned deeply, chests rumbling their combined desire.

As it did every time, his ministrations just made her want him more, giving her greater need for all of him. She let her head drop back onto the bed and she moaned for him. He responded immediately, rolling off her and pulling her on top of him. She pulled her shirt off over her head, and he absentmindedly undid the buttons of his shirt, attention focused on her as she exposed her porcelain breasts; hair a mess of flame, lips like swollen strawberries. She leaned down to him, pressing their bare chests together, hearts as close as they could be.

"Not close enough…" He breathed, and he softly but firmly took her hips and guided her onto him. She gasped and moaned as he sheathed himself inside her, filling her and completing her. Then they rocked, damp skin sliding, hands grasping, sighing and panting together. He ran his hands up her sides, feeling her smooth skin, reaching her breasts and molding them in his palms. Then he began to flick her nipples with his thumbs, bucking his hips as he did so. The sharp tingling shiver of his hands working her breasts, the deep hot satisfaction of him slamming into her, again, again, again…

"Oh, yes…"

"Oh, yes!"

He rolled them both over and latched his mouth onto the skin of her shoulder, anchoring him to her as he moved his hips, deliciously sliding in and out of her, hitting her perfectly, one hand creeping between her legs to satisfy every part of her. She stroked her hands down his back, feeing his muscles work as he moved against her, and as the familiar feeling began to gather and focus on where their bodies joined, she dug her fingers in.

They captured the moment in a long messy desperate passionate kiss, limbs quaking, pleasure rolling through them. Their bodies relaxed as their movements slowed, and they were left entwined, sweaty and blissful.

The TARDIS shuddered and a wheezing noise echoed through her corridors. The Doctor, ears ever tuned to her, immediately sat up.

Amy grumbled.

"Don't go now…"

But he had her hand, and was pulling her up, out, through the corridors, bare feet slapping on the metal flooring, joyful laughter reverberating ahead and behind and around them.

"Me and you, Amelia Pond!" He called back to her. "All times and all places!"

He looked back at her, her flaming red hair streaming behind as she galloped with him. She spread her arms out as if she were flying.

"Always!" she crowed.

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