Chapter 1 : ''Whaaaaaa'?!''

''Daaaad!Did you see my black trenchcout?''

''Chloe!I told you all ready 2 times!No!'' I can't find my head in this house and she's asking me about a trenchcout...

''Found it!You don't have to get mad...''

''What?! , I have to get mad!Just look at this place!It's a mess!''

''Calm down!It's not my fault that you fired the housekeeper!''

''Well,she was stealing!I can't allow to be stolen in my own house!''

''You know what?Let's go!I don't wanna be late to my party.''
''Ok,let's go.''

Oh,hi!I'm really sorry!I'm Chloe. Chloe Saunders.I'm 17. Ok,tomorrow I will be 17. Tomorrow is my birthday .I live alone with my father. My mother died in a car crash when I was only 4. I don't have many memories of her. How I said, I live with my dad. He's the only family I have. Well,that's what I thought,untill...

''Chloe!Chloe,wake up!C'mon!Get up!We have to go!The car is going to explode!'' Said a women. Wait, who is she?What car? Where am I?

''What...''That's the only thing I could say. I opened my eyes and saw blood. Wait!I'm in the car!My father's car!Where is he?I turned my head to the left and saw...

''Daaad!No!Daddy!Wake up!''I tried to reach him,I wanted to wake him up

''Chloe!He's gone,Chloe!''said the strange women..

''No!''I yelled.

''I'm sorry,Chloe!I really am!But we have to go now!We don't have time!''

''No!I'm not leaving him here!I'm not!''

''But the car will explode!''

''I don't care!'' I reached his arm. I wanted to grab it and never let it go!That's my daddy!I can't let him there!He has to wake up!He's gonna wake up, and we'll be just fine!We'll go back home, to our messy home, and he's gonna make us dinner...I was crying...Like I never did before...
The women managed to pull me out of the car. I screamed.

''No,no,no,no,no,no!My daaaaaaddy!Don't live him there!He needs me!I need him!He's the only thing I've got...''
And then I passed out. I don't know for how long, but when I opened my eyes, it was all gone. Was that a dream?I tried to stand up..Ouch!My whole body was hurting like a train has passed over me...Where am I?..

''Hello..?'' I said...

And then I realized that it wasn't a dream...But where am I?It's not a hospital...I'm in a walls look like wooden. There wasn't much...Just the king size bed where I was lying, a little table with a glass of water on the left of the bed and a chair on the right...On the chair are my clothes...

''Oh, you're awake!''Said a women voice coming from the door.

''Who...who are you?where am I?What happened to me?My dad...where..''

''Ok,ok.I know you have a lot of questions. But first of all, let me introduce myself. I'm a doctor. My name is Lauren. Your mother was my sister. And you're in a camp for supernatural kids.''


So that's all for now.I hope you guys like it and...if you do,then I'm gonna write more,if not...Then not.:D