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Ikuto: *gasp!* Amu and I are roommates?! My life is complete! *cries tears of joy*

Amu: Wait what?! No, please no!

You know was sucks? Rooming with the hottest guy at Seiyo High. Weird huh? But you know what sucks even more? The fact that he constantly flirts with me even thought he's completely aware of the fact that I have a sweet and caring boyfriend. It's only been like 7 months and I'm already going insane

Most girls I know would probably be excited that they're getting attention from him, and would most likely break up with their boyfriends just to satisfy the pompous jerk. But not me. I actually can't stand him! He's annoying, arrogant, and just by far the most irritating person I know. And quite frankly, I don't enjoy living with him because of the amount of girls that go in and out of our condo. He's the reason why I barely get any sleep.

Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Just the thought of that name makes my blood boil.

I know what you're thinking though.'Why don't you just move out?'. Believe me, I've thought about it for years now, but no matter how much I look, I can't seem to find any condos in town as cheap and beautiful as this one, however, I've been saving up for about 5 years now and I definitely plan on moving out by the end of high school.

Ever since the day I lost her I've been saving every penny.

I shuddered as I remembered the scene. Her body laid motionless on the floor, drenched in blood as he hovered over us with a triumphant smirk plastered on his face.

"Ami! Wake up Ami! Please don't leave me!" I rocked her back and forth while tears streamed down my face.

I shook my head trying to erase that disgusting memory before getting out of bed, grabbing a towel, and making my way down the hall to the bathroom so I could shower.

After my shower, I quickly dried myself and ran back to my room before Ikuto saw me. He has a habit of ogling at my legs and other parts. Pervert.

When I got to my room, I slipped on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a plain white shirt with my black leather jacket over it before straightening my bubble-gum pink hair and letting it fall freely past my shoulders ending just above my waist.

Before heading to the kitchen, I put on my usual bracelets on my left wrist.

When I got there, I saw Ikuti sitting on the little island in our kitchen that connected to our living room, in nothing but a pair of basket ball shorts. He has another habit of not wearing shirt. Something about feeling liberated. I never listen to him half the time. His dark blue hair was sticking out in different places, as his navy blue eyes roamed a page in the newspaper he was holding while sipping a cup of coffee.

"Ass off the counter." I scolded while grabbing a bowl, some milk, and cereal.

"Screw off strawberry. I'm really hung over and not in the mood to be nagged." He groaned while placing the coffee and newspaper down and slowly rubbing his temples to ease the pounding headache he got from all that alcohol he consumed last night.

I rolled my eye as I took my bowl of cereal into the living room and plopped down on the couch with the remote in hand so I could turn on the TV. "Trust you to get completely wasted on a school night."

He childishly stuck his tongue out at me and mumbled 'party pooper' under his breath thinking I couldn't hear him.

After finishing up my breakfast, I put on my sneakers, grabbed my book bag, and my motorbike keys before leaving the condo.

I sighed while slowly running a hand over the leather seat of my motorbike when I got outside.

Aside from my eyes, this was the last thing keeping my from forgetting my mom.

I felt tears threatening to fall as I remembered how much my mom loved motorbikes. It was the red and black Ducati 845 that she had bought a few months before my 10th birthday. She had said that when I was old enough, she would give me the bike seeing as I was the tomboy between my sister Ami and I. She liked pink convertibles and purses, while I like motorbikes and sneakers. She was a daddy's girl, and I clung to our mom. My mom bought that bike for me because she hoped that one day her and I would be able to ride them every where, and have fun cleaning them together and do all sorts of stuff with them. She had her own. Hers was a black and white Kawasaki Ninja that she got back when she was in high school and it was still in great shape.

I wiped a tear that slid it's way down my cheek as I remembered how much my mom loved that bike. To her it was like her 3rd child. I truly wish that she was still here so we could do all those things she hoped to do with me. But it's too late. That same day had been the last day I would ever see my mom cause in a flash. She was gone.


Quickly, I composed myself and put on my helmet before getting on and driving to school.

Once I got to school, I went to my locker to get my books for Biology.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes. I froze at first. I was pretty sure who it was, but I still felt uneasy. I didn't really like it when people touched me.

"Morning babe." I relaxed when I heard my boyfriend, Hotori Tadase, whisper in my ear.

I giggled. "Morning Tadase-kun"

He did this every day and I thought it was so cute. I turned around and quickly pecked his lips before waving goodbye while walking backwards. He gave me a confused look. "Sorry, I'm running a little late. I'll see you during 2nd period."

Usually in the morning him and I just spend our free time before class at my locker just talking and stuff, but today I came a little bit later than usual so there wasn't much time for that.

When I got to class, it was only half full.

Guess I wasn't as late as I thought I realized while taking a seat next to my best friend Moshiro Rima.

"Hey big bird." She greeted when I sat down. She called me 'big bird' because I was taller than her. But what she doesn't realize is that everyone is taller than her and usually people are when you're only like 5'2. Which is quite sad since she's in her senior year and yet she's the size of a 6th grader.

"Hey chicken little." I shot back with a smirk.

She growled at me, slightly baring her teeth.

"Me-ow, someone's a little feisty today." I teased.

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever, so are you going to Kiba's party this weekend?"

I shrugged. "Maybe."

"Aww come on! Don't be such a party pooper." My eye twitched. Why do people call me that? I've been to tones of parties before, how's missing one making me a party pooper?

"I didn't say 'no' so don't complain! Plus, I don't have anything to wear so that's why I probably won't go."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I've got you set."

I smiled. Rima has always been there for me and I was so grateful to have her in my life. I just hope that I don't lose her too.

My smile weakened. At times I couldn't help but feel a little bit of guilt settling in my stomach for not telling her about my family. She trusted me with all her secret. Hell! She trusted me with her brothers secrets too! But I never had the guts to tell her the real reason why I lived in a condo with Ikuto instead of at home with my family. Like most people, I told her that I had freedom issues, so I moved out when I was in my junior year. Luckily, they all believed my with no questions asked.

No one knew about my family, and I hoped it stayed that way. I don't need anybodies pity.

"Okay, come by around..." I trailed off, thinking about what time Ikuto will most likely be gone. He tends to leave early when it comes to parties. "maybe 8:30, 9ish."

She nodded. Soon after, Ikari-sensei entered the classroom and began his lesson.

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