Skyl3r-M0on: this is just a short little epilogue, I hope you like it.

"Ne, Ikuto...?" I said while approaching him. Him, Nagi, and Kukai were playing video games, but he was the only one sitting on the coffee table.

"Yeah?" He mumbled. His attention was completely fixated on the game.

"What have I said about sitting on the table?" I asked annoyed. I swear, he'll never learn.

"That tables are for glasses, not for asses." He recited.

"Exactly," I said sternly. "so get off the table idiot."

Groaning, he got off the table and moved around it before plopping in between the other guys. Not once did his eyes leave the screen. I rolled my eyes. What boys.

"When's the pizza getting her?" I hear Rima whine from the hall way. Utau was following right behind her. Yeah weird right? But yeah, after we all graduated Utau met Kukai at the community college and they've been dating ever since. She got over trying to get Ikuto and Nagi real quick and it was only then did we all become friends.

"Yeah I'm starving!" Utau groaned.

"So are we!" All the guy said in unison.

"Uh yeah none for you," I said pointing at the three of them. "the pizza's for us."

"But babe," Ikuto grumbled.

"Don't babe me," I shot at him. "that's your punishment for sitting on the table."

"Hey Kukai and I were good, we were on the couch the whole time." Nagi pointed out.

I shrugged, he had a point. "Fine, only you two can have pizza."

As if on que, there was a knock on the door. I went and opened it, paid for the pizza then made my way to the kitchen. The plates were already out so everyone just came and grabbed a slice before getting a seat in the living. Well everyone got pizza except for Ikuto.

"Amu, don't be like that!" He whined while squeezing in between Rima and I. She yelled at him, but he didn't seem to noticed as he wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled his nose in the crook of my neck, making me squirm.

"Off!" I whined. "Now!

I was holding my plate up slightly so that he couldn't get to it, but that did stop him. I clearly underestimated how long his arms were. He manages to grab a slice off of my plate before sitting back up and taking a bite.

I glared up at him and let out a slight growl. "You're impossible."

"I love you." He said dragging out the word 'love'. He leaned down and pecked my cheek and I cringed. His lips were greasy from the pizza and I wiped my cheek.

Time Skip

"So how far have you gone with Ikuto?" Rima asked me.

"Make out." I said not missing a beat.

"I call bullshit!" Utau yelled.

I rolled my eyes. "I swear!"

Utau looked confused."Then what about all that stuff you were saying about pleasing him we were in high school?"

I waved my hand at her. "That was all for you to stay away from him."

She scowled. "Should've known."

I chuckled. "You believed every word of it too."

"Yeah yeah, let it go."

After we all finished eating, the girls and I retreated to my room. We'd been in here talking about our boyfriends for about an hour now and I was getting tired of it. Utau was going on and on about how sweet and perfect Kukai was and how he was the best at cuddling and it was getting old and once she got tired of talking about him, she turned the tables and asked us questions. Some a lot more sexual than you'd think.

"Let's go watch a movie!" Rima offered. She could tell I was getting bored and vice versa. She wasn't really the type that liked to go on about her personal relationships with other people.

"I second that." I said getting up from the bed. The followed behind and we walked into the living room to see the guys still playing videos games. They'll never quit will they.

"Can we watch a movie?" Utai asked sweetly. The last time we asked they shot us down instantly.

"Uh yeah when we're done." Nagi said.

"How long's that gonna be?" Rima asked.

"About an hour, maybe longer." Ikuto answered.

"That's not fair! You guys have had the tv like all day!" I said.

"Sorry babe, but this game is important to us."

"More important than us?" Rima asked as she stepped up and glared at them all.

They all stuttered and mumbled response but no one spoke up.

"That's what we thought." We all said before I snatched the tv remote from the table and turned off their game. I picked a random one and before I knew it all the girls were cuddling with their boyfriends as we watched Dear John.

This had become a pretty frequent thing happening every weekend, or whenever we were free. I didn't mind, and I had a lot of fun with them, and I could do this over and over again to be honest. These guys were like my family now, and I loved them. They're what saved me.

Skyl3r-M0on: Yes there will be a sequel, it's gonna be called "My Turn to Save You", I think the title kind of says it all I guess.

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