Andy stood at the entrance of the house. He'd wanted desperately to come visit Sharon before, but he'd thought that she should have some time to recover; but after she didn't come to work he just had to see her.
He rang the doorbell and waited.
"Who is it?" Sharon asked without opening the door. She was too afraid.
"Sharon, it's me, Andy Flynn. I wanted to visit you"
Sharon slowly opened the door and peered out at him. He thought she looked a mess; her face was bare from make-up, her hair was really messy and she looked exhausted. His heart broke.
"Come in, Andy."

They sat on the couch in silence. He was so distracted by the sight of his Captain. This wasn't the Sharon Raydor he knew anymore.
"Is everything okay? Honestly?" He asked softly.
"Honestly? No Andy, nothing's okay."
They'd been friends for a long time and Sharon felt safe with him. She could tell him anything that bothered her. She felt so relieved to have him there and so she told him everything; about her nightmares, about the fear that she would loose Brenda and all about being held hostage that day.
"You need help" He just said.
"No I don't. I have Brenda and I have you. Everything will be fine. One day at a time."
"No it won't and you know it. You have to talk to someone who can see this all objectively. Please, Sharon, do it for me, for Brenda and for your own sake."
"I'll think about it." She answered simply.

After Andy left she did think , long and hard. Should she go?

Brenda was stuck at the office. It was already late and she wanted so desperately just to go home. She felt so guilty about leaving Sharon alone. Grabbing her things she abandoned her paperwork. She needed to get home.
Yet it was weird to call it home. She never thought that she would ever call a house a home. After separating from Fritz everything had been a mess. She'd left because of Sharon, that much was obvious; but she'd never thought that the other woman felt the same for her. But Sharon does and Brenda is beyond happiness.
She loves this woman. She really loves her.
Brenda arrived home. Before turning the key she always called out that it was her, so Sharon wouldn't be afraid.
She entered the house, kicked of her heels and threw her purse in a corner. She saw Sharon standing in front of her with a small smile.
"I'm so glad you're home, Brenda" and nearly ran into her arms. Brenda hugged her tightly like the world depended on it. "How are you?" She whispered into Sharon's ear. "Better now" she answered simply. Brenda placed a kiss on Sharon's neck and released her from the embrace.

Several hours later they sat on the couch. Sharon lay in Brenda's lap and Brenda stroked her hair. Then Brenda spoke: "I talked to Andy today after he visited you"
"Yes. It was great to see him again."
"He told me that he thinks you need some help. What do you think about that, honey?"
Sharon didn't answer at first. Some time passed before she whispered through tears "I guess he's right."
"I agree. Sharon, look at me. You're not weak; you know that, don't you?"
She nodded. She wanted this so desperately to be over. She wanted to enjoy her life with Brenda.
"I love you" She whispered.
Brenda pulled her up into her arms so that Sharon was sat on her lap. She hugged her tightly and said: "I love you, too. I'm so happy to have you in my life. Never leave me Sharon. I couldn't handle it. You're everything to me. We'll get over this. Together. Together for the rest of our lives, if you want to."