Chapter 1

Albus Dumbledore walked through a secret passage in Hogwarts purposefully. With him were James Potter, Lily Potter, Sirius Black, Dan and Jane Granger, and Arthur and Molly Weasley.

"Albus?" Molly asked nervously as they practically ran through the dark corridor.

"Do not worry Molly. Your children are safe though what they are engaging in is anything but." Dumbledore's voice was hard as they neared a particular door in the seventh floor.

The parents looked at each other in worry, all of them thinking of their troublesome children as they neared the door. Dumbledore wasted no time in banging open the door.

They found a gaggle of teens on the floor in various states, shielding their eyes. The adults themselves shielded their eyes as they entered for in the middle of the bare room was the brightest light they had ever seen.

Dumbledore quickly whipped out his wand and approached forward, followed by the adults just as the light began dying down. The teens all stood up, dusting themselves off as they stared at their parents in fear. The adults looked at them with identical narrowed eyes but they were more interested in the fading light in the middle.

In the middle, a sole figure stood surveying them in amusement. Ethereally beautiful, she spoke in a melodious voice, "Who has summoned me?"

Dumbledore moved to speak but found himself completely paralyzed along with the other adults. The teens looked at each other before the leader, Danny Potter cleared his throat nervously and spoke, "We did."

"And why?" she still sounded amused.

"My delinquent brother resurrected Voldemort before dying. We want you to defeat Voldemort for us" Danny said earnestly.

She laughed and it sent haunting chills up everyone's spine.

"Silly boy, I do not fight for anyone. But since you have summoned me, I shall grant you this favor. I am bringing forth a Voldemort of the future, one who has been reigning supreme for more than six centuries to replace your current Voldemort."

"No!" there was a collective horrified gasp.

The woman toyed with a stray blond curl on her shoulder as she raised an eyebrow, "Along shall come your savior also alive for more than six centuries. Broken and defeated, he is the one and only one who can save you but he shall not, choosing instead to serve Voldemort."

There was silence before Dumbledore found himself able to speak, "Who is he?"

She grinned and snapped her fingers, "In the future, in a world where Voldemort rules supreme, he has undergone more pain than any should bear. And yet his loyalty is forever spoken for. His name was once a source of hope throughout the world though six centuries from now, it only inspires fear and dread. He is Voldemort's primary lieutenant and is the only one who can save you."

"Do we know him or was he born at a later time?" Dumbledore asked displaying clear presence of mind.

The woman looked impressed, "You are cleverer than the average human, Dumbledore. You all know him. In fact many of you are related to him."

Everyone looked at each other before Lily gasped out loud, "Harry?"

The woman didn't reply and instead vanished in another influx of bright white light. When the light faded this time, it was to reveal a man also shielding his own eyes from the light.

He quickly jumped to his feet to glare at them, even as his eyes began adjusting. The first that struck them was his eyes, emerald green, they seemed to exhibit pain and hatred so deep that it cut into anyone the gaze fell on. Then was the black cloth that was wrapped from right under his nose to the beginning of his neck and tied at the back of his head, underneath the shoulder length silver and black hair pulled into a ponytail. The lightning bolt that was the mark of the boy-who-lived was oddly missing on his forehead and instead, a dark mark was emblazoned right in the middle of his head. Dressed in black slacks and a silver robe, Harry looked to be in his twenties, not fourteen as he had been a few months back.

Harry stared at them for a few seconds briefly wondering how the hell these people were alive. But his sanity was shortlived as his eyes found James Potter. All rationality abandoned him instantly as rage erupted in every fiber of his being. Uncontrollable, he didn't register the shock on James's face as he jumped on top of the man and began pounding him again and again. He was quickly blasted back by several wands but that didn't last long as he pulled James Potter by the collar, snarling as he cocked his fist and pounded him again.

Dumbledore watched in alarm and shock as Harry or who he assumed was Harry jumped on James like a madman. When his spells stopped working in pulling him back, he signaled Sirius and Arthur to take over. As they pulled him back, he looked at the dark mark on his left forearm, exposed as the men dragged Harry back, kicking and not screaming. Wondering why, Dumbledore looked at his mouth trying to see past the black cloth concealing it.

But he was interrupted by Harry suddenly hissing as though in pain. His right hand pressed to the dark mark on his forehead and his left to his chest, Harry effortlessly pulled back from the two men and staggered out the door. Running to catch up with him, Dumbledore arrived with the others just as Harry reached the great hall.

They all stopped in shock at the entrance to the Great hall. The tables that marked the four houses were gone along with the head table. Instead, on the raised platform where the head table was located was a single throne where sat the most feared dark lord in history, Voldemort. He looked much the same as he did since he was resurrected a few months back as he surveyed the group in interest. His snakelike eyes narrowed as they took in Dumbledore and James Potter alive and well.

Harry paid no heed to what they were looking at however as he walked up to the dais. His stomach clenched as it always did when he neared the dark lord, knowing just what he had to do. If anyone could see his eyes, they would see the shame and hatred burning in the avada kedavra green irises. But long since used to it and knowing he could never be anything more than he was, Harry walked right up to the throne, bowed his head and sank to his knees next to Voldemort's feet.

"Well, well, well what do we have here?" Voldemort spoke, a smirk on his face as he surveyed the newcomers. He idly twirled Harry's ponytail as he looked at the group walking forward. Wanting to raise his head more than anything to look at what was going on, Harry controlled himself, keeping his eyes trained on Voldemort's boots lest the dark lord decided to pluck his eyes out.

"Tom." Dumbledore spoke dryly.

Voldemort's eyes narrowed even further and he clenched Harry's hair in his fist making him wince in pain.

"Dumbledore, I see you are responsible for bringing me from my empire?"

James and Lily looked at each other, appalled at how far their son had fallen. James had a black eye and several bruises though he didn't care about them as much as he looked at the kneeling figure next to the dark lord. Dumbledore was speaking but James couldn't take his eyes off of Harry. He was so thin, emaciated even and his face was barely distinguishable as his son's. And the anger… the fury with which Harry had looked at him. He had never ever seen anyone, not even his wife, hold so much anger in them. Something terrible had happened to him and it was clear Harry blamed him for it.

Dumbledore stopped speaking as Voldemort turned to look at Harry, his eyes flashing. He yanked back on Harry's hair making him look up. Harry hissed slightly as he averted his eyes. Blood was pooling into his mouth as his scalp burned and old wounds were reopened. The bolt lodged through his lips and tongue scratched painfully at his throat at the action and Harry began feeling faint. But unfortunately blood loss much like anything else wouldn't kill him. he was immortal as long as Voldemort lived and he hated it. But one thing remained true through all their centuries. The fire with which he had opposed Voldemort in the beginning of his enslavement had long since been beaten out of him. The dark lord's cruelty had broken him and he would never raise his voice to him, let alone disobey him in any way.

Voldemort growled at the slave, "GO kill them, pet." And with that the dark lord retrieved a silver wand from his robe and handed it to Harry. Harry took it without any reaction and turned to the Order members.

Before they could even move Harry cast the first spell, wordlessly. That seemed to shock most in the group but they retaliated in full force with the most force coming from Dumbledore, James Potter and Sirius Black. But they were no match for Harry. Lily and Molly quickly found themselves in charge of herding the teens away from the battle and defending them. But they had no need to.

Harry moved like a machine, unthinking. Uncaring, he attacked without prejudice not even bothered by the fact that he had a personal connection with them all. Voldemort smirked and watched in satisfaction as Harry made quick work of them. Not used to wordless magic, the wizards had no way of fighting back especially without knowing what spells Harry was casting. In no time at all, Harry had everyone except Voldemort bound in rope in the center of the room.

"Kill James Potter first!" Voldemort commanded, relishing the look on the elder Potter's face way too much.

Completely unfazed, Harry pointed his wand at James's head and said the command to kill in his mind. Lily screamed and just as the green light shot out of Harry's wand, Voldemort commanded, "No wait!"

Harry turned just a little causing the curse to travel to a spot just above James's head, singing his hair in the process. James gaped at Harry as he heard Lily crying in relief next to him. Harry had turned around to look at Voldemort, his eyes smoldering. He asked telepathically, "My lord?"

Voldemort cocked an eyebrow at him and Harry fell silent as he stepped to the side and looked at the people tied up. Harry could hear his former family and friends shouting at him for being a coward but words had no effect on him any longer. Only pain did.

Voldemort snapped his fingers and spoke, "I have done some thinking and I am going to let you go."


Voldemort smirked and the restraints all disappeared, "Indeed you heard correctly. I am going to let you go because I want to hunt you and kill you. This is too easy."

Dumbledore rubbed his hands where the rope had been chafing as he stood up. Around him the others stood as well. Harry's hands were balled up into fists as he looked at Voldemort with smoldering eyes. He wanted to hurt them so badly!

But the dark lord only smirked at him, "Come here."

The fire in Harry's eyes died and he would have sighed if it didn't hurt so much. Instead he walked over to Voldemort, handed the wand in his hand to him and knelt dutifully at his feet.

"What have you done to him?" Lily shouted angrily, breaking the silencing spell cast on them.

Voldemort glanced at Harry again before looking at her with a raised eyebrow, "What have I done with him? Woman, it was you and your husband that gave him to him. I merely redeemed him."

Lily growled and moved to attack him. Quickly James and Dumbledore caught a hold of her hands stopping her from moving forward. Voldemort looked entirely amused by it all though Harry kept his gaze directed completely at his feet.

Dumbledore sent a speculative glance at Harry before nodding to Voldemort, "Fawkes!"

The phoenix appeared in a flash of flames and something seemed to pass between the age man and the bird. In one move that Voldemort didn't have the time to combat, Fawkes flew to Harry's shoulder and flashed him away. Not even a millisecond later, the bird returned and flashed the others away. The last thing heard in Hogwarts was Voldemort's furious snarl.

Harry growled deeply as he found himself suddenly whisked away from the room. Landing in the ground, he didn't even have time to blink before nearly fifteen wands were trained on him.

"Who the hell are you?" a voice snarled. Harry blinked at the sight of Kingsley Shacklebolt but didn't have to answer as another flash announced the arrival of the rest of the Hogwarts gang. Dumbledore didn't waste any time in saying, "Kingsley, if you would please shackle our guest's hands behind his back?"

Kingsley looked at the man with a frown but pulled out his standard auror shackles. Harry's eyes showed unparalleled fury again as he found himself in what had to be their headquarters. And before anyone could blink, he dropped and kicked Kingsley as he pressed his hands to his back, turned and plucked the man's wand right out of his pocket. Wordlessly, he twirled the wand around casting a spell that suddenly created several clones of himself in the room. And before anyone could figure out who the real Harry was, he pressed his dark mark and apparated.