Chapter 9

"Here lies Harry James Potter, beloved student and friend who did more to save the people of the world than any ever in the history of the universe" Dumbledore placed a red rose on the gravestone in Godric's Hollow.

"Here lies Harry James Potter, beloved son who even when betrayed by his family sought to do right and save the world" James placed the rose a little above the bouquet left by the others.

Lily sobbed as she spoke, "Here lies Harry James Potter, beloved son and angel of my heart who cared so much about the people of the world that he sacrificed his life for them."

Danny went next, his eyes red from crying, "Here lies Harry, beloved twin and closest friend I have ever had who even in the face of the epitome of evil stood brave and strong setting an example for one and all."

Lastly Tonks went forward, "Here lies Harry James Potter, who I have loved since I met him. Kind, brave and true, he is the noblest soul to ever live. May we honor you and may you rest in peace" She placed the white lily on the grave and stepped back.

Everyone in the small ceremony stood, "May he rest in peace."

"He is finally free" Danny said, placing an arm around his mother and father's shoulders. Lily's pregnant belly was larger than ever as she smiled weakly at him. They walked away leaving Tonks to stare at the gravestone in sadness.

In the shadows of the graveyard, a lone figure stood up. Dressed in a black robe, he looked exceptionally handsome with emerald green eyes and messy black hair. His face was scarless and his smile broad as he walked over to her.


Tonks whipped around at the sound and paled as she saw the figure standing there. Whipping out her wand, she asked, "Who… who are you?"

Harry smirked. "You just told me you loved me. Surely you know?"

Tonks's eyes narrowed, "You are doing a bad job of imitating Harry Potter. He had much more scars on him you know?"

Harry laughed and walked forward, "It is me Tonks. I just killed myself with a sword from my stomach. Believe me now?"

Tonks' wand clattered to the floor. No one else knew that secret of the battle. Harry walked closer to her and pressed his hands into her soft brown hair. She had left her appearance like the day they had met in the prison complete with the nondescript appearance and bright blue eyes.

Harry pushed her face to his and kissed her passionately. When he pulled back, Tonks was breathless, "How… how are you alive?"

Harry shrugged, "I am not really alive." He pulled up his left sleeve to reveal a tattoo of hellfire and a skull where the dark mark had been.

"Hades didn't want me to rot in hell but he had to punish me for all the centuries of crimes I had committed. My punishment is that I basically belong to him. I can live in the human world but I have to act as a grim reaper of sorts – killing those whose time is up."

Tonks grinned, "You are back!"

Harry smirked and knelt on the ground. He pulled out a small box from his pocket and opened it, "I am. Nymphadora Andromeda Tonks, will you marry me?"

Tonks nodded as he slipped the ring onto her finger before standing.

"Great! Now lets go!" And with that Harry and Tonks apparated away from Britain with the intention to never return.

But something was stirring. Deep in the bowels of the rebuilt Azkaban, a new evil opened its eyes intending to take over the world.