The Twelve Days of Storybrooke Christmas

Authors note - well, this came to me whilst I was working at my local castle the other day (yes I do work at a castle and yes it is awesome. No Rumple though - well not that I know of.. enough chipped mugs around mostly my making !) Anyway tangent aside this is based around the popular Christmas tune the twelve days of Christmas - Mr Gold normally hates the season to be jolly but with Belle in his life he's determined to make this a Christmas to remember. Please take the time to review it means alot to me and I will reply personally to every review - constructive criticism welcome but no flames please .

Prologue -

It was Gold's least favourite time of the year. The festive season. He didn't mind it per se but he had lived on his own for a long time with little joy in his life but causing others to fear him so it held little draw. He hated it being colder than normal as it caused his knee to ache. He hated the ice and snow because walking on a knee that was shattered by the loom his mother had once used was made a hundred times harder when there was the threat of slipping on black ice every twenty paces. On top of all this there was the glitter and the singing and the general fluffiness of it all which was just not something that gelled well with his personality. So normally he just bought a bottle of Taliska whiskey and some good food and holed himself up in his house for the duration. This year however this was not going to be an option. For this year he had Belle.

Belle as almost his polar opposite of course loved everything to do with Christmas. Well apart from Santa, she thought the idea of a fat man coming down the chimney and leaving presents a bit terrifying especially since she had read The Grinch. But she had decked out the house for the season. A giant tree decorated in red and gold was in the living room. There were garlands of holly and ivy and tinsel down the banisters , oh and the wreath on the door . The thing that got to him more than anything was the amount of Christmas music she listened to it seemed to never cease. He wanted to be part of this happy experience for her though, a big part. It was her favourite song that gave him the idea - he could manage twelve days of making her happy and being part of her Christmas experience. He might want to shoot the next set of carollers who knocked on their door and were subsequently invited in by Belle for mulled wine and mince pies. But twelve days he could manage surely? He wasn't entirely sure but he was going to try his very best .