So, i can't wait for both breaking dawn part two, and TVD season 4, so i decided to mix them together and make a crossover. now it's the first crossover i have ever done, so i found it slightly challenging trying to mix the two completely different portrayals of the supernatural world. I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as i have enjoyed writing it, and please review, they inspire me to carry on writing :)

Bella's P.O.V

As I lift the sleeping form of my daughter from Edwards Volvo; a car I greatly preferred to the 'After car', I wonder aimlessly what Edward wanted to tell me. On the phone he had said it was a surprise, but he knows my opinion on surprises; I hate them!

I start to walk towards the house, but a rustle from the trees behind me stopped me. I immediately whirled around, but soon caught the familiar scent…disgusting, but familiar

"Hey Jake" I said softly to the large Russet wolf emerging from the bushes. "You coming up to the house? Edwards got a surprise." I groaned theatrically at the end

The huge wolf made a sort of crooning noise from deep within his chest, I took it as a yes. The wolf pulled back it's lips to reveal a huge set of teeth, his tongue lolling out to the side; he was grinning.

As if sensing his presence, Renesmee stirred in my arms. I had gotten used to the though of my baby someday being with my best friend; however ridiculous the idea was.


Back at the house I wandered towards the lounge area where I could hear Alice and Edward having one of their silent conversations, closely followed by Nessie and Jake.

"Edward" I said into the empty space, he was there in less than a second, grabbing my waist gently…well, gently to me. It would probably have crushed a human; how Edward had managed to be with me when I was human was a mystery to me.

I kissed him gently, but passionately; my desire for Edward was never satisfied, in fact it never even came close.

"Urgh" came Jake's disgusted protest "Your mom and dad are soppy Nessie" he complained.

Nessie placed one of her sweet little hand on Jake's face, telling him something through her thoughts…she was one amazing child.

"So, what's the surprise?" I say, turning back to my loving husband, staring in amazement at his face, sparkling in the sunlight; I don't think I'll ever get used to the perfection of Edward, but I loved the fact he was mine…all mine.

"Come with me, Alice wants to tell you" he said as he led me by the hand

An impending sense of doom settled in my gut, and I moved with an edge to my step. I really did hate surprises.

As we walked hand in hand into the lounge, Jasper gave a small chuckle, closely followed by Edward who had obviously just seen what jasper was laughing at.

6 vampires (and a werewolf!) all stared at jasper, willing him to share what was so funny

"It's Bella" he said, a trace of a smile in his voice

If I still had blood pumping through my veins, my cheeks would be bright red with embarrassment.

"You should have felt it Alice" He continued, talking directly to his mate "She really doesn't like surprises"

Everyone in the room let out a chuckle, they all knew I hated them, but yet they still insisted on giving me them!

"Let's put her out of her misery Alice" Rosalie said; our friendship had only gotten stronger after Renesmee's birth

It seemed everyone in the room knew but me; I was starting to get annoyed, and Jasper obviously picked up on that. He nudged Alice gently, signalling to her that I was becoming agitated. I hated being the centre of attention, but Alice seemed on a constant mission to get me exactly there.

"Okay" She said, excitement building up in her voice "We're going on Vacation!" She squealed excitedly, bouncing up and down happily

"Great" I said, trying (and failing) to put excitement into my voice, instead it came out as relief.

Edward laughed at my relieved expression; I had been expecting something big, like an extra wardrobe built into my already perfect house in the woods, or something equally as Alice-like. In comparison, a holiday wasn't bad at all…hell, I might even like it! It would be good for Nessie too, we could all do with a bit of light-hearted relief after the last few months of worrying about the wolves, and Renesmee, and before that, me giving birth to her.

It had been hectic, I'll give it that. But when has my life ever not been? Ever since I met Edward, life has thrown everything at us, both good and bad. But we dealt with it, and now we have a family. A proper family; and I finally found a world in which I fit in. being a vampire all comes so naturally to me, it's easy to forget that I'm only a few months old…still a newborn.

"A holiday?" I say finally, trying to break the silence that had fallen upon the room "To where?"

"A quaint little town called Mystic Falls, rather pretty if I do say so myself" Edward told me, and it was like his eyes were smiling at me; he deserved some happiness…we all did

"Have you been there before?" I ask, suddenly interested

"No" he admitted "But I saw it in Alice's Visions"

The light suddenly shone through the windows, and everyone sparkled. But I had eyes only for Edward; I smiled as the burning desire filled me, and I looked up at him, only to see the same longing reflected in his eyes. I kissed him forcefully, placing my arms around his sparkling neck. I never thought it was possible to hold this much love for one person, sometimes I swear I felt as though I could burst with love and desire for this one man…my husband.

Somewhere in the hazy fog someone cleared their throat loudly, bringing me crashing back down to earth

"In your own time" Emmett jibed

I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him

"Oooh, scary" He laughed, putting his arm round Rose, who smiled up at him.

Carlisle shifted in his chair, and began to speak

"Let's get back to what we were saying" He said as I leaned into Edward's side "It's not just a holiday; I read about these other vampires, called porteurs de décès, Which roughly translates as bringers of death. I always dismissed them, and thought they were myths, but I have reason to believe there may be one living there." He explained, and from the looks of concentration on the others faces, this was news to them too.

"So naturally we decided to investigate" Edward finished, taking the words right out of Carlisle's head…literally.

"You're going on holiday Nessie" Jake told her playfully "Am I invited?" He asked more seriously

"I don't see why not" Carlisle said slowly, Jake grinned

"Yeah, we'll need a babysitter…dog" Rosalie spat out sweetly

"Rosalie" Carlisle warned gently

"We'll bring you a dish and everything" she said, smiling

"That's enough baby" Emmett said, placing one of his paw sized hands on her knee.

"Mommy" Nessie said, reaching out for me the same time I dashed over to her "What's a…Ho-li-day?" She asked eagerly, she seemed to pick up that it was good; she just didn't know what it was.

I laughed at her innocence; she was so young, yet so different.

"It's a fun thing, where you go somewhere new for a little while, and you do lots of fun stuff with mommy and daddy" I told her happily, she was really going to enjoy it, I could tell that for sure.

But then she placed a worried hand on my neck, and the familiar feeling of my daughters thoughts flowed through me. There was a strong sense of sadness and the faces of Jake, Alice, Jasper and everyone else flashed before my eyes; she was worried they would miss out.

"Its okay" I told her, patting her hand reassuringly "They're coming too"

She smiled her dazzling smile and leaned back towards Jake, wanting to play

"No, it's time to go home Nessie" I told her gently but firmly "it's going to be a long day tomorrow"

She stuck her pet lip out and folded her arms across her chest stubbornly

"She is so like her mother" Emmett muttered to rose, and I glared at him.

"He's right, she looks like you when she does that" He chuckled, smiling softly at me.

Suddenly I got that rush of desire again, that burning impatience that lights up my whole body, every cell aches for him.

Jasper smiled "Wait till you get home Bella…for Emmett's sake at least"

This time it was me who was laughing, I forgot Jasper could feel it too. "Sorry Jasper"

Needless to say, once we got home we didn't hold back…not needing sleep had it's advantages!

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