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"Flight 759 to Virginia is boarding now; please make your way to the boarding gates in terminal 5. Thank you"

The voice on the overhead speakers rang out, and we all winced as the high frequency hurt our ears…of course, no human could hear the high pitch squeak that accompanied the female's voice.

Nessie was sat on my knee, and was extremely interested in everything; she barely ever left the house, we don't want the volturi getting wind of her existence. They'd either kill her, or bring her up as one of the guard; neither of which I wanted for my precious daughter.

"C'mon Nessie" Jake said as he lifted her off my lap "Time to go on the aeroplane!" He enthused; Nessie was intrigued by the thought of flying in a 'metal box' as she called it. But she was slightly worried that we might fall out, and no matter how hard we try to reassure her, she never quite gets the message.

I gathered the huge spotty pink atrocity that was my suitcase…not that I'd ever seen it before; nor any of the clothes inside it. Alice had gone shopping for us; it was a lucky dip to see what clothes we had when we got there, and pulled it easily behind me as if it weighed less than a feather. This strength has its advantages…

When we reached terminal 5, I groaned at the sight of the humongous Que. But Alice smiled her 'I've-got-this-covered' smile. She goes up to the Short blonde haired woman with Jasper and smiles sweetly

I use my hearing to listen to what they were saying, and I could see Edward doing the same.

"I made arrangements with your manager, we were to skip the Que, and get straight through into the VIP section of the plane" Alice was saying calmly, but I was sure Jasper was manipulating the woman's emotions

"Name please?" The woman stammered, nervous

"Alice Cullen"

The woman, who was now shaking slightly, had a rather short phone call her boss, who turned out to be one of Alice's many friends.

"So you did, well can I have your passports?" she asked, holding her hand out

"I'll just get my family" Alice said, gesturing to us; I could see the shock in her face as she saw 7 pale, beautiful and breathtaking people stood in a group, watching intently. Oh, and Jacob slinking towards the back still holding Renesmee.

"Oh, I didn't realise there were so many of you" the woman said slightly shocked, as Alice waved us forward. I lifted Renesmee from Jake and linked hands with Edward

First of all went Carlisle and Esme

"Is that your daughter?" The woman asked, nodding her head in Renesmee's direction

"No" Esme said quietly

"Oh" the woman said as she checked their passports.

Alice must have seen the Que in one of her visions and thought ahead, Renesmee and Jake wouldn't have been able to stand in a que that long, and Jake would have trouble enough on the plane. Once their wolf side has been released, they shy away from enclosed spaced, preferring the great outdoors. It makes them uncomfortable, but luckily the flight is only short.

Emmett and Rose went next

"Rosalie, pretty name" The woman said, now more visibly relaxed. I put this down to the fact jasper was too busy talking to Alice to bother manipulating any moods.

Rose smiled a convincing but fake smile and followed Esme and Carlisle onboard

I stepped forward with my husband and daughter next, letting go of Edward's hand to dig through the bag that held our passports

"Here, take Nessie" I told him as I handed her to him. She went willingly, and snuggled up against his shoulder…she was worn out.

"They're in here somewhere" I say, embarrassment clear in my voice.

Why do things like this always have to happen to me? It's always me that holds up this perfectly functioning family!

"I think they're in the front pocket love" My gorgeous husband said so low, only vampires would hear

I smiled back at him in thanks as I opened it and saw he was right.

I gave her his first, and she held it up to his face, comparing the photos. She nodded curtly, accepting it's him.

"I'll meet you in there" He said, handing me back our daughter and kissing me on the forehead.

I handed the lady Nessie's passport, and she did the same, but this time she made an effort to talk to me

"How old are you?" she asked curiously

"19" I said, rounding up my age a few years, just so I didn't have Nessie at something ridiculous like 14.

"They're getting younger and younger" she said "It'll only end badly, your boyfriend won't stick around for long"

In that moment all I saw was rage, my vision became tinted with red as I stared at this woman; never had I wanted to rip anybody's throat out, but I could gladly do it now. I was just thinking of how I would do it, when suddenly I was calm, and the rage had gone.

I looked over at jasper, who was working hard to get rid of the fury I had felt, I smiled at him in gratitude; I didn't want to kill someone in front of Renesmee.

"Husband" I said indignantly, showing her my wedding ring "we're married, and he loves our daughter very much"

"My daddy does love me" Nessie chimed, her bell-like voice was crystal clear

"She's pretty though" the woman said as she let us both through "But I'll still end badly"

I stormed through the little door; how could she…how COULD she?! That rude, selfish, mean, horrible old cow dared to say that my husband, my husband! Wouldn't stick around…how dare she.

Edward shot up and placed a restraining hand on my shoulder, he guided me towards my seat just as Alice, Jasper and Jake came through and took their seats too. Jasper eyed me warily, but Edward shook his head. He gently lifted Nessie out of my arms, and immediately my anger peaked even higher, I wasn't joking when I said Nessie calmed me. A red haze tinted my vision; nobody gets away with insulting my mate.

Once Nessie was buckled in, Edward pushed me down into my seat and held my face in his hands, guiding it to look at him

"Bella, it's okay" He said in his silky smooth voice, the only thing that could break through my hate aside from my daughter.

"No it's not Edward" I growled through gritted teeth "She insulted you!"

I had no idea why I was so angry at her; it wasn't that big of a deal.

Yes it is! The little voice in my head cried out, the little vampire voice.

"Bella, it's okay, I'm fine, you're fine" he said reassuringly "Don't get angry love, she's only a silly human, she probably got jealous" he told me, trying to calm me down

"What's wrong with Mommy?" Nessie demanded "Mommy!" She squirmed around, trying to get to me. When she realised she was strapped in, she started to cry.

As soon as I heard the first wail, I snapped right out of it; my concern for my daughter was the most important thing.

I yanked the belt off her and scooped her up in my arms, holding her close.

I leaned into Edward and together we held her tightly until she stopped crying and fell into a deep sleep; she had been worn out from the long day, and all the sitting about didn't help either.

Edward's P.O.V

I combed my fingers gently through Bella's hair as she leant her head against my shoulder, our daughter sleeping peacefully across our laps.

"Edward?" My perfect wife asked me "Why is it that I got so angry?" She twisted around to look at me; her features were sparkling in the sunlight we'd allowed into our private part of the plane. She was so perfect, so beautiful. I thought making her into one of us would turn her into a monster, or change her in someway, but in fact it has made her better. I can't even begin to describe the joy I get from not having to be careful, from not having to worry about breaking her. All those feelings I kept safely under control, the aching desire that I lived with everyday could finally be released and I can finally love Bella the way she deserves to…the way I wanted to.

"It's all part of the newborn stage, you're still very young. It's so easy to forget love, you act like your decades old" I tell her gently, breathing in her sweet scent. It was like Vanilla, with subtle undertones of Mint and freesia; odd but nice, so, so nice.

She told me my scent is like Milk and Honey, she thinks it's wonderful.

"I couldn't control it; you and Nessie are the only ones who could get through. I didn't like it"

I saw the pained expression on her face, and cupped her cheek in my hand, tilting her face up slightly

"That's what we have Jasper for" I chuckled softly, leaning down and kissing her softly but with passion, being careful not to jostle our sleeping daughter.

"Will you two love birds get a room?" Emmett complained loudly

I broke away from my sweet little Bella

"Need I remind you what you and Rose were like?" I retorted playfully

"The hostess will be here in two minutes, act human" Alice said suddenly, curling up against Jasper and pretending to be asleep

I quickly shut the little window to block out the light, and Bella settled back down onto my shoulder, listening intently to Debussy on my little iPod.

The doors slid open and in came two waitresses, just as Renesmee started to wake up.

She yawned and stretched, before looking around for Bella; relaxing as she found her face.

"Mommy" she half yawned, half whined sleepily, reaching out for a cuddle and wrapping her arms tightly around Bella's neck. I quickly put the kids channel on in half a second, just to keep up the human act

"Would you like a drink Sir?" The waitress asked me, batting her eyelashes

He's so checking me out!

I chuckled low and fast, so she wouldn't hear.

"No thank you, why don't you ask my wife?" I say politely, smiling as she scowled at the word 'wife'

Damn, all the good one's are married…he even has a kid!

"Ma'am?" She asked

Bella sat up and looked up at the waitress

"No thanks, Nessie, do you want anything?" She looked down at our perfect little girl, so angelic, so amazing.

Nessie scowled adorably; she was so like her mother when she did that

"There'll be nothing else until we get back to the hotel" I warned her, she put her hand on Bella's neck.

She brought up a picture of blood, human blood in a bottle, warmed up and ready for her to drink. She wanted to know when she would get nice food.

"Yes, you'll get some later" I murmur in her tiny ear

Her thoughts were smug after that.

Bella looked up at the expectant waitress, whose colleague had just come bounding over.

"Oh my goodness, she's so sweet! Can I hold her?" She enthused

Awww, so sweet. Her eyes remind me of my sister, but now lillie's gone and never coming back. I have to hold this perfect baby, I have to!

"Nessie, be good" I say as I nod to Bella, who handed over our little girl warily

"Awww, you're so pretty" She cooed as she held Nessie "What's her name?" She asked me

"Renesmee, but we all call her Nessie" Jake said from across the isle.

"Pretty girl" she said again as she handed her back to Bella. Nessie smiled at the hostess, showing off her pretty chocolate brown eyes.

"We'll be landing in 10 minutes, you might want to do up your belts soon." The nice hostess, Kate I think her name is, told us as she went out of the door.


Jasper's P.O.V

Alice was right; the sun was hidden behind the cloudy grey skies so it was safe for us to go out. But the again, when was Alice ever wrong?

"It's so pretty Jazz" She sighed happily, glad she was pleased.

I have to admit, it was pretty nice, very picturesque. The falls were a nice background noise to the everyday chitter-chatter of the people in the streets.

"You okay?" Alice asked me, her brow creasing with concern

"I'm fine" I tell her, and give her a quick kiss. I still struggled to control myself, but if I surround myself with a good emotional climate, it helps a lot. And luckily for me, Alice was always happy, and so was Bella most of the time.

I was glad she had come along, Edward had been alone for too long; he needed someone, someone to give him purpose again.

I had Alice, Carlisle had Esme, Emmett has Rose, and now Edward has Bella, and Nessie; a family of his own.

Whenever Bella's near him, the passion and desire that radiates off her is immense, it completely surrounds me. But the sheer amount of control she has over herself is amazing; I've been trying for decades and still haven't mastered it.

When we arrived beside the place we were staying, I thought it was a hotel; turns out, my amazing Alice had paid for a huge house, complete with pool and games room, for the month (She didn't know how long we would stay here, so she guessed).

"Wow, just wow"

I bring back all the feelings Bella's passion had brought up, and I kissed my soul mate hard, I loved her so much, and she deserved to know it.

Once again she had excelled.

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