The cloaked figure walked through the muddy road of Kabukicho. The figure did not talk to anyone nor did it pay heed to the cloudy sky. The figure had one mission right now. Get to the Yorozuya.


Gintoki picked his nose while lying back casually in his reclining chair. Another slow day at the Yorozuya, there has been a lot of those lately; quite frankly, almost every other day was a slow day.

"Gin-sannnn! I'm bored! Take me and Sadaharu to the park for a walk!" Kagura whined to Gintoki.

"Go yourself," Gintoki snapped back.

"But Gin-sannnn! Please! I'm just a little girl and you don't want me to go ALL by myself in the cold cruel world?"

"You're an obnoxious alien girl with superhuman strength. I'm sure you'll be fine with a giant dog next to you." Gintoki mocked.

This sparked a skirmish between the two.

"Knock it off you two… it seems we have a customer," Shinpachi sighed as he pointed to the sliding door.

Kagura and Gintoki ceased their quarrel and immediately jumped to their respectable positions.

Shinpachi and Kagura went to the door and opened it.

"Welcome to the Yorozuya! How can I help you today?" Shinpachi greeted the customer.

Shinpachi noticed that the 'customer' was dressed differently. The figure wore a dark brown cloak that covered the whole body. The face was completely shielded by darkness as Shinpachi could not make out the face of the customer.

Shinpachi shivered. This customer is freaky looking.

"How can I help you?" Shinpachi asked again, this time hesitantly.

The figure, about the same height as him, did not respond but instead forced their way through Shinpachi and into the heart of the Yorozuya.

"Hey!" Shinpachi remarked.

The cloaked figure waltzed around the furniture and then stood before Gintoki.

Gintoki, seated with his back straight and his arms folded on the table, leaned in in curiosity.

"Yes?" Gintoki spoke.

The cloaked figure made eye contact with Gintoki. Gintoki could not visually see the face of the cloaked figure but he felt the eyes pierce through his.

Then the figure trembled and went collapsed on both their knees and gave a huge bow to Gintoki.

"Huh?!" Gintoki reacted to the figure bowing of the figure.

"I apologize for being so long, master." The figure said. It was a very feminine voice.

"Master? I'm not anyone's master," Gintoki remarked.

"After searching for so long, I am so glad that I finally found you." The figure said again.

"Who are you and why are you looking for me?" Gintoki recoiled in fear.

"I do not matter. What matters is you find out who you are."

"Who am I? I perfectly know who I am. I am Sakata Gintoki. Boss of the Yorozuya and the main character of the show Gintama, that's who I am."

"There is more than that. There is a secret that has been withheld from you since you were a child."

"And what might that be?"

"You are an Amanto."

Author's Note: Kinda a prologue for the next chapter. Hope you enjoy!