Humans can lick too

One stormy afternoon, Arthur decided to leave Alfred all alone in his big house. Alfred wasn't exactly pleased with this but he was a young teenage boy and he could deal with anything right? Luckily for him, Arthur had bought him a puppy named Hamburger earlier that day. It was bought so when Arthur left that Alfred would have company and have someone to keep him safe.

"Well little one, I am off. I'll be back around four in the morning. Don't stay up late, do not eat junk food for dinner, brush your teeth before you go to bed, and you are to have absolutely no one over," the Brit warned Alfred with a kiss on the forehead.

"Yeah, yeah – I know old man. Just be back as soon as you can," the blue eyed teen mumbled.

Arthur smiled with affection, ruffling Alfred's hair, before turning on his heel and walking out the door. Of course America would not admit it but he was terrified of being home alone, even if he did have a dog with him. Well, first things first – go on your computer and surf the web.

Alfred walked up the wooden steps to the second floor before plopping on his bed. He stretched and grabbed his black Dell from under his bed with the cord still plugged in. He quickly started up the said laptop and clicked on the google chrome logo. He tapped his finger impatiently on his bed side table, waiting for the screen to load. After a few minutes, the homepage popped up. Yahoo of course. He was about to go to Facebook until a certain story caught his eye.

"Killer escaped from jail, huh?"

The American clicked on the story so he could read more. It read:

'Killer Ivan Bragniski has escaped from Rockwell prison last night. Authorities arrived on the scene this morning, where a guard's limbs were hanging from Bragniski's jail cell. The authorities aren't sure how the limbs were hanging from the ceiling and it looked like someone used magic. They are even considering the fact that maybe someone helped the psycho path killer out of his jail cell. They are still searching the scene for more clues but so far, there is nothing to really go on. A warning to all, lock your windows and doors and be on the lookout for a man with blonde hair. '

Alfred rolled his eyes and switched websites. So what if a killer was out on the loose? It wasn't like the said man was going to come hunt him down. What was the chance of that happening? Very slim indeed.

Later that night, Alfred rolled around on his bed. He heard something dripping and it was bothering him. He stretched and got out of bed. He walked to the kitchen, tightening the handle so it would stop dripping. He walked back to his room, flopping down on his bed. He put his hand over the edge of the bed. His hand was licked by Hamburger. He felt comforted by this action.

An hour later – He could still hear dripping. He groaned and stomped to his bathroom. The American teen tightened the faucet on the tub. The dripping did not stop though. This thoroughly annoyed him and terrified him. He curled up in his bed, putting his hand underneath his bed. Once more, Hamburger licked his hand. He was soothed and closed his eyes.

After another hour, Alfred got out of his bed and turned on his lights. In the corner was his dog hanging from a rope. The dripping sound had been the blood seeping from the wound in Hamburger's neck. Written in blood, underneath the dog's corpse, was 'Humans can lick too, love'. A scream filled the silent house.