Tony was tinkering with a faulty component of one of the gauntlets when Jarvis swiftly moved across the room into his line of vision.

"Sup babe?" Tony didn't even look up from his "work". Lazy.

"Sir, there has been something on my mind lately, and I've been wanting to talk about it for a while. This is an important topic for me, and I feel it would directly concern you-"


"You're not even paying attention!"

"What?" Still focusing fully on his gloved hand, Tony didn't even notice his android beginning to redden with anger, one of the first emotions Jarvis learned when 'living' with Tony.

"I'm trying to communicate my feelings, according to the top searches for effective relationships that is the most important detail-"

"Okay, girlfrand."

"Master Stark listen to me when I'm speaking to you!"

Tony turned his gaze toward Jarvis's irritated glare. "Sorry, what is it sweetie?" Tony's deadpan tone illustrated his disinterest.

Jarvis sat next to his lover and creator on the sofa, placing his aching head in his shaking hands.

Snaking his unoccupied arm around Jarvis's tense shoulders, Tony turned his full attention to his gorgeous invention. Kissing him at the crown, then speaking into the blond strands of Jarvis artificial hair, Tony mumbles "I'm listening Jarv, tell me what's wrong."

Shakily, the mandroid looked up toward Tony. His eyes were red with near tears. Damn I'm good Tony mused at the sight. He had incorporated learning processors into the android suit, so the emotions Jarvis already had grew wider with responses such as crying, laughter, ect. Unfortunately as of lately it would seem Jarvis is going through what could be described as a menstrual state, the new reactions to the advanced emotions making his temper and all around responses highly unstable. This is a detail Tony happens to forget a lot when speaking with Jarvis.

Finally starting to calm down a bit, Jarvis spoke with a broken voice "you're just so difficult". He managed a laugh at the childish antics of Anthony E. Stark. A smile spread across Tony's face when his AI chuckled. It was always a blessing to see Jarvis happy.

"I'm sorry, really. Now c'mon, say what ya' gotta say Jarv! I'm listening this time, I swear." Jarvis's expression told disbelief.

"Seriously I'm all ears."

"Alright," Jarvis started hesitantly, "since you had adapted me to this android host I've learned so much. I've learned pain, pleasure,"

"Lot's of pleasure" Tony remarked with a smirk.

"Yes, sir, lot's of pleasure. But that's not important right now. Master Stark, I feel like I haven't learned all the main aspects of being 'alive'." Jarvis could see Tony growing bored again, he had to cut to the chase.

"I want the full human experience," at hearing that Tony conjured up a mental checklist of things they had done together. He couldn't find a single standard "human experience" they hadn't been through yet.

"What? Do you want to go to Disney World? Tell me what's missing babe."

Reluctantly yet firm, Jarvis responded, "Sir, I want to be a parent."