Me: I made this story up on my own. This is a mystery.

Inu: Yeah yeah I am the monster in this story right.

Me: Well duh. You are a half demon.

Inu: Everyone's a critic

Kag: I think you are so cute as a demon and monster. I like you just the way you are.

Inu: Thanks babe.

Kag: Yeah we are not that far in our relationship

Katie (Kat): You just got served badly

Me: Wow! When did you get here?!

Kat: I want to be in your story

Me: oh. Ok


The year was 2000. Koga and Kagome were riding in their car. The light turned red. They slowed down. The light turned green. When they were halfway through, a car ran the light. Koga and Kagome were dating. Koga didn't wear a seatbelt all the time. This was one of those times where he didn't. Koga was killed on impact.


After the crash, Kagome saw Koga's head was through the windshield. Things were starting to get blurry for her. She started screaming,

"Koga! Wake up! You have to!" Koga didn't move. Koga didn't say anything. She started to see two of things. Then she blacked out. She woke up in a hospital room. She got up and she went to the end of the bed. She went to the end of the bed because her chart was there. She knew that because she watched a lot of a TV show called "Why did I do that?!" It was a show about people who did stupid things and broke their limbs. It was really funny. She looked at her chart. It said that she has been in a coma for 40 years.

"Holy crap! That means that if I was 16 when the car crash happened, that means I am 56 years old!" She looked in a mirror that she found in her many, many , many gifts. She still looked like a normal 16 year old. Maybe her body was just working on keeping her breathing and not working on aging me.

"So that still means I am 16. Yes!" She walked out into the hallway. She looked up at the time and saw that it was 12:00. She explored the hospital. She was a little creped out when she saw bones in the E.R. room. There were doctor and patient bones. She screamed all the way to the exit. She stepped outside with one step, saw a white blur, and woke up back in her hospital bed. She stepped in the hallway, looked up to the clock and saw that it was 12:30. She found the door again and wondered why she ended up in her hospital bed when she took one step out the last time. She stepped out and again she saw a white blur and gasped. She woke up in her hospital bed again. She vowed that she would find out who and what that blur was and why it was keeping her in the hospital.


What is this thing and what is it doing in my hospital!? Inuyasha was thinking about Kagome. He thought he was all alone in this hospital. Sense he was a half demon; he sneaked in to the hospital 40 some years ago. He was starting to have a flashback.

Inuyasha flashback:

The year was 1999. Inuyasha was just a "young pup". He was getting ready for demon school. He came up with S.C.H.O.O.L. That means 7 crappy hours of our lives.

His dad came up to him and said

"You've always wanted to be a full demon like your old man."

"Duh. I have always wanted to be a full demon. I have mentioned it to you, like, a million times! What about it?"

"I am going to tell you how to become a full demon. You have to go to a little town and kill everyone in it. Then you have to go to the hospital and kill everyone in the hospital. Everyone who enters while you're in there can never leave. There, you can find the girl of your dreams, get married, and you need to have at least 2 kids. That is how I got to be a full demon."

"Sweet! I am so going to do that today. Just call the school and tell them I am sick. I am becoming a full demon!"

Back to reality:

He realized that he had lost track of the thing. He raced to the exit just to see it take one step out. He rushed out and knocked her out. He carried her back to her hospital bed. He rushed out just is she started waking up. He saw the girl step out of her room, look up at the clock, and started the trek to the exit. God, I don't want to hurt her again. Why does she keep trying to escape! She will just keep getting knocked out! She is such an idiot!

He kept an eye on her. He followed her to the exit. God get away from the exit! I don't want to knock you out again. He saw her take one step outside the door.

Here we go again. He swept by her and knocked her out, carried her back, and placed her in her bed. He left.


"What just happened?" Kagome wondered to herself. She was just at the exit. She was so close to leaving this hospital. She walked out and decided to go the opposite way as the exit. She turned down a long dark hallway. She could just make out a figure. She got so excited. She was yelling and screaming for the figure to come closer. She watched the figure disappear. She followed the figure and screamed.

"Wait up!"

She followed the figure. She saw it go into the E.R. room. She started to go in there, but all of a sudden, a pair of eyes opened up from the long dark hallway.


Then she saw the eyes disappear. She decided to follow them. She walked into the room. She was tackled. Then the lights turned on. She had a dog boy thingy on top of her.

"Get off of me! I just want to leave and go home to my family!"

"I am sorry. I can't let you do that!" Inuyasha snarled.

"Well at least get off me!" Kagome yelled.


Inuyasha got off her. Kagome got into a fighting stance. So did Inuyasha.

Kat: that was a bit of a cliff hanger

Me: yes but to be fair, it is a part story and this is part 1.

Inu: I knock you out more than once.

Kag: Shut up!

Kat: fight,fight,fight,fight

*Kagome and Inuyasha start to fight*

Kat: heeheeheeheehee go get the popcorn

Me: ok

*I go get the popcorn*

Kat and Me: this is so cool!