The Curse of Being Me

Chapter 25- Epilogue

Eric couldn't believe it. They had not been sat down five minutes before it had started. The council had welcomed him and told him their expectations as a new leader. He had expected this. Then, one of them had mentioned Sookie. It seemed the council were not united in their belief Sookie should be queen. The pythoness held much sway so many agreed with it for her sake, others could see Sookie's own potential and agreed for her own merit, however one did not.

Aeron Murde was an old vampire. Almost as old as the Pythoness, he was powerful. He had been a loud voice against the big reveal and still held that vampires should be true to their nature, not integrated. His opposition to Sookie was not only enthusiastic, but also offensive. He had called her a 'blood bag', 'whore' and was now explaining why it was not to be borne.

It didn't matter that he would never get his way. It didn't matter than none of the council agreed with him; even going so far as to wish he were not on the council. All that mattered to Eric was that he was a powerful vampire who saw his love as low as cattle. He knew he could not retaliate. He was too powerful, strong enough to tear Eric apart easily, and too high up in their hierarchy. He was a threat.

"I honestly believe you need to correct this error, Viking. If this bitch is kept as queen then your kingdom will be ripe for the taking. She is a weakness, an abomination not to be borne!"

"Am I now?" Sookie was stood at the door listening intently to everything the old vampire had to say. She could feel the hate and darkness oozing off his soul. She knew he was very strong, too. One glance at her vampire told her all she needed to know. Eric was afraid of him, for her.

The Pythoness seemed to be listening to everything with a bemused expression. She winked at Sookie, letting her know that all was well. She was free to use her gifts here. Sookie wasn't sure how she knew that, she hadn't reached out, or read the old Seer, but she knew that was what it meant.

Aeron was sat closest to the door; Eric sat at the far end of the long desk in his usual chair. So, when Aeron jumped to his feet and pinned Sookie against the wall by her throat there wasn't much any one could do. Eric was held back by the other council members, who seemed surprisingly calm. Sookie's guards were knocked back easily by the old vampire.

"I should end you right now! How dare you speak as if you are my equal, blood bag? You are nothing but a meal and a screw."

Despite the strong hold on her throat that was making breathing exceedingly difficult, Sookie smiled up at him. She knew what she had to do, as much as she hated it. Reaching out she felt the soul of the monster before her. With a slight tug he was knocked back from her, thrown to the wall where he was pinned.

Sookie glowered at him, her hands clenched. "You should be more careful, Aeron. A vampire of your age should know that appearances can be deceptive. Didn't Jabari teach you that?"

The pinned vampire looked terrified. He could feel Sookie inside him and he knew that he was powerless against her. "How did you know about her? How did you know about my maker?"

Sookie's smile was vindictive; it made every vampire in the room shiver in fear, with the acceptation of Eric and Pia. "I know what you know, everything, you know." Sookie was walking towards him now, slowly like a lion stalking her prey. She could read him so easily. See all he had done, feel all he wanted to do. It made her feel sick. He was evil. He was everything humans feared vampires could be. She knew there would be only one course of action. If he survived he would forever stalk her, desperate to save face.

"Bitch, I'll cut your…" His words were halted with a wave of her hand as she tightened her grip on his soul.

"I am sorry for this," she said sadly. "You are mean and cruel and I don't particularly like you, but I don't like killing others. I can see I have no choice, however. This world needs to be rid of you." Reaching inside she forced her soul to blast his. In seconds he was dead, in a minute he was nothing. She quickly pulled back.

There was silence in the room. No one dared move as they watched in wonder while Sookie simply stared at the second most powerful vampire on the planet…and he crumbled. She hadn't moved. It seemed to have taken no effort. The little part human girl had killed him with a mere thought. They couldn't believe it. They were over joyed.

His ashes seemed to evaporate and before they were totally gone Eric had Sookie in his arms, kissing her face, her throat, and her neck. "Eric! That tickles!" She moaned.

Pulling back with relief, he wrapped her up and pressed his face into her hair, savouring her unique scent. "I'm impressed, my love. I look forward to a demonstration of your other gifts."

"Other gifts?" They both chuckled as the council and his children gasped the same words, the same thoughts racing through them. The pythoness was laughing hysterically at them.

Her guards got up off the floor and approached them sadly. They knew what had happened to Victor and the Were panther. They really didn't want to face Eric.

"No harm done," he stated to them before they could speak. "I cannot accuse you when I was no better. Be glad she is so powerful and take the rest of the night off. I will not be leaving her side."

They bowed deep, seeming to bow more to her than him, "Yes, majesty."

"What the fuck?" Pam screeched, seeming to have calmed now. Santiago laughed at her. Eric rolled his eyes.

"Sorry, Pam, I only figured it all out today. I wasn't hiding it, I swear!" Sookie smiled at her friend.

"You can do that after only one day of training!" Santiago gasped, winking surreptitiously at Sookie. He was proud and unsurprised by her. He also knew that this information would scare the council even more into supporting her and his maker.

"Yup, guess I'm a fast study. Sorry 'bout interruptin' your meetin'. What were you discussing?"

Eric tugged her along and she settled happily in his lap as they began to return to the topics at hand. "I believe my complaint against Nevada is first priority," Eric stated calmly.

The Pythoness spoke regally, "I saw all and confirmed the complaint. He has also tried to take over New York and Florida. Naturally, he was brought to us and made to account for such crimes. As you and your queen were most harmed by his attempts you get the state. He is no more. I believe you dealt with all his followers here?"

"Yes, the last team was accounted for early this evening. You mean I get Nevada, just like that?" Eric questions sceptically.

"Oh, Viking, you get more than that! You get all his holdings, shares and savings, too. Is there anything else you wish to claim for in this matter?"

Eric smiled wickedly, casing Sookie to shiver with lust and the other vampires in the room to laugh at her reaction. "No, I believe that will suffice. May I be free to nominate a stand-in to rule? I do not wish to spend all my time jumping back and forth."

"Understandable, as king you are free to do as you wish, as long as it serves the interests as the kingdom. I believe you have several in this kingdom who would be suitable and who would be willing."

"Agreed. Next subject," Eric stated.

"The fellowship of the sun have become a threat nationally. We are already taking measures against them through legal channels; however, I have seen that this threat will be eradicated very soon." The Pythoness smiled knowingly at Sookie.

"How?" Eric asked as several others questioned "When?" and "Why?"

Again the Pythoness laughed. "It seems the delightful Mrs Northman has a few…protectors. Now she has developed her abilities there are those in the highest plains that have been reminded of their roles. They will take care of the problem before any more damage is done."

"Speak plainly," one of the council members called. She looked intrigued.

Sookie knew exactly what Pia meant, she just didn't know how she felt about it. Speaking softly she explained, "Angels wish to protect me. I am target number one for the fellowship. They must be planning an attack. The angels will destroy them before they can."

"Why would angels protect you?" The words were not mean or hostile, but the question was direct.

"Because she carries the soul of a fallen angel. Her destiny must be fulfilled!" The pythoness snapped. Glowering at the council members, "This must be hidden and we must protect her. It is our only chance of survival. No vampire shall see another decade if we do not. She is our future."

Knowing not to question or distrust anything the Pythoness said, the council members nodded in agreement, bowing their heads to Sookie. Sookie merely smiled at them, giving each a small nod. She could feel Eric's pride and joy over the bond. She could even feel an echo of Santiago and Pam's joy and awe.

"Are there any other items of business?" The little female asked. She was looking at Sookie with reverence.

"No, nothing that cannot wait, there is a party going on!" The Pythoness announced. They all chuckled and the council dispersed.

"Alone at last," Eric sighed as Pam closed the door, giving them a wink as she left. He pulled Sookie closer and began kissing her neck.

"And what does that mean?" She asked teasingly.

"You know what it means, my love," his hand slid over her stomach and rubbed against her crotch.

"You can't seriously want to consummate our marriage by fucking in your office?" There was disgust in her tone but they could both feel the longing and lust over the bond.

"No," Eric admitted sadly. "I want to consummate our marriage by making love to you all night long in our bed. However, that is out of the question tonight. So, I will fuck you in my office and make love to you later. Do not think you are getting up tomorrow, wife."

Sookie sighed in contentment as Eric rubbed a little harder and suckled her neck. She could feel his fangs scrapping, teasing her. "I like the sound of that. I really need you, Eric."

"You will always have me, Sookie. I cannot ever get enough of you. You are everything to me."

He lifted her up, placing her gently on the desk in front of him. Standing, he began to remove their clothes. In seconds everything was carefully placed on his chair and they were gazing at each other nakedly.

Eric smoothed his hands up her thighs and over her hips. Past her stomach, he fondled her breasts, pinching the nipples until she was squirming and moaning under him. Bending down he took one of the nipples in his mouth, using his free had to stroke between her folds.

She was so wet. He growled against her skin. They were frantic with need for each other. He knew this wouldn't take long. He promised himself the chance to savour every inch of her later.

"Oh gods, Eric!" Sookie gasped as he plunged two fingers inside of her. He pumped her relentlessly, giving her no mercy as he used vampire speed. With his thumb he tortured her clit on every downward stroke. "Please," she begged.

"Tell me, love, tell me what you want," he urged her.

"You," she gasped huskily with hooded lids. "I need to feel connected to you," she begged.

Eric growled at her admission. He needed no further encouragement. There had never been anything he wanted more than being inside her at that moment. Removing his fingers, he thrust inside her in one stroke.

"Yes!" They both screamed together.

Thrusting hard and deep, they writhed in perfect synchronisation. They could feel the bond swirling around them, their souls joining. It was like coming home; neither had ever felt so complete. The bolt of pleasure rose higher and higher, driving them on, making them wild. Eventually they came together in a wave of euphoria that seemed to go on forever.

"We are one," they chanted, before parting. Eric lay on the desk and Sookie curled up in his arms.

She turned her head to kiss his chin, "I love you so much." Her fingers were playing with the hair on his chest.

"As I love you, dear one." He kissed her head. Sighing reluctantly, he pulled away from her and stood up. "Come, my love, we have a party to go to."

She pouted, "I don't want to go back out there."

Eric chuckled, whispering seductively in her ear. "Me either, love, I wish to stay here with you, but you can spend the whole time thinking about what I am going to do to you afterwards."

Smiling up at him, she shivered in delight. Already picturing the many wonderful things he would do… and all the things she would reciprocate with. It was going to be a very happy marriage.

The End.

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