Jeff then laid on his back; looking right up at Phil. He didn't know what to do. He wanted to have some fun with him/ but may end up pin more trouble. He hated that Phil left Jeff's cock wanting more.

Phil smirked a little as he looked at his helpless Jeff; well almost helpless. That was until Phil grabbed a cord that was next to the sofa. Phil then took it and wrapped it around Jeff's wrists. He then tied the other end to the leg of the sofa.

Jeff pulled a little, seeing that he couldn't move an inch. He saw Phil looking at him with a smirk on his face. His mouth wasn't going to say anything, but before he could stop himself, "Fuck me," Jeff spoke as his eyes widened, wishing he could slap his lips shut.

"So you want me to fuck you? Am I driving you nuts Jeffy?" Phil asked as he slowly stood up over Jeff. His hand slowly gripped on his own shaft, slowly rubbing it. Moans slowly escaped his lips. His eyes rolled into the back of his head. Phil couldn't see what Jeff was doing.

Jeff's legs were moving around like he was trying to say he wanted more. He then began to moan loudly. "Phil, please fuck me." He then began to whimper, trying to beg Phil to take him.

Just as Jeff said that, Phil grabbed a cock ring and placed it onto Jeff's shaft. His hand then began to stroke his shaft. Phil then stroked his shaft faster. Blowing on it to drive Jeff nuts. Jeff ended up whimpering as he was watching Phil.

A smirk then arose on his face. "You really want me inside you?"

Jeff nodded fast as his body was begging for more. His heart was racing as his hands tried to tug at the ropes. Moans were escaping his lips.

Phil then lowered himself to exactly where Jeff was. He then shoved his pulsing shaft into Jeff, causing him to moan and gasp loudly. His hand then reached for Jeff's legs, pulling them over him. He then began thrusting fast and hard. Moans were escaping both men's lips.

Jeff laid there on the floor, trying to get free, the pain in his cock was driving him nuts. "Oh Phil, I'm in pain," Jeff whimpered.

"You really want to let loose?" Phil asked with a smirk on his face. His fingers then trailed along the underside of his pulsing shaft.

Jeff then whimpered as he felt his shaft being messed with. "Oh Phil, please! I want to let lose all over you!" Jeff yelled, not being sure of what he just said.

A smirk then rose on his face. Phil then stroked his shaft faster, causing Jeff to moan loudly. His legs couldn't sit still anymore. They were moving around like he wanted more. Phil then reached down and untied his wrists. Phil saw Jeff try to take off the cock ring. Slapping his hand, Phil kept Jeff from touching his own shaft. "Not yet my love," Phil whispered.

Jeff then moaned as he felt Phil touch his shaft, but whimpered when he didn't move. He wanted Phil to drive him crazy. Phil kept his hands on Jeff's wrists. This was driving Jeff nuts.

A smirk arose on Phil's face as he was holding Jeff down, Still thrusting into him. Moans were escaping both men's lips. "Come on baby, cum for me." Phil then removed the cock ring. "Cum bitch!" Phil yelled as he smacked Jeff on his thy.

Jeff let out a gasp when he felt the cock ring be removed. Pleasure was then shooting through Jeff's body as he then shot the cum all over Phil and himself.

Once he let loose of his cum, he looked at Phil with lust in his eyes. He wanted more from Phil. Phil could tell he wanted more. "Not now Jeff. I don't want to hurt you."

Jeff then pouted as he looked at Phil. He didn't want to wait, but knew he had to. "Okay." A small yawn escaped his lips.

"Tiered Jeffy?" Go to sleep."

Jeff couldn't stay awake anymore. His eyes began to close. He cuddled close to Phil. He caressed him gently. He didn't go to sleep for a while. Phil was enjoying holding Jeff.

A few hours later, Phil and Jeff began to fall into a deep sleep.