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"S…S-Saga Senpai…Nngh…I…It hu-hurts…!"

"I know…I know. Just wait a little longer, okay?"

"B…Bu-Hah…A-Ah! I…I'm gonna...nngh…"

"C'mon Ritsu, just hold on a little bit longer…"

"N-Nnn…I'm s-sorry Se…Senpai I…can't…"


The brunette slammed face-first on the concrete, his breath wild as a bulldog as he coughed and heaved in air.

"Aww, Again?" the small freshman said, as familiar female green eyes rolled as she lean against the blue vehicle. Her name was Nakurama Faye, and she was probably the most badass dwarf you'd ever meet. Well, that's what Masamune thought, anyways.

"Aye…This is like the fifth time you couldn't handle it. Grow some balls already, man!" The ebony haired freshman retorted, obviously annoyed as he tied his long black hair up in a pony, the blue highlights sticking out of the end like spikes. His name was Onodera Kaoru-or at least, that's what Masamune thought was his name. He hadn't really gotten a proper introduction. According to Ritsu, Kaoru was adopted into the family at a young age, but has no real ties to the Onoderas. He was Faye's boyfriend, and well, by the look on Faye's face, it was obvious that his lover wasn't very pleased with him.

"Hey, if you had gotten gas like I told you to this morning, we wouldn't have to push your goddamn car all the way home." Faye snapped, getting irritated as well.

How does a first year have a driving license…? Masamune thought; sweat dropping as he watched the two freshmen go at it as if they were an old married couple. After school, the group of four had met up in the parking lot, only to begin their journey home in Kaoru's jet blue Ferrari. (In which Masamune got his first glimpse of how spoilt the teen was compared to him.) However, rich as he was, he apparently forgot to get gas this morning, and half way down the road of their school, the car stopped, completely empty and lifeless. So, the four teens made an effort to push the car to the Onodera household.

It was a good idea at first…But nobody really paid mind to the fact that a certain brunette had asthma, and wasn't exactly the star athlete either. Now, they were halfway down the street supposedly leading to the Onodera household, (even though they were in the midst of a forest and dirt blew in the air,) an hour after they had first exited the school building.

"You okay?" the senior asked, staring down at his lover worriedly. He had done this at least five times now…And he may not be athletic, but still… Five times? And he didn't have his inhaler, he had said. So if something were to happen, then…

"I-I'm fine…S…Sorry Senpai." Ritsu addressed the senior quickly, adding relief to the older teen as the brunette stood up and shook himself off.

"Let's get a MOVE ON people, COME ON!" A certain big-mouthed midget shouted, brushing her pink bangs out of her face with ease. Her boyfriend mumbled a grunt, as he made his way over to his brother.

"Don't kill me! I'm too young to die! I have things I want to do in life and see and hear and…! I'M SORRY!" Ritsu screeched, wailing out apologies one by one. The other sibling simply rolled his eyes, and leaned down real low close to the brunette's ear. He started whispering something into his brothers ears, as the apologies and rants slowly tiled down into silence. Kaoru leaned away, a smirk on his face as Ritsu stared at him confusedly. "W…Wha…?" Ritsu was about to ask, until Kaoru pointed a long slender finger out mischievously.

The finger was pointed at Masamune. Instantly, the brunette's face was hot, and he looked like a cherry bomb.

"Now, go push the car."

In seconds, Ritsu was behind the Ferrari, pushing with all his might, and actually getting a few feet in the couple of seconds he had begun to push. Chuckling, the two lovers joined in pushing as well, and even Masamune, who was still confused about earlier events, joined in as well. Eventually, the car was rolling down the street like a skateboard, and it was almost hard to stop when they reached their destination, a small green garage.

"Here we are, finally~" Kaoru said, humming a happy tune as he opened the garage door with his hands, calling everyone to help him push it in. I don't understand…we're still in the middle of the woods…? Masamune thought, but pushed with all his might, nonetheless. Once they got the car into the garage, they grabbed their stuff (which they had decided to put in the car as well) and retreated outside as Kaoru closed the metal door again; stomping on it to make sure it was down all the way.

Ritsu and Faye were already walking down the dirt path to their right, chatting away casually as they made their way deeper and deeper into the forest. "Well, come on then!" Masamune was snapped out of his thoughts as Kaoru gave him a nudge on the shoulder, and the two jogged lightly after the freshman to catch up with their friends.

As the two males were about to catch up to the other freshman, the smaller of the two darted around in alert, grinned, and started sprinting down the path. Masamune watched as Kaoru sprinted after his girlfriend, laughter echoing through the woods like a song. Ritsu had stopped in his tracks, waiting for his lover to catch up. "Are they always like this?" Masamune asked, attempting to steady his breath in front of the brunette. "Pretty much," Ritsu responded, a light blush forming on his cheeks, "though they usually end up rolling down the hill together…" The older male chuckled and started walking forward, his boyfriend hesitantly walking with him.

Glancing down at the empty shell of a hand, Masamune -knowing he'd regret this especially after his last attempt in the rain- reached down and grabbed the brunette's hand, intertwining their fingers together. The now blushing-maiden flinched at the sudden contact, but made no movements or signs of disgust. Smiling, the older male looked around at the forest canopy surrounding them. There were all sorts of trees here, pines, oaks, and even some cherry blossoms. However, what distinctly caught his eyes were the flash of neon colors, some fresh and worn out, sprawled across the barks of trees and leaves.

"Oh!" Masamune glanced at his lover, somewhat surprised by the brunette's sudden outburst. Ritsu, now under the gaze of the older male, blushed at the fact he knew he'd had been caught watching his lover, and nervously rubbed his neck. "U-Uh…Last Summer…K-Kaoru and I had a paintball fight with some friends. Well-Actually, it was more of a paintball war. We woke up at sunrise and didn't stop until around three the next morning." The brunette explained nervously

Wow…That's a long time…Masamune thought, glancing back at the colorful scene as they advanced deeper into the forest. Grinning, the older male turned to the brunette with a mischievous thought. "So, how was your day, Ritz?" he asked. Ritsu then let out a giggle, and smiled up at his Senpai. "Pretty good," the brunette said, his smile quickly disappearing into a cute pout, "though I was stood up at lunch today. I had to eat alone again for the umpteenth time!"

"Sorry about that...I was late for class so I had to spend lunch detention." Masamune said, sending the brunette an apologetic look. The brunette shrugged, obviously not very bothered by it.


The two lovers jumped as a scream evicted from down the hill, as Masamune realized for the first time, the large open black gate that twisted and curved elegantly along the courtyard of an exceedingly big house. Screw that, it was a freaking mansion. "Kaoru? What's wrong?" the brunette asked, the senior snapping out of his daze as he saw the ebony-haired freshman panting and wheezing in front of him.

"G….Got wrong passcode….Ei…Eiko-san…is coming…"

"Ah geez, again?" Ritsu sweat dropped as sudden realization hit him, looking around frantically. "Where's Faye?"

"Up here!"

The three male's attention was directed to a tall cherry blossom tree, with a small female with her knees to her chest sitting calmly on one of the branches. "Tigers can't climb trees, so I'm safe while the rest of you get eaten." She said, popping a piece of gum in her mouth.

"Hey! That's not fair! You know I'm afraid of heights!" Her boyfriend protested, anxiety building up in him as his brother sighed and patted him on the back.

Masamune however, was frozen. He couldn't speak, or move, or do anything really. It took all of his strength to muster up the words from the back of his throat. "T-T-Ti…T-Tiger?!" He stuttered, earning the attention of the three freshmen.

"Yeah," Kaoru grunted with a sigh, "her name is Eiko. She guard's the house in case of intruders. But she has a memory problem, and doesn't remember that we're here owners so she might try to ea-"


The high-school students jumped at the sudden intrusion, all heads directed at the large open gate, in which stood at least 39 inch tall tiger, dressed in royal white fur as its piercing blue eyes glazed over the males lazily, not noticing the petite girl sitting in the tree. Eiko growled, slowly approaching the three males as her claws left deep indents in the ground below her.

Slowly backing away, Masamune and Kaoru found themselves inching farther and farther away from the beast. However, the brunette was completely and utterly still, not seeming to mind the beast's presence. "Ritsu! You idiot!" Masamune whispered in a shout, only to be faced with a calm smile and a light blush. "Don't worry it's okay." The brunette whispered back, turning his attention to the white cat as he made slow steady steps.

Growling repeatedly, Ritsu came to a stop at least 3 feet away from the mighty cat. Taking in a deep breath, the tiger raised his voice at the intruder loud and clearly.


All but one flinched, as three piercing eyes stared intently in fear and curiosity at the bravery of the brunette. Dropping his bag to the ground, Masamune watched his lover take a steady breath, and then suck in as much air as he could muster. After holding it for several moments, there was a dead silence and the two freshmen's knew what the brunette had planned to do. Masamune, however, was completely clueless, and about jumped out of his skin at the sudden force in the air.


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'Eiko'=Japanese word for 'Glory'



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