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Masamune didn't know what to say when he saw his little kouhai approach a living tiger. He also didn't know what to say when his lover scared the living shit out of the tiger, sending it running back into the yard, and behind sight of some bushes.

But he really didn't know what to say when the others just shrugged it off, and walked through the gates casually, as if there weren't a man-eating tiger nearby.

"Oh come on silly, there's nothing to be afraid of." Ritsu reassured him, his cheeks painted with a light blush as he beamed up at his Senpai. Even then, Masamune was at a loss for words. But that was okay, he decided, as he beamed back. Because Ritsu was okay and that's all that mattered.

Hand in hand, the two couples approached the front door of what Masamune thought as more than a mansion of just a house. The home was obviously more wide than tall, but nonetheless the buildings' height stood tall among the trees, and it had the senior wondering how his kouhais sibling dealt with being at such an intimidating height.

The windows were glassy, making sight into the house pretty much impossible. Vines wrapped themselves elegantly around the white bricks of the home, and as the large, neatly polished door was opened, a whiff of cinnamon and vanilla washed through his senses.

Three young maids, all with gentle eyes and kind smiles were in the doorway, beaming at the four. "Welcome home, Young Master Ritsu, Young Master Kaoru, Young Mistress Faye, and oh!" they said all in union, until their eyes met Masamunes' dark amber, staring at him puzzled.

Ritsu immediately pulled his hand away, blushing as he averted his eyes, hoping the gesture went unnoticed.

However, the three young girls were obviously fujoshis as their faces lit up and one squealed rather loudly, hurting Masamunes' ears. They scurried out of the house like mice and surrounded the brunette, hugging and squeezing him as they pestered him with questions.

Kaoru let out a heart-felt laugh, as Masamune stared at him incredulously. Electrical blue and amber met in a fury of hues, and before they knew it, the two were laughing as Ritsu made a weak protest against his servants, pouting like a four year old.

"But you're just so darn cute, which means you must be the uke! How adorable!" one of the maids announced, pushing the brunette's cheeks close so that he was making a fishy face.

"That must mean you're the seme!" Masamune heard the girl, he really did. But he didn't realize that the comment was directed to him until three –along with the mischievous and flustered eyes of the couple and his lover – curious gazes stared at him expectantly.

"Um…I guess..?" he shrugged, not really knowing what a seme was, and actually, starting to wish he did. He watched with a frown as the girls huddled up and whispered a little too loudly, sending occasional glances in his way.

"Oohhh! I bet he's the really cool type!"

"Yeah! But he's secretly a sweetie under it all, of course."

"What are you guys talking about? It's obvious that he's the secretive type with a hidden passion!"

"Kyaaaa! I was totally just thinking about that! He's so sexy! Where can I get one?"

The senior felt a sudden tug on his arm, and looked down to see Ritsu with his arms wrapped around his Senpai protectively, his head snuggling into the older teen's side as his lips fell into a slight pout. His cheeks danced with a bright red as he at the ground, clearly flustered.

Masamune stared at him in awe. Is he jealous? He wondered, a light blush suddenly invading his cheeks.

"D'AWWWWWWW!" the maids awed at the sight, staring at the two with stars in their eyes. Ritsu buried his face into the side of Masamunes' side, wanting to hide his embarrassment.

Masamune smiled down at him, and looked up as he was poked on the shoulder. He met deep blue eyes for the second time today, accompanied by a grin as the long haired ravenette cocked his head to the door. The older teen nodded, and led his 'uke' in after the smirking couple.

It was then, that Masamune decided, that he had underestimated his lovers home. A lot.

In letters, Ritsu always made it seem that he was spoiled of course, but he never made a big deal about it. He said he just apart of an average family. In which Masamune assumed he lived in an average house in an average neighborhood.

But no. His lover lived secluded off in the woods, owning mostly all of the acres, in a house with –according to Kaoru- over seventeen rooms.

And those seventeen rooms were just guest bedrooms. Masamune didn't dare ask how many rooms in total.

At first, he was confused. There was just a small bench by the doorway to put your shoes under. Apparently, it was a western thing. He wasn't used to it, but he put his shoes next to his lovers beat-up sneakers without After following the bluenette and his lover up and down long narrow hallways, he decided that one of these days, he would know this house inside and out. With new found determination, he glanced down at the brunette to find him smiling back up at his Senpai. Flustered with being discovered, Ritsu looked away, his shoulders rising as he fell into embarrassment. Masamune chuckled, and kept his head straight, observing his surroundings.

He felt like he was trapped in a labyrinth. The tiled flooring with a long narrow green rug was already too familiar, as well as the narrow olive walls decorated with photos and lights, and doors that he had no idea led to.

At the end of the hall, Kaoru opened a large creaky door that showed red-bricked steps leading down, and turning out of sight around a right corner. He watched as the freshmen couple skipped down the steps happily. Masamune kept a wary pace, but Ritsu didn't seem to mind.

At the bottom of the staircase was what seemed like another long hallway. With a closet door on his left, and a mini-bar on his right, he trailed after the freshman couple into what felt like a 70's room. The floor melted into a light timber color, the walls almost looking like the color of pickle juice. The only visible colors in the room were a bright yellow, pickle green, and an occasional pink from the retro-light stands magenta hues.

The only modern-looking things In the room was the giant wooden shelf that lay against the wall, decorated with a giant red plasma in the middle, and multiple game stations and speakers on the residing shelves.

"And this is where you two will be making out." Kaoru smirked, as Masamune felt his cheeks burn up. No doubt Ritsu was blushing too. The bluenette chuckled, and led them into another room.

Soon enough, they were in a more modern room that automatically made him feel ashamed of his room. He stepped into a large, bright blue room. It had a large black bed with blue comforts, and the carpet was a checkered ebony and dark azure. You could only imagine whose room this was, right?

Kaoru plopped down on his bed, Faye settling onto his lap casually. Masamune found his eyes scanning everything. Next to the entrance, there were two locker doors with letters that spelled out 'Ritsu'. He grinned, and looked around. It was pretty clean, other than the occasional pile of manga or dirty socks. Along the walls were all kinds of awards. Academic, Athletic, Most Popular, Best Hair, Prettiest Eyes, there were all sorts of achievements.

But what really caught his eye were the photographs. One was what seemed like a younger Kaoru, surrounded by girls. They were all in swimsuits, but they seemed to be mud bogging, as they had mud up past their chest, and even on their faces. He recognized Faye as one of the girls surrounding him, and smiled, looking to the next photo. It was Kaoru again with a brunette, making funny faces. It took him a second to realize that it was Ritsu, and stared at awe.

The wall was suddenly flooded with pictures of his lover and his brother. Pictures of them dancing, fighting in their Taekwondo uniforms, singing, playing games, reading, and one –which expertly made Masamune snicker- with Kaoru grinning at the camera, a sharpie in hand, and little Ritsu sleeping peacefully, with doodles all over his face.

Ritsu seemed to see it too, as he laughed, rolling his eyes at the memory. Masamune smiled. "So, when do I get to see your room?" he asked teasingly. Ritsu insta-blushed, and looked down nervously. "A-Ah…D-Do you want to..?" he asked quietly. It was Masamunes' turn to roll his eyes. "No Ritsu, I only asked to because I absolutely never want to." He said sarcastically, causing Ritsu's blush to deepen.


Damn. I'm driving him back into that corner again, aren't I? Masamune thought with a sigh, as he leaned down and planted a kiss on his lovers' forehead. "S'okay. May I please see your room?" he mumbled, loud enough for him to hear.

Ritsu smiled lightly, and raised his head, nodding. Intertwining their fingers, the brunette led his Senpai up to the locker doors. He opened one, and gestured Masamune in. The ravenette hesitated, but then he stepped in.

Masamune had never seen so many books in his life.

After stepping into his lovers' room, he wasn't very surprised. It was slightly messy, but the simple setup of a bed, closet, and, of course, the random library books sprawled about.

He was surprised, when in the corner of the room were two bookshelves packed with novels which sort of seemed to form a doorway. And through the doorway was literally, a maze of bookshelves and novels galore.

His lover had led him through the mini-labyrinth to a small reading area with a couch, some plush recliners, and a coffee table. They sat there, discussing about various topics, and occasionally stopping to grab a book, and talk about it.

It was the cheezy old jazz tune that brought the two back to reality, and Ritsu immediately accepted the call.

"Hello?" he asked, not bothering to leave the room. Masamune eyed him curiously. 'Kaoru' Ritsu mouthed, and the ravenette nodded. Ritsu shrugged and put the phone down on the table, the screen reading clearly 'Speaker'

"Get you and your boyfriends' ass down to the dining hall. We're eating." Kaoru chuckled, but Masamune couldn't help but blush at the mention of 'boyfriend'.

"What? Already? Well don't start without us!" Ritsu complained

"Well, hurry the hell up! Oh, and Mom and dad won't be home till later, so they aren't eating with us."

"Ehhh? Why not?"

"Why? Were you seriously considering introducing them to Saga-kun?"


"Just be thankful you can enjoy a dinner without mom bitching on you. See you soon."


Masamune felt slightly hurt. Ritsu didn't want him to meet his parents? He opened his mouth to say something until he caught sight of his lovers' face, hung low with sadness in his eyes. He looked like a kicked puppy, and all the ravenette could do at the moment was embrace him.

"What's the matter?" he mumbled into Ritsu's tanned locks, as he held him close. The hug was soon returned by the said brunette, and a soft sigh emitted from his lips. "My parents…they're extremely homophobic. The assholes…" Ritsu muttered, to both pure horror and delight to Masamune. At least he wasn't the only one felt hatred towards his parents, right?

"If they found out about us…It'd be all over. I'd be disowned in minutes, and you…I don't even want to know what they'd do to you." Ritsu admitted, as he started to tremble lightly. Masamune found himself hugging the younger teen ever tighter as he kissed his head in reassurance.

"Don't worry," he said, pulling back so he could stare into his lovers eyes,

"I won't let anyone take you away from me."

Dinner, Masamune expected, would have been full trays of lobster and sushi lined up side by side. And of course, it was. Butterscotch pudding, chocolate mousse pie, and some sort of light pastries decorated the table of four, as they all dug in.

During the course, Kaoru and Faye were cracking jokes off like fireworks. Masamune couldn't really relate to them, but the sight of Ritsu blushing redder at every single one made him laugh just as easily.

The ravenette could say that this was something new for him…to have dinner at a lover, not to mention with his new friends.

Friends? He hadn't even known the bluenette and his girlfriend for a full day. But somehow…they just gave off that vibe. He felt close to them already. Maybe that was why Kaoru was so popular. He felt happy, and for once, he didn't have to force himself to smile.

After dinner, Kaoru decided it was time for him to walk his girlfriend home. Masamune was about to leave too, before his little boyfriend asked if he would spend the night. Of course, he happily obliged as the two made their way out of the dining hall.

"Ah…S-Senpai, can I show you something?" Ritsu asked his voice full of hope and nervousness at the same time. Something in Ritsus' eyes scared Masamune to no end, but he nodded cautiously nonetheless, and his worries were easily forgotten when a pale nimble fingers intertwined with his own, and led him down the repeating hallways once more.

Masamune watched the back of Ritsus' head as they treaded forward. It bounced happily and almost fluffy-like with each step. He loved the feel of its thinness through his fingers. It was relaxing and reassuring to have nearby.

Going down the familiar red bricked-staircase, and through the 70's-themed room, Masamune found himself being dragged through the bookcase labyrinth once more, though this time; they went further into the maze.

"Uh…Ritsu… Are you sure you know where we're going?" Masamune asked with slight uncertainty. Blushing at his name being called, Ritsu merely nodded, as they took a sharp left down a long pathway in between the shelves. Masamune could do nothing but follow until they reached a large black door, that almost looked sinister among the simple walls.

"Nobody else knows about this…" Ritsu said calmly, looking up at his Senpai. "Please don't tell anyone!" he begged, desperately showing worry in his eyes. Masamune gave his word, and a blush lingered on his face as a small hand came up and covered his eyes from seeing.

After a creak from what sounded like a door opening, he allowed himself to be led away. He felt himself going down a long spiral staircase, and it was all that he could hope he wasn't being taken to some sort of dungeon.

But when they came to a stop…and the hand was removed from his eyes…He was met with the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. The room was dimmed to a light lavender, that shone brightly from what seemed to be a galaxy, floating on the walls and the ceilings.

Or wait…were they even walls at all?

He was walking on a white tiled floor. That's all he knew. Everything else around him was a flurry of sparkling stars and planets he'd never thought he'd see. The space-allusion moved in an almost realistic way, and Masamune felt that he was actually in space.

Amber eyes darted over to his lover, who seemed completely at bliss. Looking back up at the ravenette, green eyes smiled. "I come here to be alone sometimes…I built the labyrinth so that nobody else would fine it." Ritsu admitted, and laughed a little bit. "It's selfish, I know but…" Ritsu looked back up to the skies, the light illuminating his face perfectly.

"I always just wanted to see this with you…Senpai."

It was then that Masamune felt the last barrier he put around his heart burn down into ashes of pure joy and happiness. He smiled. He smiled so wide that it hurt, and he pulled the brunette into a sweet and chaste kiss. Ritsu earnestly kissed back and the too laughed softly, staring back up at the sky.

After retrieving some sleeping bags the brunette had stored away, they cuddled under the midnight sky as they fell into a blissful sleep under the stars.

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