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Narrator's P.O.V

"I hope you've learned you're lesson, Masamune."

The door was then slammed shut, on account that his mother was pissed. Not that it was anything out of the ordinary, just that the ebony haired teen hadn't been home for a long time to think about it. The male sighed and sat down on his bed, lying down so he was facing the ceiling.

He was finally home.

Amber eyes drooped, and shunned the world as two eyelids separated the light from the darkness.

Not that he knew what a real home felt like.

That's how it's always been with his mother…If he did even the slightest thing wrong, she'd become angry, and slam the door in his face. Even if he refrained from doing so, stress from her client's case would get to her, and she would treat him badly. Sometimes he felt as if she hated him…But for what reason? He had no idea. If only he weren't such a coward…Then maybe he'd actually ask.

Yeah, that's right. Saga Masamune was a coward.

Even as a little boy, Masamune didn't associate with anyone at school. He had always made sure to stay out of the way of others. And most importantly, he never did anything that his mother would disapprove of. Well, purposely anyways. He didn't let anyone or anything get in his heart. And that's because:

He was afraid of getting hurt in the end.

The teen recalled ancient memories of when he was but a little boy, playing in the leaves with his mother and father. Laughing and smiling filled the air. As the leaves caressed their skin; they conversed in joy and harmony.

But those days were far away from reality.

He had no one. No one who cared about him, nobody who talked to him, and no one to love.

He sighed, knowing at how many girls that would jump at the chance to be his girlfriend. He had many relationships in the past. But they either annoyed the hell out of him, or he simply got bored. It's not like he didn't try to fall in love…he did. He would sleep with girls, kiss them, and sweep them off their feet. But still, love was a stranger to Saga Masamune.

He would be returning to school in a few days, advancing into his senior year. He was always a smart kid, and had many opportunities to advance into higher grades. But he wasn't interested in that. That only meant more expectations, and more gradual mistakes. He only took the opportunity now because he was actually supposed to be a senior this year. After all, three years ago when he was sent to juvenile, he was a freshman.

Freshman…Wasn't Ritsu a freshman this year?

The ebony haired teen's heart skipped a beat and the mention of the name, but depression hit him, after he remembered. That's right…He scared him away.

He always did that to people…He would hurt them or scare them so they would leave him alone…Because he was afraid. Afraid that they would get too close, and hurt him.

Of course, he wasn't that upset about Ritsu not visiting him…After all, he was just coming to give him his birthday/Christmas presents. Though…he was sorta pissed at his cousin…

But it was too late…The little brunette had already made his way into the teen's cold and frigid heart, warming it up slightly.

He reached into his hoodie pocket, grabbing the big bundle inside. The bundle held all the letters he received from the boy, all neatly folded into even crisps.

He unfolded a few, and started to read. Then, a laugh echoed in the room as he continued to read on.

Once they're all gone, we can do it.

Just…Not too loud, okay?

Stretch it out real good, would you?

Yeah yeah, I already stretched it. I swear, I could fit anything in there!

Good Boy. Double check before you come, okay?

It wasn't long until the teen busted out into pure-hearted laughter. Oh god…These were sick! Anyone who just happened to read these by accident would probably think something else completely…It really did sound like they were planning on having sex!

A smile plastered on his face, he read over all the letters again.

When he meant they could 'do it', he meant Ritsu would get out the presents that he brought for him. The brunette promised 18, in mark of his 18th birthday. He also wanted to sing to him, so the teen warned him: 'Not too loud'. When he told him to 'stretch it out', he was referring to Fujihuko Onodera's hoodie, which was much too large on Ritsu. The brunette would wear it, sneaking in all the presents while looking like a fatass. Nobody would even notice, according to the brunette! But the last present was having a little difficulty in getting in…So he had to stretch it! Eventually, the hoodie got reaaaaaaally big, so the boy thought he could fit anything. The 'Good Boy' was just a little playful tease…After all; they had talked for over 3 years now. They liked to tease each other as much as possible, like real friends.

Like real friends…

The words echoed in his mind, as the teen pulled out a wrinkled up, bent folded paper from his jeans pocket.

This was the last letter he had received from his 'friend'.

He smiled at it. He didn't have to read it. He had read it so many times, over and over again, that he knew the somewhat messy letter word by word.

1304-374-2140. that was the boy's cellphone number.

Vanillatwilight327. . . That was the boys email address.

He knew it all…every word. There was just one thing he didn't understand. In the middle of the page, right by the 'could always' in the 'I wanted you to feel like you could always depend on me…' sentence, was what looked like a small watermark. He wasn't too sure.

He stared at it for what seemed like hours. Was it just what the paper was like? Maybe he spilt something on it? Or was it…

The smile faded on the teen's face, as a wave of guilt hit him hard.

…a teardrop?

It all happened so fast, the senior didn't even have time to stop himself. He picked up his phone, dialed the number he had held onto for so long, and waited.

Ring Ring Ring…

Ring Ring Ring…

"Come on…Come On….Pick up Ritsu….Please…", thought the teen as he paced back and forth in his room.

Ring Ring Ring….

Ring Ring Ring…


"Hello?" Masamune asked eagerly, nervously scratching his head,

No reply.


Still, no reply.

He heard the static on the phone…why wasn't the brunette answering him? Did he know it was him who had called?

The eighteen year-old sighed. "Look, Ritsu…I'm-"

"Ritsu! You left the voicemail thingy on again!" a somewhat deep and matured voice interrupted him, as the movement of metal echoed in the air.

"Ehh?" responded a less-matured, cute and almost anime-like voice responded. "Oh Crap! Uh….W-What do I say Kaoru?"

"Just say what dad's phone says when he doesn't answer."

"Oh…Um…Hi, this is Onodera Fujihuko. Sorry I missed you're call-"

"You're supposed to say your name, stupid!"

"Wahh! I'm sorry!"

A loud sigh was heard, covering all of the frantic apologies in the background.

"Hello, you've reached Onodera Ritsu. He can't answer the phone right now because he's either busy, asleep, or he doesn't know who the hell you are, and he's probably scared that you're some serial killer or something. I mean, c'mon. For all we know, you could be a stalker…Then again, if you were, I guess you probably really are his friend."


"You know it's true. Now go stalk you're boyfriend~"

"I don't-Wait, how did you know that I watched him?"

"Heh. Well, leave a message, and he'll get back to you soon….probably. Unless he's asleep, then prepare to wait another day or two. BYE!"


The ebony-haired teen blinked. That was the most odd, but in other words amusing voicemail he had ever heard. A smirk curled on his lips. So…That's what Ritsu sounded like? He expected a child's voice, but it was a bit manlier than he'd have thought.

But…what was that beep at the end? He trailed back to the other boy's words and made a surprised noise as he realized: He was leaving a voicemail. He clicked end quickly, and let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding in.

Well…he'd just have to text him then-

DING DING DING! Call from: 1304-374-2140

He jumped midair, and nervous thoughts went through his mind. He hit 'reject' and then quickly went into texting-mode.

Sorry, I don't have unlimited calling. I just used my last on you.

He knew he shouldn't have lied, but it was all he could think of. He clicked in the number, and hit sent. He wasn't thinking when he was calling the boy. He was so overwhelmed by concern and curiosity, he couldn't control it. He didn't want to call the boy…He was too afraid. After all, all they've ever done was send letters. He felt as if he weren't ready to talk to the boy on the phone yet.

Badump. Badump. Badump.

That's all the teen heard…In the thick silence of the house, the only thing he could hear was his loud heartbeat. Over and Over again.

Badump. Badump. Badump.

His phone suddenly roared to life, buzzing a few times.

One New Text: 1304-374-2140

Oh…Sorry then. May I ask who this is?

The teen gulped, and texted a reply.

S.M…I'm really sorry kid.

It wasn't long until the ebony-haired teen's phone vibrated again. This time, he opened it without any hesitation.

Oh! That's okay. I was the one at fault. So…You're out of jail? That's great! Maybe we could hang out sometime. (:

A smile covered the seniors face, as he texted yet another reply.

Yeah…That'd be great.

Eventually, it was as if only a second had passed before a new text was sent or received.

So, how're you doing kid?

Great…Well, awesome now that I get to talk to you again! :D How about you?

Good…I'm going back to school in on Monday.

Ehhhh? We should totally be able to hang out then! :P

Yeah…Except you're a freshman and I'm a senior…

Oh yeah…Well, there's always lunch! ^_^

Masamune smiled. It was as if the kid was made from happiness. He was never upset, or angry. Always cheerful and well, Ritsu. This made the older teen forget all about his worries, as he chatted away with his friend.

The same went for the young brunette.

The 14-year old had simply been lounging in the library, looking for a good book to read, before an unknown number called him. He tried to call back, but he was rejected. It was then that he was sent a text. At first, he was confused. But when he knew that the text was sent from the boy he thought would hate him forever, his heart fluttered with happiness, and he eagerly replied.

Now, he sat in the leather armchair by the humid fireplace, texting away on his phone. He had unlimited texting, data, and calling, so the boy didn't have anything to worry about. He hardly even used his phone. At the most, he would check the time, or call his father, who was currently at a business meeting in America.

Still, he desperately wanted to meet the boy he had sent letters to for so long. A part of him was convinced that it was just Kaoru or Hibiki talking to him, giving him the false hope of a real friendship. But he didn't want to believe that. He wanted to know that the boy was real.

Hey, I gotta go. If I'm not in bed by 12, my mom will kill me.

The brunette blinked. 12? But they'd only been talking…


The boy stared at the clock in awe. 11:57? He'd never stayed up this late! It must've been all of the excitement…

He quickly texted a reply, and started sprinting down the halls. His body was feeling heavier and heavier, and he felt like he was going to pass out at any moment.

Hey, I gotta go. If I'm not in bed by 12, my mom will kill me.

Oh, okay. Sweet Dreams!

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